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Between Master and Disciples

Always Be Mindful of Your Connection with the Divine, Part 6 of 6, Aug. 12-13, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Chinese(中文)


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“Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing that someone leaves us. Sometimes, it’s a relief that our karma is finished. Sometimes, he left you and did not treat you nicely, but someday, someone better, happier comes to you. Don’t pray for anything. When it comes, it’ll come naturally, okay? (Yes.) Spiritual practice is very important. (Yes.) Sadness and sorrow are just a matter of emotion. We know we are sad. We’re not made of wood or stone, therefore we can’t avoid being sad. But feeling sad is okay. I know that I’m sad, but I still meditate. Don’t try to suppress it, saying, ‘I am not sad at all. Boo hoo. I don’t care. Wah wah.’ Whoever wants to cry, then cry. If you are sad, then be sad. But when it’s time to meditate, we have to meditate. That’s it. Everyone does their part. If your emotional part wants to cry, just let it cry. If your heart wants to feel sad, then let it be sad. I do my part which is to meditate. After meditation, you can resume crying if you want to. There’s nothing that is important and obstructive at all. It’s not that crying a lot or feeling sad is forbidden, but we should distinguish this versus that.”

“Now, meditating is much easier than before. It’s lighter. (Yes, it is.) And it’s also lighter when we go out and suggest to people to adopt a vegan diet. (Yes.) Not many people object to it. Sometimes, they don’t eat vegan food, but they are not against it. But it takes time. (Yes, many people have turned vegan, Master.) Many are vegan. It takes time for them to think about it. And now, if anyone wants to become vegan and it was difficult for them, thanks to the power brought down from above, it is very easy for them now. (Yes.) If they want it, they can do it right away. As for the people who are sick, their prayers weren’t answered before, but now they are, it’s easier. And if we tell them to practice spirituality, they’re okay, too. Easy, it’s much easier than before. It should be easy for anyone who wants to practice now. It’s so easy during this time. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) It’s just that they’re not interested. If they like, they can do it right away. I mean the outside people. (Yes.) And now, if you want to progress in your practice, it’s faster too. I’m very happy for you.”

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