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In today’s news, Denmark announces asylum rule change to benefit all Afghan female applicants, marshlands in Iraq receive much-needed rain, researchers create climate-friendly refrigeration technique in United States, over a third of smokers successfully quit smoking in British city, medical clinic in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, raises money for Ukraine (Ureign), global vegan egg market expected to show remarkable growth over next decade, and man bravely rescues dog-person from cold canal in United States.

I have a gardening tip to share with you. Leaf mold is an excellent soil amendment for vegetable and flower gardens. It is simple to make and use as it contains only two things: shredded leaves and finished compost or garden soil. To prepare leaf mold, just layer the leaves and compost, and let it sit for approximately a year. It can also serve as a wonderful supplement to potting soil. Collect the fallen leaves in a corner of your yard, or you can put them into a wood or wire bin that should be at a minimum about one meter wide and about one meter tall. Then you'll have it ready the next time you need it!

Let’s put on those giggle boots and step toward the joke of the day. It’s called, “Honest Opinion.”

A young man went to see an art exhibition out of boredom and for the fact it was free. The artist spotted him and asked:

“What do you think about my paintings?”

Not being much of an art aficionado, he still wanted to be polite, so he said,

“Oh, I like them much.”

“What do you like about them?”

“Oh, your signature is so beautiful and flowery!”


And now we have a heartline from Kousha in Iran:

Greetings and salutations to Supreme Master Ching Hai, For a long time, I was thinking of opening a vegan store or restaurant in our city, and I was sure in my heart that I would achieve my goal, and thank God, I am now reaching my goal and opening the first vegan product store in our city.

With the help of the family, we are now preparing the store and we will start operating soon. I have great hope for the prosperity of my business in the future.

Considering the financial situation of my family, as well as the circumstances of my country, I was hardly able to provide the start-up cost, but I know that Master’s Grace and Blessings are with me and I humbly ask for Her support in this task.

I hope with this work, I can do something for world peace, raise people’s awareness, and turn them into being vegans.

Thanks to the Supreme Master Television team and our Beloved and Honorable Master. Kousha from Iran

Entrepreneurial Kousha, How wonderful that your dream of a vegan store is coming into being!

Master has a reply for you: “Compassionate Kousha, congratulations on your vegan store! It is a wonderful addition to your beautiful nation. I send you my Love and share your hope of prosperity for your newfound business. May the goodhearted Iranian people now swiftly turn to the peaceful and compassionate vegan diet.”

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