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Spiritual Experiences, Part 2 – Meat contains the memory from the animal-people & The negative effects of meat-eating

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Dear Viewers, I would like to share a story from when I was young. I lived in the mountains and rarely had a chance to eat meat. I didn’t watch much TV and had no Internet at all. One day after I ate meat, I had a terrible dream. In the dream, someone grabbed my feet and stabbed a hook into them. I just wanted to tell them how painful it was, but the way they hung me upside down made me vomit. And there was a line to move me ahead. I saw my fellow beings crying and feeling panicked. I also felt scared. Then someone just killed me. I felt so weak and in pain.

The next day, I asked my parents, “How do you kill the animal-people?” They didn’t reply. But I was so frightened when they put meat in my bowl. I hid the meat at the bottom and threw it away. But I still had uncomfortable feelings while I slept. 

Years later, I was so shocked when I saw the horrible process of killing pig-people on TV. It was the first time I saw that, but I’ve been there before in my dream. 

I believe that the meat you eat contains the memory from the animal-people. And all the fear is inside the meat. It was really hard to control my temper when I ate meat. One just feels angry and depressed without any reason. I really wish that all of you will understand what I’ve experienced. BEING A VEGAN is really the best choice in life! Yu-Wen from Taiwan (Formosa)

Vegan: cuz we 2 r fearful of torture n death.

Vegan: cuz all beings suffer hurt when cut

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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