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Noteworthy News

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In today’s news, Rohingya refugees receive additional relief from USAID, study confirms climate tipping elements in different regions are interlinked, indoor vertical farm in Georgia paves way for economical plant-food production, teacher in Kenya repurposes motorbikes with electric fuel cells using old laptop batteries, altruistic Canadian woman donates kidney to unknown recipient, popular British food brand goes totally vegan, and retiring US Marine Corps dog-hero receives UK award for bravery in United States.

In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association News from Haiti…

I have a useful tip for you today. It is a good idea to utilize a calorifier water tank, especially if you're going on a trip. This enables excess water storage and is inexpensive, safe, reliable, and simple to install. These kinds of tanks have an internal coil that is hooked up to your vehicle engine’s coolant line. After approximately 15 minutes of driving, you should have a full tank of hot water just by using the heat produced by your engine. This is how the process works: When you’re driving, your engine heats up and the coolant line withdraws heat from it that then circulates through the coils within your tank and warms up the water. It then returns to your engine via the radiator. These calorifiers are great for vans, RVs, and even boats. If you plan on staying a lengthy period of time in one area, you can hook up a diesel hot water heater to your calorifier. This way you will have a complete hot water system that allows you to produce and store a large amount of hot water to use on-demand, no matter where you go!

This seems like a good moment to plug in the joke of the day and let the laughter begin. This one’s called, “Good Start.”

My sister decided to go on a diet, and that first evening she called me. And I could just tell she was eating something, so I asked.

“What are you eating?”

“A vegan cupcake. I just got on the scale, and it read 62.5 kilograms. That's no place to start a diet. So now, I'm waiting until I get to 63 kilograms to get started.”


And now we have a heartline from Xiu-Ying in China:

Hallo, Beloved Master and the Supreme Master TV team, After following Master to practice spiritually, I can see that many fellow initiates love Master’s designed S.M. Celestial Jewelry so much. Although I didn’t understand why I still couldn’t help to take a look at the exhibition booth.

The two rays of white Light from a ring caught my attention. “Isn’t that the expressway of spiritual practice?” Being excited, I immediately ordered this ring “The Miracle.” After that, surprisingly I could face any complaint or disagreement from my relatives or friends easily and composedly, unlike how I reacted before. What a “miracle” to me! It was guiding me to walk on the “expressway” of spiritual practice!

That year, my husband was in a very bad state because of debt and depression. I tried my best to help and give him company. Being alienated from my own family, I almost had nowhere to stay and was in a predicament at that time. My only consolation was Master’s never-ending stream of Love, which filled me with gratefulness and bliss every day during meditation.

Later, I purchased the S.M. Celestial Jewelry ring “Liberation.” When wearing it to attend my son’s wedding, I felt so light and full of bliss. I could sense that Master’s transformation body was also there. Divine Love and blissfulness were in the air. Everyone was smiling. Friends and relatives wondered why I looked so shiny and brilliant. What I understood was it was because I had been liberated from karmic emotions and had the Supreme treasure of the world – Beloved Master!

Containing the wisdom and essence of the Universe, S.M. Celestial Jewelry “The Middle Way” series is the magical gift from Master. It is stunning, splendid, and full of Divine Love! When I was looking at it, I was full of bliss and instantly broke down into tears of joy. During my meditation, that bracelet was like a Heavenly ladder stretching into the clouds and leading to the radiant Heaven! Now, I feel peaceful, joyful and live in gratitude and satisfaction every day!

Whenever I think of the visible and invisible Grace that our Holy, Pure, and Compassionate Master is bringing to sentient beings through the S.M. Celestial Jewelry, I am always in tears. As long as the sentient beings believe and rely on You, abide by Your teachings and follow Your guidance, all good things and miracles will happen and come true!

Thank you, Master and the Supreme Master TV team who are dedicated to helping sentient beings. World Vegan! World Peace! Respectfully, disciple Xiu-Ying from China

Joyous Xiu-Ying, Thank you for this lovely description of the spiritual power that is found in Master’s designs and S.M. Celestial Jewelry. May you and open-hearted China always enjoy the favor of the Godses. In Divine splendor, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this happy reply for you: “Sparkling Xiu-Ying, it is joyful to create the S.M. Celestial Jewelry and I revel in the beauty of Mother Nature’s gems. She is a true artisan! Thank you for your kind words and I am pleased that wearing the Jewelry brings a little more Light into your life. In Heaven’s Grace, may you and the kind Chinese people know inner peace and abundance.”

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