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Virtuous Vegan People Will Be Protected by God Power, Part 2 of 5, Nov. 16, 2022

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But God gives it! God gives it. God makes it work. God makes my business OK because God knows my intention is pure and good, so God makes it happen. It’s not all mine. Nothing is me. You just be good and then God will give you anything you need. That’s it. (Yes, Master.) That’s all I can advise you, and anybody. You just be pure, be good, and then God will arrange everything. It will happen – your way. It will come your way, whatever you need, but not what you greed, of course. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not because we don’t have money that I have to make a table out of nothing like that, or make a seat out of a toolbox, but it’s just convenient and quick. (Understand, Master. Yes.) And if I have a bathtub, and if I don’t have a kitchen, for example, then I can wash all the things in the bathroom. I can look for some discarded piece of hard plastic or wood, then I put it on one side of the bath, and then I can cover one side of the bathtub, if I have a bathtub. Then I can put the washing things up there. (Yes. Oh, yes.) The pots and pans and stuff when you wash, you can put them on that piece of wood or plastic on top of the bathtub. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And a long, long, long time ago, before you even knew me, we rented a haunted house, and there was a bathtub, and I used that to grow soy sprouts. I grew many layers of sprouts in that bathtub, because the bathtub is always big – so convenient. I just turned on the tap, and then watered it. (Wow.) Turned on the shower. (Yes.) I watered it right there. (Very convenient.) No big deal of work.

And I used to sell them before to earn a living. (Yes.) When people came to see me or listen to me I sold them, because they had to go and buy them in the market anyway, so they could buy them there. And they gave as much money as they wanted in the box. I didn’t ask how much. I also didn’t know how much. They took as much and they gave as much as they thought proper. That’s how I used to live before.

And I had many monks also, and we planted also other vegetables outside in the garden, and we sold them some. So, we had a little bit to survive, but we didn’t have a lot of clothes at that time for the monks, so I had to share with them my clothes that I had before. (Oh.)

It doesn’t matter, we were happy. We were happier than now. I mean I had more time than now and more tranquility, more peace than now. Now I have too much work, too much work! (Yes, Master.) Too much work to make a business, to have a business to have enough finances to support us for Supreme Master Television and many of our little, humble charity. (Yes, Master.)

But God gives it! God gives it. God makes it work. God makes my business OK because God knows my intention is pure and good, so God makes it happen. It’s not all mine. Nothing is me. You just be good and then God will give you anything you need. That’s it. (Yes, Master.) That’s all I can advise you, and anybody. You just be pure, be good, and then God will arrange everything. It will happen – your way. It will come your way, whatever you need, but not what you greed, of course. (Yes, Master.)

And anywhere I lived, I could always be happy. Maybe less than I should have been, but I’m always happy. And nowadays, if you live near the city, you can always make money or find a job. But if I lived in the forest, I would go and look for wild edible food. (Wow. Ah, yes.) Everywhere you have those things. But you have to have a big enough forest, otherwise there won’t be enough. It doesn’t have to be very big, but it has to have land and groves, bushes, trees and stuff like that. Where there are things growing. (Understand, Master.)

And if you have some beans, you can always grow them in the ground. They will grow. And even if you have a small house, you can put up a fence, those fences that have big holes in them always, like a normal fence that you fence around the house. (Yes, Master.) And you grow some beans underneath. (Oh, yes. Yes.) You can put this fence up against the wall or against any tree. Or just put them up together like a triangle. (Oh, yes. Yes.) And then you can grow beans underneath, at the bottom of it, and then the beans will grow and crawl on top of it. And you can even grow tomatoes in between these triangle spaces. You can grow cucumbers also in that way – they can grow. (Yes, Master.)

So, you don’t even need a big garden to grow things. Mostly gardens, you fence it in and then you just grow things on the fence. And you could even grow salad or edibles. For one person, you can grow things and be self-sufficient all year round. It depends on the weather and other things. Or you can cover them with plastic, then it becomes like a greenhouse. (Oh, yes. Yes.) Between the fence and the corner of the fence, you make a greenhouse, or some net, it depends on what kind of plants and what kind of weather.

