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Buddhist Stories: The Story of Ananda, the Names of Hells, and the Praise of the Buddha, Part 4 of 11 Aug. 10, 2015

Lecture Language:English  Host Language:Spanish(Español)
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“His strong voice reached to all the Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas in those Buddha Lands. ‘Listen today as I praise Earth Store Bodhisattva Mahasattva, who displays an inconceivable awesome spiritual strength and compassionate power throughout the Ten Directions as He rescues and protects beings when things happen to them as they suffer for offenses they have committed. After I pass into Transquility, all of you Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas and all of you gods, dragons, ghosts, spirits and others should use vast numbers of expedient devices to protect this Sutra and to cause all beings to testify to the bliss of Nirvana.’” “‘if in the future, good men or good women who, upon hearing Earth Store Bodhisattva Mahasattva’s name, place their palms together - praise Him, bow to Him, or gaze in worship, they will overcome thirty eon's worth of offenses.’” “‘Universally Expansive, if good men or good women gaze upon and bow but once to painted or drawn images of the Bodhisattva or ones made of clay or stone or lacquer or gold or silver or bronze; they will be reborn one hundred times in the Heaven of the Thirty-Three and will eternally avoid falling into the Evil Realms.’” This is all for the women or for the men who have no other method like Quan Yin Method or anything like that for liberation.
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