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Selections from Manichaean Writings: Parables, Part 1 of 2

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Prophet Mani (vegan), also known as the Messenger of Light, was a Persian mystic saint who sought to liberate humanity through a deeper understanding and connection with God. During a lecture in 2007, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) confirmed Prophet Mani’s place in history as a true Messenger of Light. “He was a great Master.” “A good Master, a real Master. Yes, like Fifth Level.” “I'm sure He was very, greatly enlightened. You can tell by the way He taught.” “Yes, then it’s good – and loving animal-people and all that, and it’s correct.”

Parables about the Auditors A Manichaean Text in Parthian. “... And like the highway robber who killed those sons, so you all who stretch out your hands against the Earth ... and harm it in every manner ... And with your whole body you trample and injure the Earth ... And you martyr and ill-treat this Living Soul from which you were born, and it cries out and laments constantly because of your hands that mistreat it. You auditors who stand there laden with so much sin and guilt, you need absolution and grace once and for all for your many sins. Therefore ask the elect day after day for conventions and absolution so that they ... may bring grace upon you. […]”

Parable of the “Gem-borer” A Manichaean text in Sogdian. “The wise give this allegorical explanation: That man who understood all arts and crafts represents the body. The gem-borer is the body. The hundred pieces of gold represent a life of a hundred years. The owner of the gems is the soul, and the boring of the gems represents piety. That one is a righteous (elect), who saves many people from Hell and sets them on the way to Paradise. And now I command you, Hearers, that so long there is strength in your bodies, you should strive for the salvation of your souls. Keep my instructions and my words in mind, the Straight Path and the True Mold which I have shown to you, namely, the Sacred Religion. Strive through that Mold so that you will join me in eternal life.”
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