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Control One’s Desires and Choose the Safest Method of Enlightenment, Part 4 of 6, Oct. 6, 2019

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So, it is difficult for us to concentrate on this pure love alone, unconditional and pure. Otherwise, humans would never know sickness, would never know trouble, never know discontentment, ever. Animals are here actually, to help us, to remind us of this pure love, but we’re too busy.


When you have pets, they can bless you, make you feel better when you’re sad. And when you’re sick, they heal you quicker, you heal quicker, or even big sickness becomes smaller, or avoidable altogether. That’s well known. Many doctors know that and many people know that.

And when you love that pet, because of the concentration of love between you, and you take care of the dog, for example, or the cat or the bird, you concentrate all on love then. So, you’re more oblivious to whatever the turbulence is outside, on the planet or other people. That’s why you avoid many sicknesses. Is that logical to you? (Yes.) Because the Goddess of Love told me one time. Remember? I told you. She said that, “Love has the component to cure all ills.” The component. But because we don’t always have this kind of love, the unconditional love, the pure love, that’s why we have a lot of trouble. We think we love a wife or husband, but it’s not enough. Even parents love children, sometimes it’s not enough. If you really have true pure love, you will hardly get any sickness or any trouble. But not because we don’t want to love, but we are distracted. We are pulled in, pulled out, pushed, torn, because of the situation of this life. Sometimes you just want to concentrate to caress your dog and love him, and then something else comes: the phone rings or the neighbor comes or sister calls or mother or friends, or any other distraction. Or your trouble; your taxman coming, your car broke down, whatever, just distractions all the time.

So, it is difficult for us to concentrate on this pure love alone, unconditional and pure. Otherwise, humans would never know sickness, would never know trouble, never know discontentment, ever. Animals are here actually, to help us, to remind us of this pure love, but we’re too busy. Even if we have pets, we don’t always pay attention to them. I also do not, because I have work to do. But I love to hug them and talk to them, because that time feels so good, so peaceful. But then I have to tear myself apart because work’s calling; physical work and inside work as well.

So, everyone, we are really cheated on this planet of all kinds of equipment, all kinds of instruments to give us true happiness, peace, contentment, because we have to work. This world makes us work. If we don’t work, we can’t live. That’s why we are deprived of so many sources, so many ways to find love, to find peace, to find happiness. We’re just too much concentrated outside. Some more, some less, of course. That’s why animals are really our friends.

At that time when you concentrate on love, even love your partner, your children, when it’s pure, unconditional, then you are immune, immune to all kinds of karmic effects surrounding you. And also, you will be disconnected with all the troubles of the world and of your own trouble also. You’re disconnected at that time, because you concentrate on love. That is why having pets or having someone you love dearly helps you a lot. Pets are easier to love than humans. No matter whom you love, humans are more complicated in nature, have dual nature. Dogs, cats, pets, they have only one nature: that is love, uncomplicated, unconditional. Therefore, having pets helps a lot of people to avoid sickness or to minimize sickness or to heal sickness easily. That is the thing I have written about dogs, about pets.

Even some karmic effect coming towards you, when you’re too concentrated on love, it also cannot reach you, cannot touch you, because it’s all from the power of undiluted attention, undivided attention and love combined. In India, they call that “Bhakti yoga,” if you will, devotion. Devotion to something, to the Master, to God, or even devoted to your wife, your husband. But it has to be truly devoted.

It’s more difficult to devote your love to humans than to pets, because even if you want to devote your love to humans, they have their own ups and downs; they have their own moods, their own complications of nature. Very difficult to always follow them, follow their moods. But a pet is easier to love, because they just love you all the time, 24/7. They’re never tired. Midday, when you want to come and love them, midnight or any time, weekend, holiday, you come to love them, they always welcome and love you back. They love you even before you show your affection anyway. It’s very easy to love them. They don’t play games. They love you, just pure. Humans, you have to sometimes accompany them; their moods, their personality, their likes and dislikes and all that. It’s more complicated.


You still want a story or do you have any questions concerning anything? Concerning what I just told you? (So, If you have sex and you have an orgasm, you lose five weeks?) No, you don’t lose five weeks. You need five weeks to recover what you have lost; the spiritual power. (So, what if you don’t have an orgasm, does that still take that long?) Then it’s better. (How much better?) Then it’s as if you don’t do it. That’s why I taught you a few weeks ago, control the end. (Thank You.)

You can still do it to satisfy your mind, satisfy your partner, but you don’t have to go to the end. You don’t have to climax, that’s what they say. Then it’s as if you don’t do anything. Even beneficial to you, because you bring all this concentration power up, not down. When you finish, it’s all coming out. Also the physical body wellness is also coming out. That’s why you feel maybe empty afterwards, tired and sleepy. It’s very well known that men sleep immediately, and women feel very frustrated. The reason the women feel frustrated is because they’re more sentimental. They don’t concentrate only on this act but concentrate more on love, but men, they cannot help it, they’re just so exhausted afterward, empty. Empty here, empty everywhere. And the woman, if she also comes to the end, then she also feels exhausted like that.

But if both do not finish, then the love will grow even more. The peace will be even more and it affects also the peaceful environment. That is the tantric method. For using that, for people who cannot avoid the couple actions, but still retain spiritual height and not lose anything, then you don’t need any five weeks at all. Even you can see the (inner Heavenly) Light, during or after. You can feel the Earth moving, during or after, and you feel very peaceful. I mean maybe immediately after that, you still feel like you’re not done, but then just a few seconds and then you feel very peaceful, very contented, and very beneficial to health and mental and spiritual as well.

