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Between Master and Disciples

The British Monarchy Should Be Respected and Appreciated, Part 3 of 8, Sep. 19, 2022

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So, I think Prince Charles needs a little bit more sympathy from everyone, not just criticizing. Give him a chance to be a good king. He will learn with his job. He’s only a human, even though he is a king. And he has more jobs than you, most people – more responsibility, a heavier burden than many people in the world. So, give him a little room, a little chance, a little love. Encourage him to continue to work.

He (King Charles) has to see the people. He has to see other diplomats. He has to see other leaders, and he has to spend his time to read documents, to sign documents, to go out sometimes for charity purposes – and all kinds of things they have to do. (Yes.) You can’t just sit there doing nothing. (Yes, Master.) And I heard that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh before, took care of more or less the grooming of the then Prince Charles.

“Media Report from ABC News (Australia) – Sept. 10, 2022, Reporter (f): With the Queen often absent, Prince Philip made the decisions about the family, and his relationship with his eldest son was not always easy. Charles always had a difficult relationship with Philip. He could never live up to Philip's ideas of how he should be.”

He even didn’t let Prince Charles, at that time, know much about worldly stuff. (Wow.) Just all concentrated on being a prince and the future king – that’s all that he has learned. And even he had to ask one of the former prime ministers to teach him how to receive a prime minister in a mock theater, acting. (Oh, yes.)

“Media Report from BBC – Sept. 14, 2022, David Cameron (m): I had audiences with Prince Charles when Queen Elizabeth II was still on the throne, because he wanted to start thinking about how to conduct those audiences. And from what I saw, he will be brilliant at that job, brilliant at listening, brilliant at asking questions, giving wise advice and sage counsel. I mean, this has probably been the longest apprenticeship in history.”

Like rehearsing it, so that when he became a king in the future he would know what to do. (Yes.) He has to learn many diplomatic rules, many kingly rules and royalty rules. And he has learned what he has been taught. (Yes, Master.)

So, he had to act the way the king would act according to tradition. Maybe now in modern times, they have to do it a little bit differently. I even heard that, therefore, Prince Charles does not even have to squeeze his toothpaste in the morning. And he doesn’t know things about what the people around him are doing in his household. Like, he doesn’t know what cling wrap plastic is. So, one time he saw it, and he “shrieked” and “yelled” Probably just jokingly like it was scary for him, like jokingly scared. (Ah, yes.) Because he never saw that before! Imagine that? (Yes.)

“Media Report from The List – June 8, 2022, Reporter (f): In the book ‘Rebel Prince,’ author Tom Bower revealed that Charles was unable to identify a very common household item. As it turns out, he didn't know what plastic wrap was. After asking staff to leave food out for him to eat later in the day, Charles reportedly let out a ‘shriek’ upon discovering the leftovers. The heir had allegedly been ‘frightened upon encountering the cold meats covered by the unknown product,’ prompting him to ask his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, what the product was. Using the British name for it, Camilla had to inform him that it was, in fact, called cling film.”

That’s how Prince Philip groomed him to become a monarch. And he has also been in a school. It’s half-normal for princes and princesses. And also, they didn’t groom him in the normal student way. More or less, they would know he’s a future king. The way they behaved towards him could not be as normal as with other students. (Yes, Master.)

So, the king’s position, it just has a glorious side of a worldly look but it’s not all that easy to perform. (Yes, Master, we understand.)

“Media Report from Fox News – Sept. 20, 2022, Reporter (m): King Charles spent decades preparing for the throne. From the moment of birth, he needed to be prepared to be a suitable monarch for Great Britain.”

He was trained since he was a little kid already, not in just a normal household or a normal manner. Even though they tried to show it to the world, like the prince has to do things like normal students or normal people, but it’s not all that normal. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from ABC News (Australia) – Sept. 10, 2022, Reporter (f): When Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales on his 21st birthday, his life of Royal duty began in earnest. ‘I, Charles, Prince of Wales, do become your liege man of life and limb and of earthly worship.’”

So, I think the people of England should understand and tolerate him or forgive him if they think he’s wrong. It is not all black and white like that. (Yes, Master.)

What else did he do? (Well, in another incident when signing a visitor’s book in Northern Ireland, the pen leaked, and King Charles III got really annoyed and he showed some temper. Also, this is an old topic, but when the then Prince Charles was married to Princess Diana, he had an extramarital affair with Camilla, his now wife. Could these also be some reasons why people protest against the new king?) Probably, yes. Some people can be very strict, stricter than his father and mother, Prince Philip and Her Majesty, the Queen of England. The late Queen of England. Some people are strict. But Jesus said, whoever has not sinned then throw the first stone. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

Prince Charles has so many good sides that people don’t see. He has worked very hard all his life, for all kinds of charitable organizations to bring in money to help the poor people and the needy people. And he has to see many people. He has to travel a lot, even if he doesn’t want to. He has to do all these things that he might not always like. (Yes, Master.)

