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Be diligent and continue to practice well, as the Quan Yin Method is the greatest gift and protection anyone can have!

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Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master Television team, I would like to share my family’s story related to the COVID pandemic. Recently, in an excerpt on “Between Master and Disciples,” Master asked the COVID chief regarding who would not be infected by COVID, and he answered, “Only Master’s disciples.” When asked whether the vaccine is beneficial or not, he answered no.

Master also said that if disciples practice diligently and meditate enough, they will be fine; otherwise, they will also get infected by COVID.

I would like to prove that Master’s words are absolutely true. My husband and I both are Your disciples, but lately, he didn’t practice diligently, didn’t meditate enough, and even though he was vaccinated three times according to the governmental policy, he still got COVID. My daughter and I both are in contact with him, but my daughter and I are completely healthy. After nine days of treatment, my husband is now recovering.

I would like to thank You so much for protecting and taking care of my family. And I want everyone to know that You always tell the truth. Thanh Khuê from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Fortunate Thanh Khuê, Indeed, our Beloved Master is the embodiment of truth and honesty! The Divine knowledge She shares gives us a clear view of life, which is beneficial for the whole world, regardless of who believes Her. We are grateful for your heartline as it helps viewers who are not close to Master and outside of the circle of disciples to see the truth and miracles we witness daily, so they can recognize Master is here to benefit all beings and always tells the truth. May the Light of the Masters always shine brightly on you and inspiring Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this kind reply for you: “Faithful Thanh Khuê, your heartline shows us how important it is for us all to stay close to the Divine at this turbulent time on our Earth. Truly, Heaven is our only real protection. The Earth has reached a point where the negative power is too strong, and only those who are virtuous, vegan, and spiritually devoted will be safeguarded. It is my wish to protect the whole world, but if people choose to put themselves in harm’s way by eating meat and ignoring the Divinity within themselves, there is nothing I can do for them. Be diligent and continue to practice well, as the Quan Yin Method is the greatest gift and protection anyone can have! May you and memorable Âu Lạc (Vietnam) be forever in the enlightened embrace of all the Buddhas.” 

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