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Virtuous Vegan People Will Be Protected by God Power, Part 3 of 5, Nov. 16, 2022

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Wherever we go, we just be contented and happy, and wonderful things will happen in our soul, for our spiritual level and our five, six, seven, nine generations as well. (Yes, Master.) Even though we don’t ask for anything, but the more selfless, the more sacrificial you are for others, the more spiritual levels you will climb up, or God will lift you up.

Not all the Masters have big ashrams. And if you go look around, some Masters have big ashrams and rooms for you to stay with others, and some don’t have. (Yes, Master.) Some don’t have. They just have a private house, or a disciple offers a private house with a couple of stories – a couple of levels. And then you just sit on a balcony somewhere… (Yes.) I… nobody else did, because they all stayed inside the house. (Oh.) But I stayed outside on the balcony, in the corner of the open balcony. (Yes, Master.)

And I sat like that every night, except when going to eat or going to the bathroom or washing clothes, that’s where I sat. And at night also, I just covered with a cloak. Or if I was luxurious enough, I covered with an umbrella. And I traveled everywhere like that. In the Himalayas also. And finally, I didn’t have any umbrella even. (Oh.) I had to sell everything, because I didn’t have a lot of money at that time… very little. I had to last. (Yes, Master.)

So anyway, you all have better than what I had. Truly. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) When I was a so-called disciple, a wandering monk, I did not have anything, truly, very little. Until later when I stayed in a temple and cleaned and did all kinds of physical work to stay there, to earn my upkeep, to earn my stay. (Right.)

And before that, I wandered around, wandered around all the time in different places and didn’t have a place, didn’t have a room. So, I just had an umbrella or a cloak. And later, in Taiwan (Formosa), I even stayed in the ash room – the room where people put many urns of the dead people’s ashes inside. (Oh. Yes.) It’s like a cemetery but with a roof. (Wow.) With a room, with a wall and a roof. I stayed there for retreats, three months alone with only sesame and brown rice. (Oh.)

I remind you of all this, so that you remember that wherever a practitioner goes, he/she can stay well. (Yes, Master.) And with no complaints, just be grateful and happy that you have it. (Yes, Master.) Many people in different countries don’t have even food to eat or clean water to use. You know that. (Yes, Master.) So, we should never complain. Things always change all the time. Even good things, bad things – will pass. (Yes, Master.) So, I’m glad you did not complain when you moved to that room where you had to live together and had no room. But you have dividers and you have enough privacy. Why didn’t you go out in the garden or anything? Did you? (We did. Sometimes.) Sometimes, or when you need. Then it’s not bad. You had a little garden, right? (Yes, yes.) Better than nothing. (Yes.)

Wherever we go, we just be contented and happy, and wonderful things will happen in our soul, for our spiritual level and our five, six, seven, nine generations as well. (Yes, Master.) Even though we don’t ask for anything, but the more selfless, the more sacrificial you are for others, the more spiritual levels you will climb up, or God will lift you up. And you – your spiritual level, your sacrifice, your selfless service to humankind and all beings, will lift your many generations up as well. Do you understand now? (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.)

So, whatever you do, it’s for the world, because this is your goal, your aim, your noble intention. But you are the first to benefit – more than anybody else. (Understand. Yes, understand, Master.) So, always be grateful to God that you have such luck to land a good job like that. How many people can have enough strength – spiritually, mentally, physically to do the noble job, any noble job that they want to do? (Yes, Master.) So, it’s your luck that you could work for Supreme Master Television. Even though I keep thanking you to no end, but it’s you who benefits. Your relatives, your friends, your family, your acquaintances – they all will benefit from your good work. (Yes. Understand, Master. Thank God. Thank Master for the opportunity.)

Yeah, thank God all the time. Because if you complain once about your situation, then your merit will be less immediately, automatically. (Yes, Master.) So, don’t be so silly. (Yes, Master.) I know you’re not, I’m just talking generally. (Understand, Master.) I’m glad for you. I’m happy for all your families, relatives, and friends. Even the deceased ones. I’m happy for all of them because of you. (Wow. Thanks God. Thank You, Master.)

