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Representatives of the Positive Power are Beneficial to Humankind, Part 6 of 6, May 9, 2022

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That’s why I told you, we should be grateful all the time that we have food and shelter. And we have peace, for now. (Yes, Master.) You never know, this crazy world, anything could happen anytime unexpectedly. And now, COVID is rising, affecting a lot of countries, not just the countries involved.

To be famous and rich is always a risk. (Right. Yes.) People are jealous of you. Like Lula. He’s probably jealous of Zelenskyy’s fame. (Oh.) Of course, everybody praises Zelenskyy this, Zelenskyy that, and the whole world came to Kyiv to see him. (Yes.) Even the First Lady Jill Biden also came (Yes, that’s right.) to see the First Lady of Ukraine. Oh, well. Finally, had to come, no? (Yes.) If they don’t come, then what? Cannot face the world, no? (Yes. Everyone came already.) My God. Finally, has to do something. (Yes, Master.) If not the husband, then the wife at least. Wow. Thank you, then.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. The US has launched a website for Americans to file applications to financially sponsor Ukrainians, who seek to temporarily flee to the US.) Good. (And Ukrainians would be allowed to remain in the US for two years.) Well, after two years, if they have a good job and a guarantee, they could stay also. (Yes.) It’s supposed to be temporary. I hope so, because there’s no place like home. (That’s right.)

The Ukrainian people have a very nationalistic mentality. They’re very much a nationalistic country, they love their country so much that they even value it more than their life. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) They dare to die. They don’t care, even in Mariupol, their last stand was in the steel plant and they would not surrender. They said, “We’ll fight till the end.” (Yes. That’s right.) They’re all surrounded already and there’s no food, no medical equipment down there. Many soldiers suffer and die in agony, or live in agony. They still don’t give up. (Yes.)

So, I don’t think they ever wanted to migrate anywhere. Maybe some, like people go and live everywhere nowadays because of some reason. But not as a whole country, the mentality to be emigrating anywhere. Now, millions-plus already. (Wow.) I wonder if there will be any more left soon. They are only 41 million, right? Around 15% have left. Oh, God terrible.

That’s very good from America, but I heard that the Ukrainian refugees have had a hard time to enter the US. I guess they don’t want them to enter from Mexico, but where else would they go? They thought that’s the quickest, nearest possible way to the US.

What else? (Yes, Master. Animal-person companions rescued from Kharkiv in the northeast and Mykolaiv in the south, have found shelter in a home for rescued animal-people in the western city of Lviv.)

Good, good for them. Wonderful. Poor animal-people. They are just innocent bystanders. They’ve done nothing. They have nothing to do with the war. But they still need to suffer like that. Terrible, terrible. Humans still can run. But animal-people how? (Yes, Master.)

It’s good that I saw some caretakers who don’t leave their animal-people. I saw some woman, she’s not strong or anything, just normal. And they were running on the road and she picked up her a German Shepherd and ran together. (Oh! Wow.) I wouldn’t be able to pick up any of my dogs and run. They probably weigh more than me now. Even they’re smaller but I cannot pick them up and run. (Yes.) But she did that. I saw it on some of the rare clips. Other dogs are smaller, and, of course, stuck together with the caretaker, with their owner, they call it, and go, and run. But this dog is very big; and she’s a woman and she picked him up and tried to run. I don’t know how long she can. I guess to run out of this shelling range. Because Russia was shelling. (Yes.) The Russian army was shelling that area, and so they kept running, running. And such a big dog and she picked up and ran with him or her.

It just tears me up all the time watching all these news and clips. And I thought no wonder my eyes hurt. It’s not the light or anything, but I don’t have enough light, of course. It’s not the light. I cried too much. My eyes are dry and I forget often to put drops in it, because I just keep concentrating on the work. (Yes.) And by the time I’m done with the work, I’m already exhausted, so I just drop and forget about the eyes or anything. Or just too tired to even to take care of my eyes. Truly, sometimes, just too tired to even think of anything else. I just try to meditate to make it up, for whatever I lost due to work. Karma.

Anything else? (Yes, Master, a second cargo ship full of Ukrainian cereals has left Romania's Constanta port.) Wow. (And a third is likely to depart in mid-May.) Wow. How can they go? It’s not controlled by Russia? (Somehow, they use the route via Romania.) Ah OK, OK. Thank God. Thank God they found a way. Russia controls many important ports already.