Many women, they don’t have this sexual satisfaction as men. Men are easier. No matter what, they will satisfy themselves. Women, not that easy. I have suspected maybe that’s why so many women come here, because they’re happier, they’re more contented. They’re not so exhausted and not so blurred and trapped like men. You see so many women compared to men. Maybe because of the dissatisfaction in the couple’s life physically, but that little dissatisfaction gives them more boost to grow love: love towards their husband, love towards others. Just the love will grow more with that. Not like diminished with the finishing line. When you reached the finishing line but you don’t cross, then you have more than if you cross.

If you feel completely done with the sexual act, you don’t feel as good as if you control it; when you hit the height of that sexual desire, you stop. You don’t waste your energy and your physical fluid and all kinds of things that go with it. So that will help you even more. You won’t lose anything. That’s why they practice so-called tantric. Tantric is like that, for the couple to control their own sexual peak. Don’t lose the physical and mental and spiritual power. If you finish, you lose, then you must wait five weeks in order to replenish, recover what you lost; the dilution of your power: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, psychological, psychic.

That’s why humans keep losing, losing – losing telepathy power, psychic power, emotional power, love power. It gets less and less because too much indulgence. And nowadays it’s even worse because they advertise for it. It’s all in the open now. Children even have to be exposed to all this, in the wrong way.

So, if you women, wives, feel your husband is lousy, too fast, too quick, be happy. He’s the one who lost, not you. He’s the one who loses. You, more powerful, stronger, more loving. Maybe that’s why God entrusted women with motherhood, the sacred duty of motherhood. Don’t feel sad if in bed you’re not very satisfied or happy. Don’t be sad, be happy, be happy. Feel lucky that you don’t waste too much of your power, whatever kind. Congratulations.

Maybe that’s why you are wiser. You come more to group meditation, you come more to see me, you meditate more, you do more things that are beneficial to others. Because you are happy. Because you are full of power inside that’s not wasted. And then you use it for many things, even for cooking, cleaning the house. You do a lot of things, and you are not as quickly exhausted as a man. So, if you think your husband is lousy in bed, thank him. “Thank you for being so lousy, thank you.” Don’t ask him too much anymore. He’s already losing too much.


Any more questions? (Master, may I ask about the pets You’ve just mentioned? The question is… do they carry karma for us?) They do. (Yes.) Some of them do. (Really.) They would carry as much as they can. They sometimes even die for you, and they don’t mind. That’s because they also know that death is not the end. They’ll come again after death. It’s our humans who don’t understand this because we’re too complicated. It’s not our fault to be born complicated. It’s just that we’re born with many complicated organs. Because of these complicated organs, we’re more intelligent, we’re able to do this and that, and to invent this and that, and we’re more capable than animals.

However, animal’s spiritual consciousness is higher than ours. They can better communicate with higher power at any time. They’re more spiritual-wise, so they know more about the past and future. We humans know very, very little and we even forget more and more about it as time goes by. If we treated animals well, they’d be very grateful and then would dedicate the best in them to us. You would not know it yourself. Sometimes you could observe it, but you hardly know it. Most animals hide their talents and spiritual levels, not wanting others to know it for fear of being exploited.

They do carry some of our karma. They do, but not necessarily all the time. If we love them wholeheartedly, the power out of that love will also protect us. You love them, but the power out of this love will also protect you. Then they’ll love you, and then power out of these loves will protect each other. It is not necessarily the case that they carry your karma all the time, but they will also help us, because of this love. Because they love us too much, we cannot but love them. That’s what it is, mutual love. It will help a lot.


Any more? You’re welcome. Yes. (Thank You, Master, for being with us. Thank You for Your dog protecting You and warning You; otherwise, I don’t know what will happen.) The note, you mean. (Yes, yes.) Loving notes. OK. (Yes, two days ago, the crying dog warning You and You know the maya, he tries to harm You. So, I want to on behalf of our Association members, all human beings, thank You for Your dogs’ loving and caring protection.)

All of your pets have magical power, you must remember that. And they help you anytime they can. Even if you are not with them, but you love them, you are connected. And whatever they can do to protect you, they will lay down their life for it. Not just my dogs.

Of course, my dogs, I think they are special. They came specially to help to protect me, because they know I am always alone, mostly alone. Of course, when I am with one or two people, it’s different, but I live alone. So, they know I need some love and protection. I thank them every day. I thank them at least before they sleep. But whenever we are together, when I remember, when I am not too busy working, I always thank them. I say, “Thank you for your love, for your trust, for your protection.” And they are so happy, happy when I say that. They look at me and kiss me. They know the difference. They know that very well. All they want is that you love them and appreciate their presence and their love. That’s all they want. Whether or not you give them a lot of food or good food or bad food, they don’t mind, they don’t care.

I am very grateful to Heavens; They are sending me my dogs, even though I did not want them to come down. I kept telling [them], “Don’t come back again.” They sneaked in. Somehow, we met. That’s the problem. But they are not normal dogs.

Most animals, if you love them, care for them, they will use their power, their inherent power to protect you. They’d go to the end of the world to protect you. They die for you if they can. So, love your pets.

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