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Between Master and Disciples

The British Monarchy Should Be Respected and Appreciated, Part 8 of 8, Sep. 19, 2022

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Because I’m very kind to them, they often volunteer to go in the restaurant, take out the food for me. If it’s cold, they told me, “Sit in the taxi, wait in there, don’t go out. I go for you. I bring the food out.” If I’m in the restaurant, I always give them one portion. You see, like I order two, one for myself, and also so that the taxi driver would have one. (Right.) And I don’t know all of them. I don’t know just any taxi driver.

So next time, there was one older man – the one I said was 40-something – he helped me clean up the room when I was still there. So, we came down together on the escalator. And then, I saw the younger boy who helped me with the internet and also helped clean my room some days when I was not there.

So then, I asked him, “Hey, Willy, how are you?” Then he said, “I’m good, I’m good.” And I said, “Oh, this is…” I forgot this older man’s name. “He just helped me to clean the room. He did a good job. I’m really surprised and impressed.” And then that older man was kind of taken aback and a little bit serious. He said, “Oh, I’m good for you, yeah?” I said, “Of course, you are. I’m very appreciative and thank you.” And he said, “Would you give me your hand as well?”

At that time. I didn’t answer because I thought he was just joking. He was married anyway. My God. Because he told me. Sometimes I talked to him while he was cleaning, asked him if “Family is OK? Wife is alright?” and all that. So, I know he’s married. And then, he asked me if I could give him my hand as well.

And then the other younger boy just raised his eyebrows a little bit. And I said, “What was that? What was that?” I didn’t hear very clearly and then the boy told me. And I said, “Hey! No. Don’t say that to his wife. She will kill both of us. You know that. Right, Willy?” Then we got out of that tight spot and then the man was kind of a little bit edgy with me. He said, “You even know his name?” He was kind of edgy, you know. So, I said, “Oh, that’s why you asked me for the hand. Yeah?” And then I just left because I had to go out. The taxi was waiting. (Yes, Master.)

At my age, even. Fancy imagining I had something to do with that boy! (Oh, wow.) Not a wee bit. I was thinking he was a little brother and so skinny. He worked very hard. In the hotel, it’s very hard work. Sometimes he had to take a big bundle of towels and sheets and all that. Very, very heavy. Even he could not lift it up, he had to drag it on the floor. I saw them. Not just him but other boys also. (Yes.) Sometimes, the hotel was very busy, they had to rush, rush, rush and do a lot of things; many things. You know, a hotel, people don’t treat it like a house. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they leave garbage, bottles and stuff and broken things everywhere. I just felt so sorry for them only. I had not even one little nanosecond thinking of anything else. (Right, Master.)

And that guy, he just met me for the second day, and he began to be possessive of me. (Wow.) “You even know his name?” My God. Shouldn’t I know anybody’s name? (Right.) I didn’t just know his name, I knew the other boys’ names. The boy’s name is Jack. And the cashier’s name is Angela. For example, like that. And the other boy’s name is Marco – the manager. (Right.) And the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant downstairs, I knew their names. I tried to remember because I think it’s more friendly to call people by name. They will like that better, no? Don’t you think? (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And to the taxi driver, if they are elder, I call them “Sir.” Because I don’t know their names very well. Not always. Some I know by name. If I keep calling that driver often, then I know the name. Otherwise, I just said, “Sir, can you please take me to this and that area?” And then when there, I said, “Could you please wait for me? Keep the meter on. I pay you some now so that you know that I will come back out.” I leave more than the price on the meter so he knows that I will come back out. And I said, “Please, sir, could you wait for me. I won’t be long.” So, I don’t have to have trouble calling another taxi and waiting in the cold or in the heat for a long time. (Yes, Master.)

And then because I’m very kind to them, they often volunteer to go in the restaurant, take out the food for me. If it’s cold, they told me, “Sit in the taxi, wait in there, don’t go out. I go for you. I bring the food out.” If I’m in the restaurant, I always give them one portion. You see, like I order two, one for myself, and also so that the taxi driver would have one. (Right.) And I don’t know all of them. I don’t know just any taxi driver.

Because they have many. They don’t always have the same one for you. Unless I want to have that one for some reason, and then I will ask for his number and then I keep calling him because he knows more about the city than other taxi drivers, according to my experience. Or they would go with me into the shop and help me to carry things out to the taxi. It’s not their job, they didn’t have to do that. (Yes, Master.) Even going with me to the shop. Any of them will do that because I respected them and they felt good about that. So, they wanted to help, voluntarily.

