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Seeing Master in the Inner Meditation Vision Save the World in Her Incarnations with Different Identities in Different Times

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A salute to Supreme Master Ching Hai, A few days ago, I saw in an inner meditation vision that Master was the Queen of England who just passed away, but I dared not say it. Today, during meditation, I again saw images of the Queen of England at a young age. Then, her face turned into the face of Master now. Therefore, the Queen of England was one of Master’s incarnations on Earth. Master and the Queen of England were two persons but seemingly looked like one person at the same time. They faced each other and held each other’s hands, spiraling up into the sky, like a rotating DNA.

At that moment, a voice from Heaven said, “She is me, and I am her. We’re one.” Then, my inner vision changed again: The Queen of England, with a young and beautiful appearance, was lying on a cloud in Heaven, resting her chin in the palms of her hands and looking downward at the Earth from the cloud. Looking back at her life and feeling very satisfied, she felt she had done her duty conscientiously, dedicating her whole life to her country and the world. (1952-2022, 70 years in her position).

The message from Heaven to me was: “She’s done her duty, and even beyond her duty, by bringing to the world a peaceful era. The world has become better since the day she was enthroned (1952). She represented God’s Power.”

Previous incarnations of Supreme Master Ching Hai included King Arthur of ancient England, Queen Elizabeth I, and Queen Victoria. Furthermore, She’s been the Queen of England in this life, to realize the ancient prediction – “King Arthur will be back when England needs him!”

In my inner vision, the Queen of England smiled and waved goodbye to me, with her image fading further and further away…

After that, I saw from inside the movie “Roman Holiday” in which Audrey Hepburn acted in the leading role. Having watched that film before, I recognized her right away. “Could it be that Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) was also Master’s manifestation?” I wondered. In the film, she was elegant and poised, lively and playful. Her performances were also classic in the films “My Fair Lady” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” in which she was the leading actress. She had once been the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, with the reputation of “The Eternal Angel.”

While clips of these Audrey Hepburn films kept on playing in my inner vision, Jesus Christ appeared. Audrey kneeled on one knee in front of Lord Jesus and then gradually merged into and then gradually merged into Jesus’ body to become one. Jesus’ body to become one. Given that Master is the very reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Audrey Hepburn was also one of Master’s incarnations on Earth!

Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for descending to Earth with different identities, in different times, countries, and fields, as a king, president, painter, writer, singer, actor/actress, dancer, and so on, to bring beauty and elevation comprehensively to the world! In fact, the compassionate and divinely pure Lord Jesus Christ keeps returning to Earth, but in forms that people might not be able to imagine!

I respectfully wish that Supreme Master Ching Hai be safe physically, and have peace of mind and good luck in everything! With much respect, Wen-Yin, a viewer in Taiwan (Formosa)

Perceptive Wen-Yin, Your prodigious visions leave us in awe and admiration of the unconditional Love our Master has for all. Her extra manifestation bodies have saved the world in a myriad of ways and served humanity in accordance with God’s will. We are eternally indebted to You, Master.

Here is an insightful message from Master: “Shining Wen-Yin, thank you for wishing me well. Upon attaining true enlightenment, we realize that we are always one with the Almighty. Make every second of the precious life given to you count by living the way of a Saint. May Celestial beings help you and your refined co-citizens in Taiwan (Formosa) navigate the road to a harmonious future.”

“Every bit of flesh you tear, you will, one day, be called upon to repair with your own flesh! Every limb you mutilate, you will be compelled to replace with your own limb! And every bone you break, you will be asked to mend with your own bone!” ~ Sadhu T. L. Vaswani (vegetarian) 

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