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Following Master's teachings precisely brings goodness and blessings into our lives.

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Most Beloved and Divine Master and respected saints of Supreme Master TV, Thank you! The incredible Supreme Master TV programs are getting more and more brilliant and have become the spiritual food that we need every moment in time. I pray that the Highest Heaven bless and guard the Divine work of Supreme Master TV all the time!

One day, while watching Supreme Master TV, in one program, Master said, “Sincerely repent, for all the wrongdoings, knowing or not knowing, deliberately or unintentionally. Everything that is not right, they have to repent, even smaller details, like quarreling with neighbors or with family, killing insects, anything they think of, and anything they cannot think of.”

Over the next few days, insects appeared in my room because I didn’t clean it on time. Without due respect for the insects, though having tried my best to direct them to go outdoors, I accidentally still hurt them. I felt sorry! Even then, I still hadn’t attached enough importance to this matter. In meditation that night, I saw myself cleaning the room, and there appeared a lot of insects and I could feel the Divine God Nature within them. I immediately repented and prayed for my loving quality to develop so that I could thoughtfully protect each and every being, whether visible or invisible.

On the same day, via my cell phone, Master let me view the story of Yogananda’s disciple. Yogananda told His disciple, “You must listen to what I tell you, even in the little things. There was a woman in our Ranchi school in India. She was a disciple of this path, and was very humble. She served me devotedly – hand and foot, as they say – obeying strictly everything I asked of her. Everything, that is to say, except one: She insisted on going about barefoot. I warned her not to, but she didn’t consider this piece of advice serious enough to heed, though I was as insistent on it as she was. She continued to go barefoot everywhere. …Some time later, she absorbed a disease through the soles of her feet, and died. She needn’t have died that way, had she listened…”

I thought this is a reminder to me: Master has repeatedly asked us to “repent.” We must truly do it!

I feel that the Mt. Fuji volcano eruption crisis in Japan was resolved by Master. It’s pretty easy for us to observe Master’s incredible Power.

And also, please see how delicate, gentle and loving Master’s reply to each heartline is. We are immersed in such Love, but we tend to forget it. Please, do take all of Master’s advice seriously!

Infinite gratitude to the kind, benevolent, and Almighty Master – God! It’s my most incredible honor being able to become Your disciple! Kneeling in worship of Master, Jing-Fen from China

Diligent Jing-Fen, Thank you for your prayers of blessings and for your efforts to live a compassionate life! As each of us works towards making the world a kinder and more peaceful place, we are helping ourselves and the entire planet. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to the past and present Masters for Their guidance and for always working for our best interests. To follow Their teachings precisely brings goodness and blessings into our lives. May you and the vigilant people of China find ever more enlightenment and wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Our Beloved Master has a response for you: “Dearest Jing-Fen, every day that we move forward on the spiritual path is a good day. Realizing the mistakes that we have made, repenting, and changing our actions to align with compassion and love is how we know that we are growing in wisdom. As you have understood, the Masters are always working with Heaven and want the best for all beings. May you and the intelligent people of China always be in tune with Heaven’s inner guidance.” 

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