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The Five Holy Names and the Gift are extremely powerful and able to shine Light into dark places.

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One day during my meditation, I flew to a realm where there were many fake masters and monks who ate meat and did bad things. They were immoral, unjust, and unfair, fooling people there. Feeling very angry, I recited the Five Holy Names and just flicked my fingers to wipe the floor with them, who then knelt down begging for forgiveness. The power of the Five Holy Names is so incredible to be able to conquer the negative power and protect the weak.

Another time, I flew to a city that was very dark with no light at all. I recited the Five Holy Names and the Gift while waving my hand, which emitted immensely strong Light to light up wherever I passed by. The whole city then became tremendously bright, and people there all bade farewell to me in gratitude.

The Five Holy Names and the Gift are extremely powerful and able to shine Light into dark places. Thank You, Master, for granting us the Five Holy Names and the Gift. Wen-Feng from Taiwan (Formosa)

Devoted Wen-Feng, We are humbled by your reminder of how blessed we are to have received the gifts of practicing the Quan Yin Method and all other Blessings bestowed upon us by Master. Through following Master’s teachings, we are also very fortunate to have avoided the false masters on this planet. We pray that the Heavenly Light and Love will soon illuminate all beings in all of the worlds. May you and delightful Taiwan (Formosa) forever enjoy the Buddhas’ abundant care. Supreme Master TV team

P.S. We are happy to send you Master’s response: “You are very welcome, treasured Wen-Feng! Heavens’ Power is limitless, so the higher we progress in our practice, the more miracles we will experience. We also will be able to render more help to this world, through Love and Divine guidance. May you and the kindhearted Taiwanese (Formosan) people continue to be elevated, in the Wisdom of the Providence.” 

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