Imagine if you are him – you’re forced to travel to such-and-such country that you don’t like. And maybe at that time, you are sick and you have the flu or a fever or you are not well, and you still have to travel. Or you have to see some people, some leader of the world that you don’t really like. (Yes, true.)

And for being a prince, he’s really… of course, I told you about the temper. (Yes.) Both the so-called servants, the helpers of the royal household, and the Prince were under stress. (Right.) And when you are under stress – because the Queen’s sudden death left a big emptiness in their hearts for the moment. So, both of them are under terrible stress. And it’s a new job for the householders and a new job for the Prince. Prince Charles. (Yes, Master.) Same. Both of them are in a new situation, so they did not do well. That’s just small things. It’s not such a big deal that you even would want to to discard the king. (Yes, Master.)

They are both under great sorrow and stress, especially the Prince himself – King Charles III. I’m also in the new job now calling him King Charles III instead. Normally, I just say Prince Charles. (Yes.) Now I’m also new. You see, I also make mistakes. You saw that? (Yes.) I struggled to pronounce it. Just to pronounce it is a struggle already. Not to talk about having to do it face-to-face with him, and personally work for him for the first time. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

In his new powerful position as the King of England and the Head of the Commonwealth – that’s a big job for the new… for the old household people. You see, I also don’t get used to it. The old royal household workers for His Majesty King Charles III of England. You see that? I even stumbled just to speak. And both of them are in great sorrow. Both of the parties.

So, I think Prince Charles needs a little bit more sympathy from everyone, not just criticizing. Give him a chance to be a good king. He will learn with his job. He’s only a human, even though he is a king. And he has more jobs than you, most people – more responsibility, a heavier burden than many people in the world. So, give him a little room, a little chance, a little love. Encourage him to continue to work.

He’s also an old man now. He’s 73, isn’t he? (Yes.) He’s about one or two years older than me, so I’m even a younger chick now compared to him. I can’t complain, can I? I cannot, because I don’t have any so-called servants to bring me any tray to sign to be a King of England, so I thank God for that.

And the so-called servants, the royal workers, they should concentrate more, but they could not, their minds, their hearts were in turmoil. (Yes, Master.) It’s a new arrangement for them, they never did that before – probably seldom. And the Prince, of course, was upset because he already was upset. He was overly upset already, because his mother’s death caused him great sorrow. (Right.)

He has been loved, spoiled and pampered by her, all these decades. And he still feels in his heart like he’s her little son. Because of all that spoiling and pampering. (Yes, Master.) And suddenly he’s thrown into a big situation like that. And he’s already overly upset. He could not even cry in the public. He couldn’t even express well how he feels. It doesn’t matter how well he expresses, you can never express enough how you feel when your parent dies. And then any little thing seems blown out of proportion. (Yes, Master.)

But he has learned. The third time he had to sign something, he brought his own pen. Just in case. So, he improved, man. Give him a chance to improve. (Yes, Master.) And even some public people feel sorry for him. One person gave him a pen, in case. Many people were queuing outside of the palace or her residences to mourn her, to show their love. And sometimes His Majesty King Charles came out and greeted them and showed appreciation. And one of them gave him a pen.

Oh, that’s the idea. That’s a good idea. (Yes.) Instead of criticizing him, just help him to be better. (Yes.) Help him to do his job. I’m not like a fan of royalty or stuff like that. I don’t feel much connection with royalty stuff. But it’s just fairly speaking.

We are all humans, we should understand, sympathize and help each other. That’s better for the world than criticizing all the time for every little mishap. Right? (Yes.) What do you think? (We agree. That’s true.) The other ones? (Yes, we agree.) You should, you should. To be a good human, you should. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And the new king, His Majesty King Charles III, probably is still very nervous in his new role. Wouldn’t you be? (Yes.) Even though all his life he knew that this day might happen, but what you know and what you face is different. (Yes, indeed. Yes, that’s true.) What you fear and what comes to you when that fear manifests is different – you will react differently, you’ll feel different. (Yes, Master.) So, he had to mourn his mother in his heart. He’s in such deep sorrow and he has to dress up, looking tough and normal and smile, and go do whatever they expect him to do. Imagine that? Isn’t that a very stressful position already? (Yes, indeed. Yes, Master. It is.)

Imagine if it’s you, that you cried for your mother in your heart inside and outside, and you don’t want to get up, you don’t want to do anything anymore, and you have to do it for the world, for England. Imagine that. You force yourself. And it’s not a pleasant thing that happened to him, is it? (No, it’s not easy.) Right.

People might think, “Oh, being a king is glorious, glamorous, and powerful and all that.” Yes, maybe. But the reality of the work is different. It’s very stressful and demanding also. And he’s an old man. (Yes.) Before, of course, he worked also, but it’s not like being a king. Being a prince is different from being a king. (Yes, Master.)

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