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  • 正體中文
  • 简体中文
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  • Magyar
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • Монгол хэл
  • Âu Lạc
  • български
  • bahasa Melayu
  • فارسی
  • Português
  • Română
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • ไทย
  • العربية
  • čeština
  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
  • русский
  • తెలుగు లిపి
  • हिन्दी
  • polski
  • italiano
  • Wikang Tagalog
  • Українська Мова
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The World Left Ukraine to Fight Alone, Mar. 2, 2022

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Host: On Wednesday, March 2, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai called Supreme Master Television team members to enquire about their wellbeing. She also expressed Her concern and sadness over the crises in Ukraine and answered questions by the team on the topic.

(Recently, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy officially signed an application for EU membership, and in a speech via video link to the EU parliament he said, “Prove you are with us. Prove that you will not let us go.” Master, why has the EU not yet immediately accepted Ukraine into the European Union?)

You asked the wrong guy. If it were me, I’d immediately say “OK”, (Oh. Yes.) because this is an urgent situation. They need support, mentally, at least. (That’s right, Master. Right, Master.) Just like they’ll have someone. (Yes.) That’s what neighbors are for. […]

They worry that if they go too far or too hard, then Russia will not give them oil and gas cheap. The whole of Europe depends on Russia for gas. (Oh, right.) And America, also. Crazy. Imagine that? I’m not sure if anything else is more important, because this is just burning in their own home. (Yes.) […]

I can’t remember if Europeans have it or not, but America can also supply Europe if they go ahead with their project. (Right.) But Biden just immediately deleted that project the first day he was in office already. You know that. (Yes.) Immediately, more than 10,000 people lost their jobs just at the stroke of his pen. Just like that, without even saying, “OK, we give you a period of time to find some other job or something.” (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) I don’t know. This guy.

All this ego, […] ego is making a mess of the world. […] They don’t care about anybody who dies and who lives in front of them. Because they are well, they’re too good. (Yes, that’s true.) Their life is too good, too comfortable. […]

I think that is one main reason. (Yes, Master.) People in the physical world, they worry more about physical things than anything else. (Yes, that’s true.) Your tooth hurting is more important than somebody dying outside your door, or pain in the operating room. (Yes, Master.) People in this world – most are selfish, very unconcerned, uncaring. Love is very, very thin. Loving quality is very thin. (Yes, Master.) They just think too narrowly. Too short term. (Yes.) It’s so simple just to have it from Russia instead of making your own. (Right, Master.)

But life is not always about convenience. And if you always care about convenience, one day you might be in for a shock, like your life is not convenient anymore. (Yes, it’s true.) (Yes, Master.) Like every day eating meat, and now we have a pandemic. We always have this and that and pandemic or all kinds of infections going on. And then outbreak of war also. It’s not just that. (Yes.) So, it’s inconvenient to change the law or make meat obsolete and make vegan a norm (Yes, Master.) for everyone to survive.

This is a question of survival. It’s not just about fashion. It’s serious. (Yes.) It’s not a game, but they just couldn’t capish. They could not change because of habit, because of convenience. (Yes, Master.) Why offend the powerful meat industry, (Yes.) and why do you have to change the taste in your mouth? Life is OK for them. (Yes, Master.) Everybody is just laissez-faire. (Yes.) They don’t want to do anything new, even though it’s a life and death matter. So, the same with the Europeans.

They all stood up. I saw on TV, they reported that President Zelenskyy’s passionate speech (Yes.) made them feel kind of impressed, and they all stood up for a standing ovation. (Yes, that’s right.) And the translator was choked up with emotion, (Wow.) because maybe he spoke so well and so true from his heart. (That’s right, Master.) And he made a picture with his speech. So, people can imagine what kind of suffering his people have to go through. (Yes.)

Even I want to cry thinking about that. I didn’t read his speech, though. I just think … you don’t have to. You can see it on the news. People suffer so much, so many children, and families separated. Husbands stay behind to protect the country; send wives and kids away, and they didn’t want to go, but they have to. And some just go and die just to sacrifice for their people. (Yes, Master.) And it didn’t have to be this way. (No, it didn’t.) It did not have to be. (No.) We suffer enough already. (That’s right, Master.)

My God. And make more trouble, more bloodshed, more sorrow. Why? Just to feed the ego. And then the hellfire will feed you in hell. That they don’t know. (Yes.) It’s not just about in this lifetime you suffer. After you die, you will suffer more and more and more, and nobody’s there to help you. That is the thing. At that time nobody’s there for you. Your army’s not there. Your advisor’s not there, your flatterers are not there, your wife, your kid. Nobody. Your priest, your church people, nobody’s there for you. Just you suffer endlessly. My God. This is terrible, terrible. I wish they would know all this and stop all the madness. (Yes, Master.) Not just for the people in this world, but for themselves, for God’s sake.

Please, please, God, make them know. But the thing is, our world is so much in debt, blood debt. So, things are happening like this, out of anybody’s control. Just some of the zealous demons. I didn’t realize Putin is also one of them. I did not realize, (Oh, wow.) because of all the things he’s done, and he looked good, (Yes, Master.) like, loves animals and all that. (Yes.)