And you can even grow salad and those edible things on such a fence if you attach some… if you don’t use those plastic bottles anymore, you can fill them with soil, and plant in them and you tie them on the fence, tie them one by one, one row after another like that, and they will grow in these cut in half plastic bottles. But you have to drill some holes in order for the water to come out, and then you just water them and they will grow very big, and it’s edible, you can harvest and eat them.

And then you don’t cut the whole thing at the root. You cut so that maybe five centimeters is left. They will grow again from the cut part. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) And you eat the upper part. The lower part, you leave from the soil to the cut part above three or four, five centimeters, and from there they will grow again if you water them, and give them enough soil. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.)

I told some sisters to grow some of the scraps from the kitchen – cut them and leave some four centimeters, five centimeters and just plant them in the soil. Don’t even need to put them in the garden to grow roots first or anything. No! Just put them in the good soil, and water them and they will grow. (Ah.) And they are growing already. They gave me some photographs. Very nice. I love those things. I love to garden; I love to do farming. That’s all I wanted if I have a chance. I love those things, to grow things and see that they’re growing every day. (Yes.)

I did grow a garden when I was in Spain. (Wow.) A very little garden, not very good soil at all. I didn’t even put any fertilizer or anything. I just dug the soil, sowed the seeds or plant whatever I had and then they grew and we could eat from it. (Wow.) But before I had all of them, I had to leave. (Ah, right.) It doesn’t matter, it’s nice to grow already in the between time, you enjoy, you see them growing every day. (Yes.) You have salad and carrots – little carrots, very nice. And coriander. (Yes.) Coriander plant.

In Germany I grew one peppermint in the corner, even though it’s snowy in Germany, but the peppermint had no problem. (Wow.) It grew in one corner of the house. (Oh, wow.) He just grew and stayed there. Even if it was raining, he was half covered or covered under the roof of the corridor outside, in the corner of the house. And then he just stayed there forever. The day I left, he was still there. Green. (Yes. Wow.) Usable forever. Every day. (Wonderful.)

And I also grew coriander. I made two, three rows of soil. I took away the grass in the garden and grew them. They grew! (Wow.) I could use it! (Wonderful.) I could eat it. And then, of course, at that time, my former husband also grew tomatoes. They grew.

But he did it traditionally; he made compost from the leaves in the garden and all that. And the tomatoes grew very well. I offered some to some of the monks who came and visited me at my house at that time. And they liked them very much. (Oh.) Fresh, from the garden. (Yes.) Fresh, organic. (Wow.) It tasted really like tomatoes. (Wow.) Sometimes you buy things in the shop, they look like tomatoes, but they don’t taste like tomatoes. (Yes. That’s right. Yes.) Not like that, not like what we grew there.

So, wherever you stay, you try to make the best out of that place, because of our situation. (Yes, Master.) Our work is a noble work. It cleans up a lot of karma for the world. Thus, we also sometimes don’t have enough safety and peace. But bear with it. I have the same problem, or worse than you. You understand that, you know that. (We understand, Master. Yes, we do.) We are going toward our goal, our aim, our noble hope. We don’t care what happens in between. (Yes. Understand, Master.) You have to understand and you have to stick to it. And I will be forever proud of you. (Yes, Master.)

When you moved to the other place, when you didn’t have your private room, you should have quickly acquired a divider. Then you have more privacy. You did not have, right? (Yes. We have dividers.) Oh, immediately? (We had some spare ones.) Oh, yeah.

But I never had those dividers before, I didn’t know such things existed. Before, when I traveled everywhere, I’d be sometimes in a room with hundreds or thousands of people. All I had to do was just cover myself with the cloak. I always had to have a jacket when I traveled, because sometimes I was in a cold place. And I covered with that, and then nobody saw me, and I didn’t see anybody. (Perfect.)

And I told you, one time, I was in India while I was looking for enlightenment. Sometimes, there was no room inside of any ashram, so I just sat outside in the corridor. Only when it rained. If not, then I just sat in a corner of the balcony somewhere and covered myself with the jacket, and sat on the chair. That’s it. That’s all night, all day – every day. (Wow.) I did not mind at all. I just felt happy to have a little corner alone. (Yes, Master.)

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