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Snuggle Sacks - Love and Snuggles for the Homeless, Part 2 of 2

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Family members have been invited as guest speakers to many conferences, and have been profiled in the mainstream media. Their compassionate deeds have earned them many awards and recognitions. Addisyn Goss was featured by the USA Today newspaper for being an exceptional American. All three children were recognized by the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness and the Martin Luther King Foundation. A state senator gave a Certificate of Excellence as well! “I was on the board of directors for KidBox in 2018 and they gave us US$10,000 worth of clothes and US$1,000 to give back to our community and help the homeless, homeless kids, because KIDBOX is a subscription clothing company for the kids. I rented out a storefront in the Genesee Valley Mall here in Michigan and we just bussed people, kids from different shelters. And they got to come shop a little bit and we had people donate food to us and it was a really cool experience getting to see how kids felt about getting new clothes and what they could do with them.” Another super thing is that Snuggle Sacks has set up tiny pantries throughout communities. These small wooden boxes are stocked with food and personal care items all the time so that the people in need have access 24/7. In addition, Snuggle Sacks is reaching homeless people far away from its base in Fenton, Michigan. “If everybody just did a little bit, imagine how wonderful this world would be. So it’s nothing ever too small or too big as long as you’re doing something, moving forward to help somebody else. It’s amazing! Not only just for her but like your siblings and everybody in the community, how people have rallied together and it’s a good story.” Snuggle Sacks is more than one family’s endeavor, as it has become the community’s noble cause. Upon learning the loving deeds of Snuggle Sacks and the inspiration behind this non-profit, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Happily present the young lady Addisyn Goss with the Shining World Compassion Award, plus US$10,000 for daily necessities and vegan snacks to support her loving organization Snuggle Sacks. May you and all involved be forever blessed by the Divine.”
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