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The British Monarchy Should Be Respected and Appreciated, Part 6 of 8, Sep. 19, 2022

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So, the prime minister and the government has also a lot of power to even refuse the Queen’s advice or decision. (Yes, Master.) So, the Queen was more or less a symbol of the monarchy, and most of the political decisions came from the government. Prime minister, parliament, etc. (Yes, Master.) And even appointing the prime minister of England like the latest one, Madam Liz Truss. They picked her first and then they presented her to the Queen.

So, all the people who protest against the monarchy or against His Majesty, the new King Charles III, should think twice before they take any action to stir up problems in a peaceful and good country. (Yes, Master, understand.)

Many people envy England and want to come to live in England. So, if they are British, they live in England, they should be happy, be proud. (That’s right, Master.) And there will always be some little problems here and there. But one king cannot do everything. It depends also on many factors and the decisions from the parliament and the English government as well. Even the Queen, they should not blame her for anything. She doesn’t have all the power to decide everything, concerning political issues. For example, they arranged whom she has to meet, to shake hands with, to talk with, even though she doesn’t want to.

Legend has it that one time, people saw that she had to hide behind the bushes in Buckingham Palace Garden because she did not want to talk to one of the world leaders again, one more time. She hid from him. People could not find her. She had to hide. She had no power to even refuse. She hid herself because she didn’t want to talk to that person again because she didn’t like that president at that time. And he was supposed to be one of the bad ones. You do research on that, and then you will know. (Yes, Master.)

“Expert from Documentary ‘Secrets of The Royals: Inside The Crown’, Robert Hardman(m): She could see the Ceaușescus coming the other way and thinks, ‘I really can’t face talking to them.’ So, for the first and only time in her life, she actually hides in a bush, in the palace garden to avoid her own guests.

Lord Owen (m): The Queen puts up with many different people, but Ceaușescu was too much.”

The Queen could not refuse, she had to hide herself so she wouldn’t have to talk to him again, one more time. (Oh.) She could not just do everything she wanted. Even, for example, if there is some unrest somewhere like Kenya or something, they will report to her differently. They will say, “Oh, this kind of people, they are terrorists. They’re killing this and that people, they are killing that government. And then now we have to take an army to quell this terrorist approach, that makes unrest in the country of Kenya.” For example, like that. She cannot say, “Oh no, you cannot.” (Yes, understand.) Even though she’s the Queen but she doesn’t have the power everywhere in all departments of the government to make decisions. (Yes.) So, people should understand more about this complicated and difficult political body of the world, to be appreciative of a good king that you rarely have in the world. (Yes, Master.)

There’s one time, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter. (Yes.) I read it in the news that she said the Queen told her that sometimes she didn’t agree. If she could not agree with the prime minister or the government about doing something, and she could not argue out of it, then she just let it be, she just let them be. Let them do it. (Yes, Master.)

So, the prime minister and the government has also a lot of power to even refuse the Queen’s advice or decision. (Yes, Master.) So, the Queen was more or less a symbol of the monarchy, and most of the political decisions came from the government. Prime minister, parliament, etc. (Yes, Master.) And even appointing the prime minister of England like the latest one, Madam Liz Truss. They picked her first and then they presented her to the Queen. (Yes, Master.)

It wasn’t the Queen who picked her, so they presented her to the Queen and the Queen just agreed to it and let her be prime minister. I doubt she could just refuse Madam Liz Truss, and say, “No, I don’t want her.” (Yes, Master.) I don’t think the Queen could say, “Oh no, kick her out,” or “You get Boris Johnson back for me.” For example, like that.

So, people who blame the Queen and hate the Queen as a colonizer head and all that, they should not. They should not. She was a very good Queen. (Understand, Master.) She was loving. Because if she was not, all the people who worked around her would have not talked so well about her after she died. (Yes.) And during her reign, also, during her time of life on Earth as well, nobody has said anything bad about the Queen at all, including all the household. The household people are the ones who should know her the most. (Yes. Right. Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from Sky News – Sept. 8, 2022, Lord Janvrin: She was a wonderful boss. We used to put up a red box every evening and we knew that she would have been through them and it would be back on our desk the next morning at eight o'clock. It was extraordinary how she did this day after day throughout her reign.

