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In today’s news, Niger receives humanitarian aid from United States, United Nations agencies sound alarm on coming climate breakdown, university’s innovation uses new NASA technology to charge electric vehicles in five minutes, Singaporean bank supports urban rooftop farming for charity, fireman in Ireland retrieves dog-person struggling to swim in river, professional vegan football player in USA talks about favorite foods in interviews, and hundreds of bird-people flock daily to feed at kind lady’s balcony in Pune, India.

United States provides further aid to Niger to increase food security.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced a contribution of an additional US$44 million, to safeguard at-risk groups in Niger who have limited access to food, a situation that has escalated with the illegal occupation by Russia of Ukraine (Ureign). Of the total amount, US$25 million will be used to support urgent humanitarian relief programs related to food security, nutrition, water, hygiene and sanitation, as well as shelter and protection. In addition, US$9 million will focus on developing “climate smart agriculture practices,” and enhancing food security combined with livelihood-supporting activities. An additional $10 million will be used to address the longer-term effects of food insecurity, support peace-building and help bolster governance. The United States is a recipient of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, seven Shining World Leadership Awards for Promoting Healthy Living, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governor, Justice, Protection, and Environmental Protection; and a laureate of 24 Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Loving Care, a Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance, a Shining World Peace Leader Award, Shining World Caring Leadership Award, and Shining World Super Loving Care Leadership Award. Thank you, United States, for your generosity and support that will benefit many people. May Allah always bless the kind citizens of Niger with abundance.

Multiple United Nations reports warn of “irreversible” climate breakdown.

Recently, all three of the main United Nations agencies released reports about the climate, with the United Nations Environment Programme warning of the “woefully inadequate” progress made towards reducing emissions and stating that there is “no credible pathway to 1.5 degrees Celsius in place.” The UN climate change agency’s paper highlights that even if the current pledges by nations are delivered by 2030, we will still have 2.5 degrees Celsius of warming, which will cause a catastrophic breakdown in the climate. The International Energy Agency also reported that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels may peak by 2025 due to high energy prices, but it will not save us from severe climate effects. Such alarming news, United Nations agencies and International Energy Agency, on the dangerous situation the world faces. In the wisdom of Heaven, may the vegan solution be quickly implemented by all people, organizations, and governments, to ensure we can continue to live on this beautiful planet. Vegan: cos if we know the truth, can we do the opposite?

Up next, university’s innovation uses new NASA technology to charge electric vehicles in five minutes. We’d like to thank the occupational therapy aides, who assist occupational therapists by helping put together equipment used during therapy sessions, and performing office administrative tasks. We’ll return with more responsible news here on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, beautiful friends! I’m Wiley, a vegan fella from the Wombat kingdom. Did you know that we can uplift our lives and walk nobly on our magnificent planet by following the kindhearted plant-based path? And this will surely lead us to Heaven! Today I'd like to offer a tip on how to properly dispose of certain plastic products. Compostable plastics should be kept out of recycling, because they can spoil and obstruct the recycling process when intermingled with non-compostable plastics. If there is no recycling program in your region to pick up compostable plastic items, you can ask your garbage/recycling company or local government if there are any designated places to drop off this kind of disposable material. Check out the label on biobased plastic products to find out about the available waste disposal options. You can discover more information on this topic by reading the Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Recycling and Composting. Thank you for tuning in. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

New technology from United States National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) could charge electric vehicles (EVs) in five minutes.

A Purdue University team sponsored by NASA in the United States has created a cable that uses a liquid coolant to capture heat, thus allowing for a much higher electrical current to pass through it. Although this technology was intended for the International Space Station and missions to the Moon and Mars, it has proven effective for EV charging as well. Currently, charging stations provide between 150-520 amperes of electricity, but with NASA’s Flow Boiling Module, currents can extend to 2,400 amperes, which would deliver a charge at 4.6 times the most advanced chargers currently available. This would potentially make powering up an EV as fast as filling up a tank of gasoline. Great news, NASA and Purdue University, on your mission to make charging electric vehicles faster and comparable to refueling their gasoline counterparts. In Celestial illumination, may humans continue to evolve in planet-supporting choices for our advancing technology.

Bank in Singapore opens new urban farm.

Singapore’s OCBC Bank has utilized a portion of the rooftop parking lot of its headquarters, the OCBC Centre, to create a 116-square-meter space for hydroponic gardening. The building is in the Central Business District and the first community-run farm of its kind in the area. The venture, which started in August 2022, is operated by over 100 volunteers who are bank employees, and they hope to produce 140 kilograms of produce per year. Currently, the team is growing lettuce, with more vegetable varieties to be cultivated soon. All harvests are to be donated to the charitable Willing Hearts soup kitchen. The eco-friendly garden circulates a nutrient-rich water solution to plants, with excess water being used for future feeding. Well done, OCBC Bank and employee volunteers. We look forward to seeing many more eco-friendly rooftop gardens. May such green ventures help create a gentler future for all, in Heaven’s radiant light.

Fireman saves dog-person from river in Ireland.

A newly employed fireman named Sean jumped into the rough waters of the River Dodder of Dublin, Ireland, with all the equipment he needed to save the life of Lemon, a dog-person. It was Sean's first water rescue, and the Dublin Fire Brigade wrote a tweet about the event and shared a picture of the two together, commenting, “Both are now friends fur-ever.” Kudos, Sean, for saving the life of loving Lemon, who otherwise may not have made it to shore. In the grace of the Divine, may our kindhearted dog-people companions always be cared for in the best ways possible to ensure they are happy, healthy and full of vibrance. “Vegan: or old dead carcass? Yuk!”

