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Between Master and Disciples

Always Be Mindful of Your Connection with the Divine, Part 4 of 6, Aug. 12-13, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Chinese(中文)


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“The animals, when they have choice, they always eat vegan. They don’t really like to eat meat at all. Because in the wild, they have to do their job. Like the wolf, they have to do their job. But if they have a chance to eat vegan, they do eat vegan. Like the seagulls and all that, normally they have to eat fish. But if they can have choice to eat bread by me or other things by me, they just hang around my house all day. They don’t go fishing, hunting anymore. And I was so busy because they ate forever, like… But they didn't want to go out in the sea, do fishing anymore.”

“I don’t recommend you guys to separate from each other or divorce. But if you feel you cannot go on, then probably it’s the time. Okay? If both feel okay with that, then it’s fine. And save more time for meditation then. (Yes.) I just maximize my time and minimize my mundane job. Too precious, time is too precious now. The more I practice, the more I appreciate my time. Before, I was also kind of relaxed. Until the world was getting so desperate. Then, I felt, ‘Wow, wow, wow, wow. I have to cut everything. Cut whatever possible.’ It’s up to you to exchange your time for more spiritual elevation or for emotional satisfaction or physical satisfaction. It’s up to you. Okay? For me, of course, spiritual is more precious. Always, always. Because we have only one time in this lifetime to elevate ourselves. The best is doing it now. The best is swimming in the water. When you want to learn swimming, then you swim while you are in the water. That’s what it is. That’s why this world is good for you to practice. It has all kinds of examples of all kinds of suffering, happiness, lucky or unfortunate moments. So you can see it all and you feel that this, truly, life is ephemeral and unreal, and (there is) nothing better than to practice.”

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