Reporter (m): She changed the role of monarchy by introducing the idea of voluntary service into the official role of monarchy.

“Media Report from Sky News – Sept. 10, 2022, Lt. Col. Twumasi-Ankrah (m): Her Majesty is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met in my life. For somebody of her age, the things she was doing, the events she was attending – sometimes three events in a day. It was absolutely remarkable.

Lord Robin Janvrin (m): Well, it was fun being her private secretary, and one of my predecessors said, ‘You never come out of your morning session with the Queen feeling worse than when you went in.’ She had a sense of humor. She was very interested in people.

Simon (m): It was my privilege to see Her Majesty quite a lot. And in all those interactions, there was a courtesy and a humanity and a kindness that I’ll remember forever.”

“Media Report from Sky News – Sept. 8, 2022, Queen (f): In a way, I didn’t have an apprenticeship. My father died much too young. It was all a very sudden kind of taking on and making the best job you can.”

And all the politicians in England are still respectful to her.

“House of Lords – Sept. 9, 2022, Boris Johnson: I think millions of us are trying to understand why we are feeling this deep and personal, and almost familial sense of loss. Perhaps it’s partly that She’s always been there – a changeless human reference point in British life. The person who, all the surveys say, appears most often in our dreams. So unvarying in her polestar radiance, that we have perhaps been lulled into thinking she might be in some way eternal. But I think our shock is keener today, because we are coming to understand in her death the full magnitude of what she did for us all.

And think of what we asked that 25-year-old woman all those years ago. Not just to be the living embodiment, in her DNA, of the history and continuity, and unity of this country, but to be the figurehead of our entire system, the keystone in the vast arch of the British state. A role that only she could fulfil because in the brilliant and durable bargain of the constitutional monarchy, only she could be trusted to be above any party political or commercial interest, and to incarnate impartially the very concept and essence of the nation.

Think what we asked of her, and think what she gave. She showed the world not just how to reign over a people, she showed the world how to give, how to love and how to serve. And that impulse to do her duty carried her right through into her 10th decade, to the very moment in Balmoral, as my Right Honorable Friend has said, only three days ago, when she saw off her 14th prime minister and welcomed her 15th. And I can tell you, in that audience, she was as radiant and as knowledgeable, and as fascinated by politics as ever I can remember. And as wise in her advice as anyone I know, if not wiser.

And over that extraordinary span of public service, with her naturally retentive and inquiring mind, I think, and doubtless many of the 15 (prime ministers) would agree, that she became the greatest statesman and diplomat of all. And know I speak for other prime ministers when I say that she helped to comfort and guide us, as well as the nation. And it is that indomitable spirit with which she created the modern constitutional monarchy.

An institution so strong and so happy and so well understood – not just in this country, but in the Commonwealth and around the world – that the succession has already seamlessly taken place. And the fact that today we can say with such confidence, ‘God Save the King,’ is a tribute to him (King Charles III) but above all to Elizabeth the Great, who worked so hard for the good of her country, not just now, but for generations to come. That is why we mourn her so deeply, and it is in the depths of our grief that we understand why we loved her so much. Hear, hear!”

And when they come to her, they should do some curtsy. But she did not expect that. She shook their hand anyway. (Yes, Master.) But those people, they should do some curtsy – it’s a good tradition. Respectful to the elderly. Why not? (Yes. Yes, Master.) If any prime minister comes to the Queen and shows arrogance or disrespect or not curtsy, I would feel a little less respectful towards that prime minister, myself. (Yes, agree.) Because the Queen, is a human, like every one of us maybe, but her title, her representation, her position, the meaning of her position and her title should be respected. (Understand, Master. Yes.) Because this is represented by her. (Yes, Master.)

If I see the queen myself, I would do a curtsy. To show respect. That doesn’t hurt you. It just shows that you are educated and that you have humility in your heart. That’s all. (Yes. Right, Master.)