Ah, thank God for that. Thank You, Heaven. Please take care of our world. Without food, they cannot survive. That’s why I told you, we should be grateful all the time that we have food and shelter. And we have peace, for now. (Yes, Master.) You never know, this crazy world, anything could happen anytime unexpectedly. And now, COVID is rising, affecting a lot of countries, not just the countries involved.

Like, China and the Zero COVID policy is impacting a lot of businesses. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) It’s unavoidable. Unavoidable. It's not like the Chinese government enjoys doing it. They just also want to protect their people. But then the people who are quarantined, who are locked down in the whole city, they suffer, you see? Some don't have food delivered to them, because of the strict quarantine rules. Oh God, there’s no end to suffering in this world. My God. When will it ever end?

And then avalanches, landslides, and sinkholes – suddenly the whole street collapsed. And one woman almost fell down also. But she escaped, in the nick of seconds. (Wow.) The roads were already cracked and falling, but she was in the middle of the road, then she jumped to the other side, and escaped. (Wow.) I saw the videos.

And, by the way, whatever I gave to you guys is mostly headlines. Sometimes I have time to do the whole video but my hands hurt if I keep holding the camera too long. Because there are a lot of news and a lot of videos. I do the best I can. (Yes, Master.) So, you guys tell each other to search for the rest. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes I just take half of the video or part of it or some photo of it, then you guys must find it on the internet. (Yes, Master.) Because for me alone, to take care of everything and take so many videos, for one person, it is too painful for me and time constraining. (Yes, Master.)

Next one? Any? (Master, Ukraine and Russia have announced that all elderly people, women and children have been evacuated from the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. An operation began a week ago.) Good news. (It was coordinated by the UN and the Red Cross.) Yeah. (And Ukraine has said more than 300 civilians have been rescued from the plant over a period of three days.) That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands died in Mariupol. 10,000 plus. I don’t know how many more now. That was a long time ago. (Yes, Master.)

Because, the Russian army just bombs anywhere. All civilians, easy to kill. Easy to kill because they’re everywhere. (Yes.) And they know where they are. But the Ukraine military, they might not know where they’re stationed. And they cannot go near because Ukraine will probably counterattack. But the civilian people, it’s so easy to attack them, to kill them. (Yes, true.) Because in a metropolitan area, people live everywhere. Or high-rise buildings, there are thousands who live in one, or many hundreds live in one building. So, it’s easy to find them. You can bomb them from afar. (Yes, Master.) Oh, this is really cowardly. So ugly, evil.

If communism taught them this kind of soullessness, then, I am all for the free world. The free world might have some defects, some faults, some blemishes, but it’s still a free world. (Yes, that’s right.) They still believe in God and Buddha and the Holy Teaching. Just some people may be corrupted. Some in the government or anywhere. But at least the principle is freedom for everyone, freedom of religion. And I love this. I love all this. I love the free world concept.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. A popular band, U2’s frontman, Bono, made a surprise performance at a Kyiv metro station and sang alongside a local serviceman calling on the world to support Ukraine.) Very good. (They sang popular songs, including the song “Stand by Me” and changed the lyrics to “Stand by Ukraine.”)

Wonderful, wonderful. Bravo. Applause, applause. We don’t hear it, but we applaud. Because people applaud the singers anywhere anyway, so, we do the same.

Anything else? (That’s everything, Master.) That’s everything. Then it’s good. How long have we been going? (One hour and twelve minutes.) Oh, OK. That is good for now. Good enough for you to scramble to have Fly-in News. (Yes, Master.) Then we talk next time again. (Yes, Master.)

(Oh, Master, about the planet that You asked us to reminded You to talk about?) Oh, I don’t feel that I’m up to it now. (OK, Master.) Because we talked a lot already about many other things, and it seems out of line now. Maybe next time. (OK, Master. Yes, Master.) You chose it; you have chosen to talk first about questions. I think we’re done now. Maybe next time. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) The planet is still there, won’t run away, and I took some notes in my diary. Maybe someday we’ll have a chance to talk about it. Something as a break from too much suffering and sorrow in this world. (Yes, Master.) I’m not up to it now. (Yes, Master.) I’m tired and don’t feel well lately. (I’m sorry, Master.) Before I still had a lot of energy and talked a lot. Many days, I didn’t talk to you because I also don’t feel that well to talk long. (Understand.) And now I feel already… battery’s low. So, sorry about the planet story. Next time. God bless. Love you. (Thank You, Master. We love You, Master. Hope You can recharge.)

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