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Between Master and Disciples

Control One’s Desires and Choose the Safest Method of Enlightenment, Part 2 of 6, Oct. 6, 2019

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And once and for all, the humans can know this type of power, which is called “Peace Power” actually. If you don’t abuse it, you will have peace, and you can make peace, and you can spread peace also to the world.


You remember the story I told you about Kabir? He offered His wife to the neighbor grocery store owner, so that He might have some food for His truth seekers at home. He didn’t have a lot of money. He worked for His upkeep by laboring. He didn’t earn a lot of money. So, He didn’t even have money to buy enough food for the influx at that time, of truth seekers who flocked to Him for wisdom and maybe initiation. So, His wife went neighboring to borrow some flour until they had enough money to repay, but the owner wanted something else. If she stayed with him for a night, then she could have anything she wanted for that day, but she didn’t stay, of course. She went home and told her husband. So, her husband, Kabir, Saint Kabir, who had been chaste, abstinent from physical intercourse with His wife all this time and who advocated abstinence, brought His wife, carried her by Himself to the grocery store owner and said, “Here she is. You can have the pleasure. Let me have the food.”

Some of you asked me, “Why would the Saint do that? Isn’t that kind of contradictory to what He preached?” Anybody? Tell me. All these years that you have been listening to me, I want to listen to you now. Who can tell me? I have this fancy glass for you. Looks good? Or the fan? Anyone? Why did Kabir do that? (For the benefit of all beings, he could make all kinds of sacrifice, including sacrificing himself.) OK. What about the next one, the other one? (Unconditional love, selfless heart, and dedication without any ego.) Good, very good. What do I do? I have only... This fan looks good or not? Which one? OK, never mind. I give it to you both, and I can have another one next time. There, two. Both of them. Very good! Very good.

So, I wrote on my note. Because I know some of you ask this kind of question. I wrote here, “Remember to tell you explanation,” because I wrote some different notes here, I might forget. “Explanation extra.” Kabir offered His wife to His neighbor in exchange for some food to feed His spiritual seeker guests. Does it make Him immoral, though He Himself abstained from sex? How do we know that? Because in His teachings, it’s written so. Somebody asked Him, why did He marry before, and of course had intercourse with His wife all that time until He stopped. So, He said, “Because I wasn’t enlightened.” So, that means He didn’t do it anymore. They became like friends. Many Saints are like that. They only have intercourse for the sake of having children. That’s what I told you already. So, no Master does things actually, for the sake of Themselves, but for others, unconditionally with love. So, it is like a sacrifice, even though it doesn’t look like that. Not as we use sensual pleasure to just satisfy ourselves in a selfish way, or indulgent way, or ignorant way. That is the big difference between the enlightened beings and the ignorant rest. But not all Masters would do this kind of sacrifice; not all do that. Not all are willing to do that.


There was one, I remember one Master, maybe in Tibet or somewhere. One time, one of the daughters of the patron brought food to Him and He wanted to have physical intercourse with her, and then she was crying and running back home and told her mother. Her mother brought the daughter back and said, “I’m sorry. My daughter was so ignorant. Please, she’s Yours. Don’t worry. I told her already. If you need it for some reason, please, she’s Yours.” And the Master refused, saying, “No, it’s too late now. I don’t need her anymore. Because I just saw one of my friends was going to be reborn into some of the bad stages of existence, a bad animal’s form, so I just wanted to help him to be born as a human, and then I can continue to help him. But she ran away, and it’s too late; he’s gone already. He’s gone into an animal incarnation already. So, no need now, but thank you.” Not every Master does this. Not all Masters do this. Very rarely, very rarely. Very rarely the Master gives it all. Maybe the Master did not know. Also, maybe the Master knew, but did not want.


