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In today’s news, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) contributes food to flood-stricken people in Chad, over 30,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered by astronomers, centenarian celebrates her 100th birthday in Bosnia by organizing art expo featuring her paintings, latest innovation may save children’s lives, 90-year-young woman from United States dedicates life to helping others, vegan salmon and tuna now available in United States, and film dedicated to stray animal-people and their caregivers honored.

UAE contributes food to flood-stricken in Chad.

In late October 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sent a cargo plane to Chad with 30.6 tons of food, to support more than 442,000 flood victims. Chad had declared a state of emergency after the worst floods in 30 years hit 18 out of its 23 provinces, displacing an estimated one million people, whilst also destroying homes and crops. The UAE’s Ambassador to Chad said that the food donation reflects the country’s unity with Chad and their humanitarian ideal to provide urgent relief to other nations in times of need. From 2017-2021, the caring country has contributed a total of US$27 million in aid, to support Chad’s various humanitarian and development causes. The United Arab Emirates is a recipient of the Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance, and a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, Environment Protection, Protection, and Compassion. We are grateful for your swift actions to help your Chadian neighbors in need, UAE. In Allah’s Grace, may the lives of the people of Chad quickly return to normal, and be blessed with abundance, peace and harmony.

Presently astronomers have detected over 30,000 near-Earth asteroids.

Astronomers from around the world have now discovered 30,039 near-Earth asteroids (or NEAs), and the number keeps rising as our ability to identify them improves. To be classified as a NEA, the object must have an orbit that brings it within 45 million kilometers of our planet. Of those that have been discovered, 1,425 of them have a “non-zero” chance or are very unlikely to collide with the Earth. Asteroids with a diameter of more than one kilometer are forecast not to have an impact risk for at least 100 years. Thank you, global astronomers, for keeping a watchful eye on space, to ensure the inhabitants of Earth are safe. In the grace of Heaven, may our beautiful planet continue to remain shielded from asteroids, as we do our best to create a peaceful protective energy through our benevolent dietary choices. Vegan: cos there’s nowhere else 2 run.

Up next, centenarian celebrates her 100th birthday in Bosnia by organizing an art expo featuring her paintings. Please embrace this moment with us as we focus on appreciating nursing home food service directors, who manage and maintain food service policies and procedures in nursing homes. We’ll be right back with more cooling news on Supreme Master Television.

Hi, energetic friends, I am Griffin, a vegan gentleman from the Galineers Cob kingdom! I can gratefully tell you that it's so delightful to live with compassion in your heart. And all the beauty and blessings just naturally come to us! Here's a health tip for you. It is recommended you use natural alternatives for fragrances in perfumes and candles. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reported potentially toxic chemicals frequently found in fragrances that could cause serious side effects. Usually, candles are made of paraffin wax, which when burned, produces the very toxic compounds benzene and toluene that are also present in diesel fuel fumes. Therefore, you should search for candles based on vegetable (soy) wax with a lead-free wick that doesn't have a fragrance. You can also use essential oils instead of candles to give your home a refreshing, pleasant aroma. Thank you for your attention and love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Inspirational Bosnian artist celebrates her 100th birthday by arranging a public display of her paintings.

Nada Rudan organized an exposition to showcase her art at a gallery in Sarajevo. The healthy grandmother and mother of two taught herself this skill when 87, to stay active. Painting five hours a day, Nada has produced two hundred acrylics, mostly of nature. Ms. Rudan had a career as a dressmaker until retiring at age 85. The world traveler visited Hollywood when 95, touring the auditorium where the Academy Awards presentations are held. “You have to be positive in life,” remarked the gracious lady, who considers herself an “amateur.” God bless you, Nada Rudan. We salute your exemplary life. In the exaltation of the Divine, may all our elders be treasured for their wisdom and immense contributions to society.

New innovation may prevent child drownings.

In a recent journal published in ACS Nano, researchers from China and South Korea have developed a new product that may help to prevent infant drownings. The wearable, waterproof sensor sends a warning message to your phone when it no longer detects any motion. This technology is not new; however, this new product is breathable and allows it to be connected to a smart device. The sensor is designed with silicon-like layers, enabling it to maintain a small, thin footprint. A piece of polyester knit fabric is dipped into a graphene oxide solution and then into hydroiodic acid. When combined with a power supply, it can measure electrical responses and wirelessly transmit data collected. Bravo, researchers from China and South Korea, on developing this innovative lifesaving technology! May our children be protected under Heaven's watchful gaze.

Ninety-year-young woman in the United States dedicates her life to serving others in the community.

