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Between Master and Disciples

Buddhist Stories: The Story of Ananda, the Names of Hells, and the Praise of the Buddha, Part 2 of 11 Aug. 10, 2015

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“There was a bhiksu who had adopted a sami (sramanera). Every day, he made him learn the sutras by heart, very diligently on time, and never failed.” “Next day, the sami (sramanera) was going out begging again. He was walking and crying at the same time. Then one of the rich persons in that region came and asked him, ‘Why are you crying, monk?’ ‘My Master is too strict to me. If I recite it on time and fulfill the schedule, then He is very happy. If not, then he is very cranky, scolding me. Going out for alms is not always precise. Some days they don’t give or give very little, then I have to go farther. And then when I come home, it’s late. I have no time to fulfill the schedule. So I am very sad. That’s why I’m crying.’ ‘So from today then, you just come to my house.’” “So since then, he always goes there and has everything he needs, and Master and disciple, very, very happy, happy, happy!” So the Buddha said, “The sami (sramanera) at that time is the past reincarnation of myself. The noble gentleman who offered food every day to the Master and disciple, that was Ananda.” In a Chinese idiom, they say, “Strict masters produce the best disciples, excellent disciples.” So maybe because the Master was so strict, so Ananda, life after life has such a good memory, and good point!
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