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Be a Loving, Effective Communicator

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Today we are discussing a beautiful and peaceful way of talking that is called Nonviolent Communication. Nonviolent Communication was created by Marshall Rosenberg as a way for people to speak with respect and love while also making sure that everyone gets their needs met.

Let’s see an example on the playground! “That’s my favorite toy, I want to play with it!” “No! It’s also my favorite! I’m not giving it to you!” “Oh! It’s your favorite, too? Why do you like it so much? Did you have the same toy back in your old school?” “Yes……Maybe we can ask the teacher to buy another one so we both have one.” “Or we can agree to take turns!” “Okay, you can go first.”

Nonviolent Communication is not about getting other people to do what we want them to do. It is about creating connections with others so that everyone can get their needs met. The first part of Nonviolent Communication is observing. That means watching what is happening without deciding what it means. The second part of Nonviolent Communication is feelings. How are you feeling? How are others feeling? When we are honest about how we feel, and about how others feel, it is easier to get to what we need. The third part of Nonviolent Communication is needs. What do you need? Can you hear what another person needs when they tell you? You're being accommodating to those around you once you observe their needs. Finally, through Nonviolent Communication, there are requests made that are based on needs.

Can you make a straightforward request and ask for what you need without the use of force or pressure? When we have empathy and care for other people’s feelings and needs as well as being in tune with our own feelings and needs, we are in a good place to resolve conflict and move on to enjoying life!

Let's do a craft that helps us identify and talk about our emotions! Actually, there is an even better communication passageway to help us understand one another and even animal co-inhabitants…

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