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Selections from Theosophy’s Sacred Teachings in “The Key to Theosophy,” Part 1 of 2: The Abstract and the Concrete

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Madame Blavatsky (vegetarian) wrote several important books on Theosophy, including “Isis Unveiled,” “The Secret Doctrine,” “The Key to Theosophy,” and “The Voice of the Silence.” Today, on Words of Wisdom, we invite you to join us for excerpts from “The Key to Theosophy.”

“Theosophy, in its abstract meaning, is Divine Wisdom, or the aggregate of the knowledge and wisdom that underlie the Universe— the homogeneity of eternal GOOD; and in its concrete sense, it is the sum total of the same as allotted to man by nature, on this Earth, and no more.”

“Theosophy is Divine nature, visible and invisible, and its Society, human nature, is trying to ascend to its Divine parent. Theosophy, finally, is the fixed, eternal Sun and its Society, the evanescent comet trying to settle in an orbit to become a planet, ever revolving within the attraction of the Sun of Truth. It was formed to assist in showing to [people] that such a thing as Theosophy exists and to help them to ascend towards it by studying and assimilating its eternal verities.”

“Enquirer: But is such truth unreachable outside of the Society? Does not every Church claim the same? Theosophist: Not at all. The undeniable existence of great initiates— true ‘Sons of God’— shows that such Wisdom was often reached by isolated individuals, never, however, without the guidance of a Master at first.”

“Enquirer: We have heard of a Golden Age that was, and what you describe would be a Golden Age to be realized at some future day. When shall it be? Theosophist: Not before humanity, as a whole, feels the need of it. A maxim in the Persian ‘Javidan Khirad’ says: ‘Truth is of two kinds— one manifest and self-evident; the other demanding incessantly new demonstrations and proofs.’ It is only when this latter kind of truth becomes as universally obvious as it is now dim and therefore liable to be distorted by sophistry and casuistry; it is only when the two kinds will have become once more one that all people will be brought to see alike.”
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