You have any good news? Did you have time to look? (No, Master.) Then I have some for you. (Oh, good. Thank You, Master.) I have to do everything. I always have to do everything. Master knows everything. Master does everything. My God, how many hours do I have per day? I don’t sleep well. I can’t… Oh, man, I wish I could meditate more for the world. Too much work. (Yes, Master.) But without all this work, we can’t continue Supreme Master Television. (Yes, Master.)

Anyway, I have some good news for you. Like, for example, I just glanced at the headline. It says that the G20 all want to condemn Russia. (Oh, wow. Good. Yes.) Very strong. And the Russian television host lost it and criticized that Kherson was lost – they retreated. (Yes.) Even now, openly. I hope that the host will not die mysteriously soon. (Right. Yes.) And China criticized Russia outright now. Unprecedentedly. (Wow. Very good.) Isn’t that something? (That is. Yes, Master. Good changes. Good news.) Hopefully peace will come soon with everybody in one voice like that. (Yes, Master. Let’s hope so.)

Nevertheless, one of Putin’s allies – he just left Russia also now and his son died mysteriously after. (Wow.) My God, and then a couple died before that. Or at least one died just before the news of this ally’s son who died mysteriously. It’s always “mysteriously” in Russia. (Yes.) People die mysteriously. Except in battle, then they die openly. My God, how many Russians have to die for the Kremlin? Even all the generals die, and then how many allies have to die already? And even the son died.

But there is one good news also. Putin has a so-called guru – they call him “Putin’s brain.” (Wow.) And now, he even criticizes Putin outright. (Oh! Good.) Openly. (Yes.) Even his daughter has just died some months ago, but nobody knows who killed her. But they think that the Ukrainian (Ureignian) people did it – a spy or something. But even his daughter died, and now he criticizes the Kremlin. He criticizes Putin anyway. (Wow.) Openly. And Putin is supposed to respect that guy very much, and listen to him and all that. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they call him “Putin’s guru,” or “Putin’s brain.” And he’s pro-war anyway up to now.

So, many people are criticizing Putin. Important people, like China, for example – China’s officials, China’s politicians. And even his guru criticized him. And his television and many allies left him or died mysteriously already. He must be pretty lonely right now, even if he’s the true Putin, or not. (Yes.) So, these are some good news. If I forgot some others, then don’t mind me, since you don’t read anything. It’s good so, it’s good so.

Watching television, normal television, and reading all the television news… just headlines maybe is not bad, but if you keep digging deeper into television or any channels, it’s really not very good for you. (Right, Master.) You need to concentrate on working on this positive power side – our Supreme Master Television. (Yes, Master.) Because the motive is a selfless sacrifice for others, for the planet and for the world. And that’s what makes you strong and handsome. It’s the motive that’s important. It’s your mind, your noble ideal, your sublime goal that makes you sublime. (Yes. Understand, Master.)

To be handsome is nothing, really. You can find a bunch of handsome guys anywhere you live. (Yes.) But, even so, all this beauty outside – beautiful girls, handsome boys –this beauty doesn’t last long. (Yes, Master.) After a couple of decades, they look different already, they don’t look like before. All the movie stars, how they were so handsome or so beautiful, and now they show them… we feel so sorry. Whenever I have a chance to maybe scan around and I see them now, I feel so sorry, so sorry.

My God. Well, I’m sorry for myself also. I don’t look as handsome as when I was younger. Not as beautiful. But, thanks to all your brothers, they do some touch-ups. They make me look so young. I couldn’t recognize myself. I said, “It’s you?” You don’t have to touch up so much! Do whatever you feel like. Maybe they like me to look like that. (Yes, Master.)

The last photo I took, it wasn’t too bad. But they also did some touch-ups. I did not, I don’t know how. You know I did not. I sent the original photo. Did it look bad? (No, Master.) No, not too bad. Not so old for my age. Not too bad, right? (No. Looked good, Master. It’s good, Master.) That’s why I sent it to you. If it looked bad, I wouldn’t. And then your brothers did some touch-ups, didn’t they? (Yes.) I don’t mind, I looked so beautiful there. (Yes, Master.) It’s good for everybody to see a beautiful face. We all love beauty, truth and virtues. (Yes.) Originally, all people’s hearts love these three things: truth, virtues and beauty.

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