Ethel Bruce, affectionately known in her Brooklyn, New York neighborhood as Nana, offers free clothing and household items near the sidewalk outside her home to anyone in need. Nana’s Free Things has operated for ten years, with locals often donating items at her doorstep each morning to be given away free of charge. Nana is known for her immense generosity, having fostered and then adopting five children, as well as serving hot plates of food to the homeless in the area. In a recent interview, she said, “It makes me feel good that I can help somebody.” Inspiring news, Ethel ‘Nana’ Bruce, on your immense kindness and magnanimity to the Brooklyn, New York, community. May others see your shining example, uplifting those around you, in God’s Compassionate Love. “Vegan opposition? Barbarous party.”

Coming up, vegan salmon and tuna now available in the United States. Now we’ll go and smell the delightful and pure scent of the flowers in our garden, giving thanks to the Almighty for creating such beauty and splendor to enrich our lives. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more mind-soothing News. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Celebrating News for a Wondrous World.

Vegan salmon and tuna now available in United States.

Current Foods, a vegan seafood brand, recently released its plant-based Tuna Poke and Smoked Salmon at the Berkeley Bowl in the San Francisco Bay Area. The brand has been dubbed the Beyond Meat of seafood, as they use biotechnology to produce realistic tuna and salmon from plants. The products are also available online and will be sold in more retail locations soon. The delectable offerings, made from ingredients such as algae, peas, bamboo, potatoes and more, are high in protein and Omega 3, but do not contain heavy metals and micro-plastics like ocean-based seafood. Exciting news, Current Foods, on the launch of your new vegan seafood products. In the love of the Divine, may your brand successfully expand nationwide as you bring loving seafood to people’s plates.

Documentary acknowledging stray animal-people and their protectors wins awards.

A moving film entitled, The Stray Story, is a Dogumentary that is dedicated to stray animal-people around the world and the selfless volunteers who care for them. It has already won more than ten awards, including the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and the Best Female Filmmaker Award at the California Indies. The film's creator, Christina Georgiou, a Doctor of Music and an accomplished composer of film soundtracks, is a big animal lover who has volunteered countless hours with animal-people. Of the film, she stated, “I often think that if we all used the talents we have to support a cause we find worthy – whether that’s helping animals or children, ending hunger or reducing poverty – the world would be a much better place. The Stray Story was my effort to give back.” So inspirational, Christina Georgiou! We pray that our animal-friends can live with the dignity and care they deserve, blessed by a conscious humanity that embraces plant-based living and love for all beings.

Now it’s time to chill out with the joke of the day entitled, “Reason for Kids”

Growing up in the 1980s as one of 9 children, this scene would often play out between my dad and me.

“Katie, change the TV to channel 9 please.”

“Dad! Why can't we just get a TV with a remote control?”

“Why do you think we have kids in the first place?”


And now we have a heartline from Karin in Sweden:

Most Beloved Master and dear Supreme Master TV team, I cannot thank you enough for all your work for Supreme Master TV. I saw Beloved Master talked about earthing mats. Some time ago, I purchased an earthing mat because of Your advice. With this mat, I don’t need to go out or anything. You just need an adapter. You use the grounded outlet in the apartment or house. You can move it from place to place with no problem. You just need to be near a wall plug.

Dear Master, Light of the world, I love You forever. May World Vegan soon take place on this planet, so that we witness happiness and peace in Beloved Master and the whole world. Thank You, Master, for the Light from Supreme Master TV. My heart is full of light, love, and happiness. Supreme Master TV really saved my life. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Praying to all Heavens and hoping to see You well and protected by all Heavens. Sincerely yours with all my love, Karin in Sweden

Inspired Karin, Thank you for your message. It is our great honor and privilege to work for Supreme Master Television. It is the best job on Earth, and anything we can do to help Master save the world’s inhabitants, we are happy to do. We are glad that you have benefited so much from watching and hope many more people find us and change their lives through the uplifting guidance and good information from the programming that is blessed by Master. It is great to hear that the earthing mat has made a difference in your life. May you and the broad-minded Swedish people revel in the boundless Love of God, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these loving words: “Devoted Karin, I am so glad you have used the information on Supreme Master Television to help yourself. Your love and gratitude touch my heart as I feel your sincerity. People like you inspire me to continue this work because your stories let me know that it makes a difference in the lives of many. Share with others about Supreme Master Television and the vegan way, so we can save as many individuals as possible on Earth and create a vegan Paradise. May you and the wonderful Swedish people be elevated by Heaven’s infinite Mercy.”

“You can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. Take Personal Responsibility: Go Vegan.” ~ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a joy to spend time with you on Noteworthy News. May God be gracious to you and bless you in all your endeavors.

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