Coming up, professional vegan football player in USA talks about favorite foods in interviews. We will take some time now to extend our thankfulness to the elevator mechanics who keep our elevators running safely and smoothly. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more helpful news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Meaningful News for a Thriving World.

United States vegan professional football player discusses favorite meals.

A National Football League (NFL) player from the US named Justin Fields (vegan) recently gave several interviews, where he discussed his preferred foods that helped fuel his first season last year. At 23 years of age, Justin is the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He went vegan two years ago after trying it for the first time and feeling great. His favorite food to prepare at home is vegan pizza, and he says oats make him feel energized, strong and capable. After training or a game, he likes to have a protein shake, and then a bit later, he enjoys a Beyond Burger. Three cheers, Justin Fields, for helping inspire others to make the switch to delicious and empowering vegan food by publicizing your diet. In the love of the Divine, may your career be long and successful, as the sports people of the world demonstrate the superior and compassionate vegan way.

Compassionate woman feeds parrot-people daily on balcony in Pune, India.

Growing up, Smita Pasalkar noticed her father always kept feed and water for the bird-people who flew into their garden. Thus, when Smita first moved into her apartment in Pune, India, six years ago, she was determined to create a similar haven. However, bird-persons were a rare sight in her highly urbanized neighborhood. First, she planted saplings on her apartment balcony to attract more avian buddies to the area. Then, as the numbers steadily increased, she set up seven handmade feeders so the parrot-, sunbird-, and sparrow-folk would never go hungry. She also grew plants along the balcony to create a tranquil, inviting atmosphere. Smita has been feeding hundreds of her intelligent, feathered friends every day ever since. Many thanks, Smita Pasalkar, for your bountiful generosity to our bird friends. In God’s Delight, may we all demonstrate similar patience, compassion, and kindness to animal-individuals, as we steadily bring beauty into our and their lives.

Humor can refresh our mind quickly! Let's check out our joke of the day. It's entitled, “Efficient Task List.”

Two friends are having a chat about their lives.

“I'm having difficulty getting things done. What should I do?”

“Why don't you try writing down a list of the things that you need to finish?”

“Yeah, I tried that, but it didn't work.”

“OK. Well, then just put ‘Eat vegan ice cream’ at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least, you'll get one thing done!”


And now we have a heartline from Hsing-Ying in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

I had a dream in which I saw Master baking cakes in a big tent where there was a long table with many pastries on it. Master was standing in one corner of the tent holding a piping bag. By Her side, initiates were waiting in line to get their cakes. I moved forward in line with excitement, but somehow the container in my hands was not suitable for holding the cakes. It was a strange object which I couldn’t identify in my dream; therefore, I began to panic as I was moving closer to Master, and at the same time hoping I could still get a piece of cake.

Seeing my strange container, Master did not show any sign of surprise, but kept smiling while She carefully wiped my container clean and decorated it little by little with flowers made from the vegan frosting, as if delicately and attentively caring for a baby, accommodating the very different container that I brought. In the dream, I felt that a part of me unaccepted by society was then accepted. A soft and warm current flowed to the depths of my heart, making me feel so happy and warm…

After I got the cake, I wanted to save it for later to savor it; however, the cake suddenly transformed itself as if alive. The vegan frosting transformed into a soft, sponge-like texture. I was so amazed that I hastily gobbled it all up and instantly woke up from my dream. After waking up, I felt highly refreshed.

I used to have nightmares frequently, and it was not easy for me to relax and sleep well. However, the dream was so joyous, peaceful, and gentle that after waking up, I felt an incomparable lightness and much bliss in my heart. It seems that in my dream Master accommodated my shortcomings and dissolved my frustration from not being accepted in real life, allowing my perturbed heart to rest in peace and feel encouraged. And the transforming cake reminded me that everything in this world is transient and to not handle everything with the mind. Only by following the guidance of the inner Master and adapting to the situation while acting accordingly, can I let go of attachments and attain tranquility and happiness.

Thank You, Master, for granting me such a comfortable dream. I hope that fellow initiates hearing my story can also enjoy the peace and tranquility of Heaven. May Master enjoy good health and all Your wishes be fulfilled. May the Supreme Master TV team bathe in Heavenly Bliss. Hsing-Ying from Taiwan (Formosa)

Fortunate Hsing-Ying, Thank you for sharing your wonderful inner vision with us. Master’s great Love is the balm our hearts need to heal and truly accept ourselves, regardless of our shortcomings and experiences in this world. Master sees beyond appearances and uses all means to bless and awaken us to our True Self. We are glad you had such a healing dream to help you on your spiritual journey. May you and your effervescent Taiwanese co-citizens know peace always. In Celestial benevolence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this loving message to encourage you: “Sincere Hsing-Ying, I am so touched by your innocence and the message in your lovely inner vision. Many people do not experience the world as a loving and accepting place, and so we have a lot of suffering, pain, and self-doubt. The Master comes to grace us with the experience of true Love, so that we can heal and transform our pain into enlightened awareness. There is indeed nothing in this world that is not transient and will bring true happiness. I am glad you received the meaning of your vision and that it healed your heart and mind somehow. Remember to meditate daily and extra whenever you can. Before sleeping, sit in meditation in bed also, so that while sleeping, you will be in a meditative mode. That will help you to have better visions, instead of nightmares. The Master Power uses our dreams to teach us as well as other moments of the day when we are open. May the Buddhas’ Light forever shine on you and the humble Taiwanese (Formosan) people.”

“As soon as we kill them, the one thought of hatred that those cows, sheep, and pigs give rise to will lead them to seek revenge in the future. This leads to disasters such as world wars and all kinds of accidental deaths. These all result from the taking of life.” ~The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May you be graced by Heaven’s loving embrace.

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