I would never ask. I never thought this was their job. But they all went to the shop with me and helped me to pick up this and that and then put it in the bag, and carried it to the counter and brought it out to the taxi for me. And opened the taxi door for me and all that. Before I got out, I took off the safety belt. When I go in a taxi, I always put the safety belt on. And he said, “Oh, you don’t have to do that. You sit behind.” I said, “No. I do that because it’s recommended by law and also it gives you peace of mind. And I also sit pretty, in case I sleep and fall on the floor and dent your taxi floor.” I make joke with them and all that. Nice people. Very nice people I met outside. And that’s how I think I should treat people. So, not calling servant, or “hey, taxi” or whatever. (Yes, Master.)

Some days I saw a good taxi driver with a Mercedes, sitting in front of the shop where I called, waiting. I came out and I talked to myself. “Where’s the taxi?” And he said to me, “Your name is so and so?” Because when you call a taxi, you have to say your name. (Yes.) And sometimes they ask for a telephone number, in case. So, I said, “Yes. How do you know?” And he said, “I am your taxi driver.” It’s not a taxi. It’s like some kind of Uber, or something. They don’t have the taxi sign. (Ah. Yes.) Some cars don’t have that.

So, he said, “I’m a taxi driver.” Very normally, humbly. I said, “Huh? Really?” He said, “Yes. Yes, ma’am. Please come in. It’s cold.” And he went out and opened the door for me. And then because the car was very posh. I didn’t think it was a taxi. It’s not just a normal Mercedes taxi with a title on it. No. It’s a really good private car. (Yes, Master.)

And then, before I get out of the car I always took off the seatbelt and tried to open the door to get out, and the taxi driver also always told me, “No, no, you wait. I will open the door for you.” Wow. Not even my so-called driver before does that. I’m so used to opening my own door, my own car. Everything. And so then, even though I already had my hand on the car door handle, and it’s already kind of clicked open already, I took my hand back and sat obediently so that he could open the door. He would like that. (Yes, Master.) So, I let him open the door for me and I stepped out quietly and slowly like a princess.

That was sometimes fun, because if he liked to open the door, I let him. (Yes, Master.) If he doesn’t, then I open myself, normally. Just if he liked that, because if I let him open the car door for me, he would feel very happy. (Yes, Master.) Because he really wants to. (Yes. That’s right.) So, I immediately withdrew my hand. And put it on my lap, like a little kid. Like quietly, “OK, papa.” And then he opened the door very politely, and I walked out like a very nice princess.

Just fun. When he opened the door and he could hear me, I said, “Aye aye, sir. Thank you.” Meaning, he told me not to open the door, so I said, “Aye aye, sir.” And then, when I walked out, I said, “Thank you.” Then he would also park the taxi there and then he went to the shop with me. Sometimes he could not park there, so he said, “I will go around and find a parking place.” I said, “Yes, sir. OK. But don’t forget me here.”

And then he still came back. He parked somewhere far but he came back to the shop to help me to bring the things out of the shop. (Oh.) And then he said, “You wait here. I will run to the car. I will come back, so you don’t have to walk with me to the car.” (Wow.) Very considerate people. Good manners. (Yes, Master.) Even normal people, I would hire such a driver to be my driver, because they are so nice. It’s just that I live alone. I’m used to it. It’s good. It’s better that way.

That part is just to illustrate some more of your question about being a servant or not. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Hope you enjoyed the story. (Yes, we enjoyed very much. Yes, Master. Thank You for sharing.) It’s not spiritual or anything, but it’s just the way that I think I should behave towards other humans. (Yes.) My fellow humans. A part of me is also a human in the human body. (Yes, Master.)

So, all the best in your new place. I know you’re doing your best everywhere under any circumstances. And I thank God that Hes has given me a little luck like that, to have some good supporters, helpers, comrades, team workers, like you guys. I don’t mean just you, these several people. But, I mean, all of you who work with Supreme Master Television in different ways and different places, in different situations. I wish all of you a safe place to work, and that you have everything you need in your life. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) God bless. (God bless Master. God protect Master. Take care, Master. Thank You, Master.) Thank you. (Thank You. Thank You for all you do, Master.)

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