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Buddhist Stories: The Story of Ananda, the Names of Hells, and the Praise of the Buddha, Part 5 of 11 Aug. 10, 2015

Lecture Language:English  Host Language:Cantonese Chinese
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“Therefore, Universally Expansive, if you see people reading and reciting this sutra or even having a single thought of praise for it, or if you meet someone who reveres it, you should employ hundreds of thousands of expedient means to exhort such people to be diligent and not retreat.” “The relatives of those who recite, both old and young, now and in the future, will be apart from the Evil Paths.” “Universally Expansive, You should know of the beneficial deeds done by Earth Store Bodhisattva as He makes use of His indescribably many billions of great awesome spiritual powers. The beings of Jambudvipa have strong affinities with this Buddha.” They have to believe in it, to worship it, respect it, then they have benefit, because this sutra is not only the merit of the Earth Store Bodhisattva; it’s also this embodiment, blessed by the words of Shakyamuni Buddha as well. You see, double blessing. The Buddha did a good job, and all His friends, His sangha in collecting all this, because not everybody says all these things. Other sages, of course they teach Quan Yin Method is sufficient also. But this is for people who have no Mater, and no Quan Yin Method, and they’ll be reborn again and again. At least they will be reborn well, happy, protected.
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