Many Masters don’t even want to teach students, or teach very few students, a select few after observing for a long, long time that they come and work for Him and do some labor to earn merit, and then the Master observes to see which ones are more potential for the real thing, for the real initiation. So, you can see the example of the Master Hui Neng. Even though Hong Ren, the Fifth Master of Zen after Bodhidharma, had many people coming to Him: the rich, the famous, the powerful, the normal, the common, and the monks, they came to be monks with Him also, but He did not really teach them a lot. Maybe just to recite the Buddha’s name, bow to the statues, reciting morning and evening liturgy. The service, morning and evening service, for the ghosts and for all beings to pray for all people. So, when He had a test, exam, to see who’s worthy to be His successor, the best of His so-called monk disciples wrote some verses. It’s like I could even write it myself. Very common, very classic, very safe. Very safe. Safe, four stanzas. Until Hui Neng came, and then He wrote something else. He did not know how to write, how to read Chinese, because He came from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) at that time. But He asked someone else to help Him to write, and that was superior to anything that all (the other) disciples could ever imagine or could come up with. It’s not what He wrote. It is truly He realized that, because He was super-enlightened already. He was enlightened already before He came to this Master. But then, this Master, of course, gave Him official transmission of the Dharma and He became completely enlightened then. Therefore, you can see what He wrote. I am not trying to explain the Diamond Sutra here, so we skip that. I just want to tell you that His writing mirrored what He realized inside. That is why Master Hong Ren gave Him His kasaya, the clothes and the begging bowl that had been left since Bodhidharma, for the successor. They’re just symbolic of successorship. They don’t cost anything much. Just a normal monk’s robe and a normal monk’s begging bowl. It’s not made of gold or diamond or anything that is so precious, that somebody even chased Hui Neng afterwards, trying to kill Him to get these things. Many people wanted to kill Him or to harm Him for this monk’s robe and for the begging bowl, not because they’re valuable. It’s just they are a symbol of Mastership, of the succeeded Mastership and they hated it when an Aulacese (Vietnamese) just came, not long ago, and then left with the most treasured of China at that time.

Even not many Masters want to give disciples initiation. Milarepa, He had to work for a long, long time and suffered a lot of beatings, scoldings. And then He even sneaked into another area to find the chief initiated disciple, just like Quan Yin messenger nowadays, to get initiation; it didn’t work. He had no experience, nothing. No (inner Heavenly) Light, no (inner Heavenly) Sound. Because the original Master Marpa did not allow it. It’s not the chief disciple that gives initiation. It is the Master who gives it, even if the Master is not there. Just like sometimes you get initiation here, I’m not there, but you still have experience. Meaning in the old times, not many Masters were willing to take in a lot of disciples. Maybe followers OK, can come and go, clean the temple to earn merit, repair the Buddha’s altar, cooking for the assembly, all that kind of thing, but not disciples. Because to give initiation means you have to shoulder that person’s karma, for life after life after life after life, eon after eon, kalpa after kalpa. One person’s karma alone can cover up the whole sky. The Buddha said that. Not to talk about his family, his friends, his loved ones, wives and five, six, seven, eight, nine generations backward, forward. So not every Master is willing to suffer, or not many Masters have enough power to cover all that. Therefore, not to talk about any other thing that’s extraordinary, like offering His physical body or His spiritual energy through physical contact. I will tell you why later. The extra. Remind me.

If any Master sacrifices at all, then it’s through the body suffering. Like for example, Jesus, bless His soul, or Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him. Or Buddha even, He had to suffer, but not much is written because Buddha was a man. Men, they don’t talk a lot about their suffering. Even if they almost cannot walk already, they say, “No problem, I’m OK.” Macho, you know. They’re just not used to it. They’ve just been taught to bear it all, to keep it to themselves, which is good. I don’t do this stuff. I don’t do this macho stuff. Mostly I do. It’s just, if I can, I air it out, so some of you know, so that you don’t have illusions about being a Master, how glorious and how beautiful and how easy; only come out on Sunday, wear beautiful glasses and talk beautiful things, and have a lot of bodyguards around on Sunday. It’s like that. So, if the Master suffers, it’s mostly just physical pain. Very rarely a Master suffers like the story I just told you about the Lama who wanted to have physical intercourse with that daughter of the good family.

