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Importance of the R's

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Today, we will talk about the “Importance of the R’s.” The major three R’s are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By following these basic guidelines, we lessen our carbon footprint on our planet! Among the things we can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing our consumption is number one. We can reduce the amount of time we shower, brush our teeth, and use gas or electricity. We can walk or use a bike instead of driving a car. There are many things on the market that only allow a one-time use and then it gets discarded. It’s a huge waste. We can avoid using these products. Do you know what happens after your recycled garbage is picked up? Well the garbage truck will take them to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to get sorted.

Speaking of reuse, reduce and recycle, we have an awesome craft for you to make out of recycled materials. Money-Box ‘Pig’ With Plastic Bottle Materials…

The other R’s are rethink, refuse, repurpose, rot, and the last one reimagine. We should re-think the way we live and the food we eat. Every day, three billion animals are killed for food. Aside from the cruelty involved in raising and killing the animals, they consume a lot of natural resources to grow big. The livestock industry is the number one contributor to global warming. Being vegan is the single biggest way to reduce the climate crisis. Refuse to buy and use products you know are harmful to the earth. Repurpose or repair items that are broken or can be used for other purposes. Rot is composting food waste. Reimagine for a moment, if everyone goes vegan, how much water, food, land and forests we can save? Reimagine with me a world where air is clean, the climate is stabilized, and the animals roam the earth happily alongside us. If we all reimagine this vegan world together and take action, it will surely happen!

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