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The Beloved Mexican TV Animations: “Cantinflas Show” and “Cleo & Cuquin”

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The first one is called “Cantinflas Show.” It was a television series produced by Televisa, and created by Mario Moreno, better known as Cantinflas. He is Mexico’s most beloved comedian. What I like about Cantinflas is that he is friendly, easy-going, funny, creative, and a good representative for the people of Mexico! Cantinflas traveled to many interesting places around the world, met all kinds of people, and made new friends. He had conversations with geniuses, such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. He painted with famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci. Not only that, he climbed monuments, such as the Great Wall of China. He even went to outer space and met an extraterrestrial being! Can you imagine that?! Cantinflas offered the viewers the world we all live in, and bridged different cultures. By watching Cantinflas’ travels and experiences, kids discovered more about art, science, math, and opened themselves to different cultures from around the world. People of all ages from many countries have enjoyed this light-hearted character. The next show I would like to introduce to you is called “Cleo & Cuquin.” This cartoon series features a family of six siblings, who are always looking for new adventures! Things don’t always go as planned and the kids sometimes get into trouble. Fortunately, the siblings know how to work as a team. They are always finding creative solutions to help solve their problems. My favorite thing about the show is that Cleo, Cuquin and their siblings teach many values such as love, friendship, cooperation, and respect for the planet. Each episode is always structured in a fun and inspiring way. Additionally, “Cleo & Cuquin” has two apps. One of them is called “Cleo & Cuquin: Explore + Learn”, which was named the Best Learning App for Preschoolers during the Kidscreen Summit in Miami. The Explore + Learn app uses games, videos, and educational activities to teach children essential math skills, such as counting and sorting 2D and 3D shapes. The second app is called “El Acostador,” or “The Bedder” in English. Using songs, videos, and bedtime stories, the “Cleo & Cuquin” characters demonstrate ways to get children to bed on time. Parents and children both love the app, because it helps them see bedtime as an opportunity for family bonding.
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