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Why Do Good People Suffer in This World?, Part 1 of 6, Sep. 3, 2021

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Even Astral Level, the lowest of all the Levels in the Shadow World, people there are still more receptive to the Truth than the people on this planet. They think things topsy-turvy, you can never understand why they think like that, and why they did like that. (Right. I see.) So, many Masters suffered on Earth. That’s why they suffered a lot. And any good people, they encountered trouble.

(Master, we have a couple of questions from the team if You would like to answer.) OK. Tell me.

(The first question is: Master, President Trump seems to do all the good things for America.) It seems so. (But why are people still against him?)

Oh, they just continue from before. Some left over, maybe less now because he’s already out of the powerhouse, so they probably leave him alone a little bit. But, no, no, there’s still many hair-splitting things going on for him. (What is the reason? Why is that, Master??) What’s the reason? Why? Why? Why did they kill Jesus? Why did they try to assassinate the Buddha? Why did they assassinate, or torture or persecute so many of the Masters or many good people since time immemorial? Why, why, why?

People, they just do that because they are under influence of the demons. I told you, the zealous demons, they want to cause trouble so people will quarrel with each other, and then it may result in killing each other and then they can eat the corpse. Not physically, but the energy from that corpse, mixed with that corpse. They can eat it in the astral form. That’s how they can survive, the zealous demons. (I see.)

Their karma forces them to do that. Just like many while they’re living, they don’t do anything good. They don’t help people when they’re hungry, even though they have money. So when they die, they became kind of ghosts, hungry ghosts. (Yes.) And the Buddha also described it in the sutra, saying that their throat is long and thin like a needle, but their stomach is very, very big and large. So even if they eat something, they never feel satisfied because the food doesn’t go in that easily, even if they have food. Whatever we do in our life results in something else, and then we have to take the consequences for that.

People are just against Trump because he really did something good for the Americans and the world. (Yes.) But it’s beyond their concept. They did not understand. Also, jealousy. Envy that people like him, that he’s so energetic and does things successfully. So people don’t like it. For them, they’ve never been so successful before. (Yes.) Always go on to war, war, war, spend trillions of dollars, while many Americans are still under the poverty line or homeless. (Right.) And they never stopped to think. Trump did stop and think. (Yes, Master.)

He’s a worthy president. He should be in the White House forever (Yes.) because he’s good for the Americans and good for the world. You can see he makes peace so easily with many countries. (Yes.) He has a high intelligence, that’s why. (Yes.) Very high intelligence. Very high IQ. And people cannot catch up with him because not everyone has a high IQ like he does. (Oh, yes.) He does things that they don’t understand or they don’t want to understand. (Right.) He doesn’t want bloodshed. (Yes.)

Another president kills just for optics, so people don’t think that he’s weak. Just continues bombing other people. It’s people’s lives. It’s not theater. It’s not a movie. (Right. Yes, Master.) I don’t understand that kind of concept that you have to kill people so that others think you are tough and macho. My God! This is beyond understanding. (It is.) It’s people’s lives, man. Including women, children, elderly and the weak, feeble, and animals and all that. My God!

So this president, President Trump, he did not want all that. He’s an honest, straightforward person. He does things honestly and intelligently, and they don’t like that. It’s nothing like them at all. All these presidents, before and after, keep going to war all the time. (Yes.) And he doesn’t. He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want to start a new war, and he wants to stop all the wars as well.

"Fox News Interview President Trump July1, 2021: If you look at my views, my views haven’t changed. I’ve felt this way about these crazy, endless wars where we’re losing so many wonderful, young, beautiful people. And we’re not fighting, we’re just sort of there... But, we got to bring our people back home. It’s time - 21 years in Afghanistan, 21 years."

He’s good for the world as well, not just good for Americans. (Yes.) He’d save hundreds of billions every year, if they don’t go to war. (Yes.) And save people’s lives, Americans and other countries’ people’s lives. (Yes.) So they cannot bear that. And the people who produce weapons, they won’t like it. (Oh, yes.) All these are very powerful people. (Yes, Master.) And even though they keep changing presidents by voting, but the system is established. (I see.) They are doing similar things, like the predecessor, the president before them, and they just like to go to war and all that stuff. And even if they cannot, they’d do something else. Like usual. There’s a pattern. Or they do whatever’s fashionable or trendy, (Understand.) just to stay in. (Right.) Just to be voted again or their party will be voted for again. It’s all politically motivated, or for fame and gain, mostly. (Right.) And whoever is not in that fashion, in that established guideline or framework, and especially new coming, then sooner or later they eliminate him.

