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There are so many traps everywhere - always keeping the 5 moral precepts, honoring and following the guidance of the Master

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Dear Beloved Master and Supreme Master Television team, Thank you so much for dedicating everything to elevate the world, radiating positive energy, and protecting our planet. You have filled my life with so much love, light, truth, and happiness. I want to share an experience related to the conference “Initiation Requires Master Power.”

When my grandfather was alive, he was initiated by our Master but later followed someone who proclaimed that he represents Master. This person gave many false instructions, different from what Master taught us at initiation. After watching “Initiation Requires Master Power,” I knew this is the situation that Master spoke about, and this person is fake.

My grandfather passed away five years ago. Recently, I had an experience that showed me what happened to him. During meditation, I was led to a door and told to ask for a certain demon. I knocked on the door, asked for the demon, and saw an image of a creature with horns. When the image faded, a person appeared whose aura was dark and depressive. He asked me what I wanted, and I said I was sent here by Supreme Master Ching Hai, my Master. I was asked to fill out a form and then soon came out of the meditation. Afterwards, I thought this person resembled my grandfather and remembered Master explained that some initiates go to hell to rescue loved ones. I felt this was what happened. So just like our Master explained, those who are initiated by a false master do not go to Heaven, because only an enlightened Master has the Power recognized by Heaven.

Also, regarding the type of people who would steal Master’s disciples and mislead truth seekers, I think the person who was giving fake initiation instructions is possessed by a demon or is a demon, which is why I saw that image. I think that would confirm what Master had also explained when reading the Surangama Sutra! So like Master taught us, it is very important to only follow the direct teachings of Master and no one else.

Thank You, Master, for always guiding us and reminding us to practice diligently and not to go astray. Thank You for being the forever-radiant Sun for my soul. I love You, Master! With love and gratitude, Nevaeh from California, USA

Wise Nevaeh, Our appreciation for sending this heartline. Your inner experience shows how important it is for those on the spiritual path to find a true Master and not stray at all. It is so sad that your grandfather was initiated by Master and then left to follow a devious imposter. This world is a dangerous place with much deception and confusion. We, who are so lucky to follow Master, should be thankful, persevere in our spiritual practice, and do our very best to follow Master’s instructions in every moment of every day. May you and the valiant American people forever know the Grace of the Providence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these wise words to share with you: “Loyal Nevaeh, you have experienced firsthand the truth of what I shared previously. A true Master cannot lie. You can see that all the Masters, past and present, can only speak the truth and do so to guide the people in this world away from the agents of the negative power. There are so many traps everywhere. That is why we must be very diligent, always keep the 5 moral precepts, honor and follow the guidance of the Master. Following the precepts and meditating well are not for the Master’s sake, but for our own. This is the way we save ourselves. Continue to practice well, my love, and we will be together now and forever! May you and the steadfast American people be eternally embraced by the Love of God. Your Grandpa has been rescued by Master Power to Heaven’s place, and will be uplifted higher in time. So be happy now.”
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