People can ruin you with their adoration or their worship, their admiration, their esteem. So if you become some kind of leader or famous, you have to watch out for your ego in case it becomes inflated, unintentionally. It would ruin your life. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t let any of you prostrate to me or worship me in any way. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) Well, this is your freedom, you do what you want, but not that I encourage or allow or let you do it on purpose, or in front of me. (Yes, Master.) But anyway, I talk a lot as usual. Just because you guys are good listeners, I’m not sure anybody else even listens.

Alright, love, any other questions? Are you happy with all my answers up to now? (Yes, Master. Yes, we’re happy, Master.)

You see, the monarchy should be respected, appreciated and sustained. Because you can see the Queen... She’s the Queen of England, and some countries, at the moment, only 14 countries of the Commonwealth, but people all over the world who don’t even know her, who never even cared about royalty, they all lined up in the street, many, many miles long. Some had to wait 24 hours to pay respect to her coffin. (Yes. Right, Master.) So, this is the right thing. You don’t have to go and pay respect and wait for 24 hours, but still, she was someone that people loved and respected.

She brought this kind of positive energy to the world. (Yes, Master.) Because she was kind and good. (Yes.) So, her son shouldn’t be too far from that quality. (Yes, Master.) They should support him.

Tell me. What else do you want to suggest or ask me or argue with me? (I have an article that defends the Queen. It says the Queen’s “presence was a key part of making decolonization possible.”) So, she’s the one who helped this to happen? (Yes. She helped make the colonies become independent.)

Yeah, you can see that. In some subtle ways, she did what she could. (Yes.) She could not do everything all in one go, of course. But, when the situation was favorable, she did what she could to help others to be independent. What use is it to her if she rules some more countries or less. (Yes, Master.) What’s the use? She had everything she needed. And she was a contented person. She was busy with her job, and busy loving all the animal-people she had. She had geese, she had horses, she had dogs. And others, in numbers. (Yes.) Yes, and she had the whole country to take care of and her household to instruct things. And she had many meetings with the parliament, with the prime minister, with the government people, with the church people, all kinds of things. And she had her family, children to take care of – her grandchildren and all that.

Why would a person like that even want to expand her rule or have more countries to rule? (Yes, Master.) A tree laden with fruits would be bending down, not standing upright. (Yes, Master.) And she was a tree laden with good fruits. And the proof is that England, the whole world tuned in to the program of the Queen, or were standing in the freezing night for 24 hours, or many, many hours on end, just to show respect to her coffin even. Not even a live person. (Yes, Master.) Such a person deserves respect and honor, not anything else. (Yes. Yes, Master. Indeed.)

“Courtesy of British Royal Fans – Jan. 6, 2022, Jane (f): Prince Philip called her the psychotherapist of the Commonwealth. She knows all the leaders, she hears their problems, and they see her as a kind of mother figure.

Narrator (f): Mother, wife, queen. The job requires Elizabeth to play them all. And much more besides. Yet despite being the most famous face on Earth, being monarch can be an isolating job.

Penny (f): You are guardian of a whole keep of secrets you can’t even share with your husband. You spend a lot of time with strangers. You are expected to know exactly why you’re somewhere, why the people you’re speaking to are there. I think it’s a very lonely job, a very lonely job.”

And if the Queen was really a colonizer at heart and all that, why could India become free, independent? (Yes, Master.) And Singapore or Malaysia – when they were together, Singapore and Malaysia. And many other countries. Many countries became independent. It was like 30-something, and now only like, 14. So, many have already become independent.

You can’t blame the Queen for anything, absolutely nada, nichts, niente, zero. (Yes, Master.) That’s my opinion. And people can protest against me, if they want, welcome. I just tell the truth, I’m truthful to my heart. And my heart always dictates to me what to do. (Yes, Master.) My heart is truthful.

Alright, my love. Then it’s good. Thank you for that article that supports what I have told you. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) Did you read the article? You did, right? (Yes, yes.) Good, good. I thought I heard it, but then I thought, “Did I hear it?”

Your Master is getting older. And has too much work and too much stress sometimes, running around. Sometimes finding a peaceful, safe place to work is not always easy. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.)

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