The thing is, if you suffer physically, for example like Jesus, everybody will worship you, cry for you, pray for you. And they still worship you for eons to come. Because it’s a real sacrifice, obvious, and gruesome. Even then, it’s very terrible already to be nailed on the cross and to suffer humiliation and pain and suffering, even before the cross. So, many Masters have been tortured, poisoned, maimed, killed, flayed alive, burned alive, etc. This we all are familiar with. But to suffer through physical, we call physical intercourse, is another thing. It’s really the ultimate. So, you hardly hear any Masters do that. Except the one I told you, that mentioned very little anyway. Many monks wouldn’t like to hear that, wouldn’t accept that. And Kabir, the second one that we heard of. Other Masters, they keep squeaky pure around themselves, because it does make trouble if you are too near to other humans. Not even the opposite sex, the same sex could also transmit to you this kind of sexual desire. Not that he deliberately does that, except some men who look like men but are not truly men. They prefer the same gender. So, some of the monks I heard of, they never let people go nearer than five meters around them. Especially women, just to avoid the energy from their magnetic field to meet and to cause him trouble. He wants to keep purity.


And also, I told you that the tantric method, hardly anyone succeeds because it’s too powerful. Actually, in Heaven, they don’t call this sexual power. They call it “Peace Power.” But rarely anyone can use this Peace Power to manipulate it for the world’s benefit. You’re surprised? You’re surprised this kind of energy, Heaven calls it Peace Power. Are you surprised? (Yes.) Have you heard that before? (No.) Me neither. I only knew it as I practiced along and learned things as I go up, as per necessity, as per needed situation, so that I can bring this knowledge to you also. And once and for all, the humans can know this type of power, which is called “Peace Power” actually. If you don’t abuse it, you will have peace, and you can make peace, and you can spread peace also to the world. There are many ways to make peace, not just one way. But a Master can only give so much spiritual power to bring more peace on Earth, more, not all yet. Because, you see, life after life, they have enmity with each other – the human race and the animal race – through killing, through abusive action, etc. So it’s not like in one lifetime a Master can use just spiritual power to give, to erase all that. The Master is always willing to give. It’s just not always allowed to give as much as He or She wants. Otherwise, peace would have been done quicker, easier.

They call it Peace Power but it’s very difficult to explain this to you. Very difficult. Because you have to practice in order to know. If a Master wants to use that, He or She can use in an appropriate manner. Just know how but it’s very difficult. Don’t use that. Anyway, if you have to, I told you how already. You try. Only you can know it that you can or not. That’s the ultimate. Because this is the ultimate, more than sacrifice of the body. Why? Because if you die as a martyr all will praise and worship you or believe in you. But if you have this physical, sensual acts with the opposite sex, no one would ever understand it as a sacrifice. So, your reputation will be ruined; one. Your disciples will run away; two. Etcetera, etcetera. Your followers will drop you like a hot potato. So, you see this. This method is a no-no-no by all means, even by the adept. Actually, many Masters also don’t teach this. The Buddha also didn’t. Number one: it’s very difficult and dangerous. Number two: people can abuse it. Some half-baked teacher can always come up and say, “Oh, this method is good. I know how. I’ll teach all of you.” And then abuse it. And then slandering those who don’t do it as well, because only half-baked or maybe a quarter-baked, it’s not cooked. That master is not “well-done.” And he just uses it because it’s so convenient, it’s so pleasurable, easy to do. Easier than sitting all day, meditating for many hours, eating one meal a day, wearing scanty, very simple clothes, living in a simple area. And then many of the vulnerable followers and believers would fall into this kind of trap, thus harming themselves. Harming themselves, because they will think this is the way, and the master is perfect, the master can do it, then lead you to liberation through that, and they’re all falling. And they have no chance to find a true method. So, many Masters don’t allow this, so, it’s just a taboo. No, no, no. Some Masters know this, but it’s taboo and it’s easier just to say, “No.” So, no more questions, no more trespassing the limit. Not to talk about the Master Himself would ever do that for the above-mentioned reason. But that is not all. That is not all that’s harmful about this method. More to come; if I have time, I will explain to you.

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