You see, Jimmy Carter was one of the good men. (Yes.) Very humble and good, but he had only one term. (Yes.) The same with President Trump, even though he’s an excellent man for being a politician. He’s good, good, good. (He is. Yes.)

There’s no reason for people to do anything except stick in their square. Doing things like in a square. Too square. That’s why they kill also many good people, good politicians, and many Masters, also they kill them just for no reason. Nothing can explain why they had to kill Jesus. (Right.) He didn’t do anything wrong. (No, He didn’t.) He didn’t steal, He didn’t kill, He didn’t commit any wrong thing. He didn’t sell drugs, or He didn’t do anything wrong to any citizen. They just had to kill Him. No need a reason. If there is no reason at all, they could find a reason. They could fabricate a reason, like Trump is working with Russia and all that stuff. They found nothing. Any little thing, they make it a big deal so that they can harm him in different ways (I see.) and degrade him. Oh! When I look at that with my eyes, even just physical eyes, I feel so nauseated. (Yes.)

"Fox News Interview President Trump September 8, 2021: I had to run the country, work on the world, and do things. And the other thing ‒ I had to survive. (Yes.) The survival was much tougher. Because I had people coming after me. I had 19 really haters after me, I had every form of law enforcement after me, started from the day I came down the escalator. It never stops. I have every prosecutor after me. They’re looking at deals that I did years and years ago, I forgot about them. It is a disgrace. So, I had to survive. (Yes.) But if you don’t survive, you can’t do a good job in terms of running. So, I had survival and I had running the country. (Right.) And I would say the survival was actually much tougher (than) running the country."

So, now you know. There’s no reason, no need any reason. (Yes.) (Yes, Master. But…) What do you think? Just tell me.

(I wonder would people come to a maybe higher level of consciousness to see President Trump’s goodness and all that is good?)

I know. I know. I also, I wonder myself. (Yes.) There was a joke about some man who wants… God wants to grant him a boon. Whatever he wants to ask for, he can have it. So he asked for peace in the world. (Yes.) God said, “Oh no, ask for something else.” He said, “All right then, but when can we ever have peace on this world?” So God said, “Not in my lifetime.” (Oh no!) It’s just a joke. (Yes.) People will continue to do many unthinkable things or unimaginable things or incomprehensible things. So the world is as messy and chaotic as it is. (Yes.)

Very difficult to teach humans on this planet. In the Astral Level it’s easier, because they understand better. Not the hell astral but above that. (Yes.) And Astral Level has many, many levels. When Paramahansa Yogananda saw His Master again, resurrected, to see Him again, His Master, Sri Yukteswar, told Him that He has been good on Earth so God has let Him stay in the Astral Level to teach astral beings there. Because it’s easier. Easier to teach them there than on Earth. (Oh, I see.) It is like that.

Even Astral Level, the lowest of all the Levels in the Shadow World, people there are still more receptive to the Truth than the people on this planet. They think things topsy-turvy, you can never understand why they think like that, and why they did like that. (Right. I see.) So, many Masters suffered on Earth. That’s why they suffered a lot. And any good people, they encountered trouble.

Even like Tesla. (Yes.) He was just an inventor. He tried to make physical life more comfortable for people only. (Right.) It’s not even political. It’s not even religious. He’s not into religion or anything, or preaching religious doctrines ‒ nothing! (Yes.) They still keep hunting him. He had to hide in many places. He had to keep moving also. Just because he wanted to offer people a better way to live comfortably, with electricity free and all that; there’s no need to even pay. But because of that, it conflicted with the interest of business people at that time. (Yes, Master.) What will they do if they cannot sell the wire for electricity, the pole for electricity, the machines that have to have electricity, (Yes.) with all the wires and all that? They’re connected all together. And they cannot sell if they do like Tesla suggested. (Understand.) Wireless and no complication. Could even be free for everybody.

He could have brought us into a much higher level of technical invention and technical lifestyle. Much, much better for us. But no, they will just hunt him down. They would hunt him down, so he had to keep moving. So, many of his inventions have never come to fruition. Now it comes out a little bit. And I read recently that the FBI even checked it out and said that he came from Venus. He had contact with them and all that. And they told him how to do things. (Wow.) But good people, hard to survive in this world. (Yes.) Not to talk about good Masters. (Unfortunately, it’s true.) He was just a scientist. (Yes.) He does things scientifically, it’s not like he hula-hop or was doing magic or anything that people would be fearful of. (Yes, Master.) Just straightforward science. (Yes.)

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