There’s also another thing. I hate to say it, but maybe they’re a little bit weak. So long they have not been in the war. (Right.) And now they became “kick back and relax” and don’t want to go into the battlefield or be involved in it. (Yes, Master.) Like sending people to die and all that. They don’t want the citizens to suffer anymore. So many wars in Europe. (Yes, Master.) And just about maybe 20 years ago, there was a war also in Europe that almost broke out in a bigger scenario. (Yes, Master.) Remember from Yugoslavia? Milošević. (I think he was the Serbian leader.) And then Serbia and Bosnia, almost had a world war. […]

That’s just some lame excuse. They say that, “Oh, this is the process.” Like if you join the EU, there’s a long, long process and takes sometimes years. Oh, God. (Yes.) That’s normal, yes, when you have time. (That’s right.) The protocol. Right now, people are dead in front of your door already. (Yes, Master.) (Yes. The situation is different. It’s urgent.) And if they are not sticking together or helping each other like a neighbor should, then maybe the war will come into their house. (Right.)

Ukraine is next to Europe. (That’s true. Yes, it is. So close.) That’s why Putin took Crimea, so that he has some connection already with Europe. And then now he’s all over in Ukraine. If he takes over Ukraine all the neighbors will be one by one eaten up. (Oh, God.) And I’m not sure if at that time the Europeans or NATO could even be strong enough to turn the table or not (Yes, Master.) without a lot of bloodshed or damage or destruction, again, like world war. (Oh, goodness.)

And there will be a lot, a lot of immigrants and all that. And during this, the pandemic will not leave you in peace yet. And then if immigration is like that, how will they take care? (Right, Master.) How will they take care, with a big gathering everywhere like that? (Right. That’s true.) And the disease will spread all over, uncontrollable. (Right. Oh, goodness.) You imagine that, how will they have enough masks to cover all of them, or medicine, or distance. (Not possible.) No! (That’s true, Master.) Any gathering is a risk, a big risk. (Yes, that’s right.) And then no matter if they left their home, they would die with Omicron or whatever, (Yes.) because of lack of medicine and facilities and hospitals. (Yes, Master.) And doctors and infrastructure to deal immediately with so big an influx of people. (Yes, Master.) Mostly children and elderly, and women, who are more vulnerable to this kind of situation. And it’s still winter in Europe. It’s cold. (Yes, Master.) How can they bear all this? How can they even take care quickly enough? (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) […]

They were talking in Belarus, but I think Russia just wants to distract the Ukrainians and the world just to talk, talk, talk. But his demands and all his conditions are impossible for people to agree to. (Yes, Master.)

And so, the European Union, they are too comfortable, I guess, even in a pandemic and all that, but they don’t want to offend Russia, even though there is a big improvement already. I have to appreciate that. Like even Sweden, normally they’re neutral. They don’t want to get involved in any fighting at all. (Yes, Master.) And Germany even, said they would never send any weapons to any warzone. (Yes, Master.) That’s their policy, and they broke that to send something for Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And even Switzerland did something to help. (Oh, wow.) And America is also supposed to send something, but I don’t know how they will get in there, how they will even bring it in, by land. Because airspace is already closed, (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) […] so they cannot use airspace to bring anything into Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And on the roads are Russians everywhere. […]

If Putin said that the Ukrainians are harassing his people or ethnic cleansing, then why are these two regions, separated regions, still there for him to come in to protect – (Yes. That’s right.) for his army to come in to protect. (Yes, Master.) Because if the government wanted to get rid of them, they would have done it more cleanly. I mean, the government of Ukraine. I guess the government did not really want to kill their own people, (Right.) even if they are from Russian origin. (Yes.) But they were in the country already. They are citizens of Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

President Zelenskyy, before he was elected, he promised to bring peace, within the country, meaning with the rebels, with the separatists. But it did not happen yet. That means they were just taking time. (Yes, Master.) They wanted to negotiate. They did not really want to oppress these two regions. (Right, Master. That’s true.) Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been that difficult, only two small regions. Yes? (Yes. Right.) It wouldn’t have been difficult for the government to suppress them, or get rid of them somehow. (Yes, Master.) Because if they could fight the mighty Russia right now, then they could have done with these two small little regions, (Right. That’s true.) separated within their country. (Correct.) Is that logical to you? (Yes, very logical, Master.)

People are not stupid. They know. They can see it. There was no excuse to come in to make matters worse between their own brothers and sisters. If really he wants to protect these people, he should have opened a dialog, and called both of them to come talk or something. Offer some advice, offer some assistance so that they both can be at ease, or at peace with each other. No! Just want to come in and kill children; women; they don’t care. Putin did not care about anybody, because he’s one of the zealous demons. You can tell. Now you can tell. (Yes, now we can see. Yes, Master.) Before I also didn’t. I don’t go around checking everybody. […]

And now, because of the pandemic, it’s like Armageddon now. So, the zealous demons, they are also behind whoever are their people, their team. (Yes, Master.) They run up and down, in and out, west, east, north, south, to support different big figures, like P Francis, like Biden, (Yes, Master.) Pelosi or Putin. Oh, God. Not all of the Russian government or people are zealous demons, not all of the people who work with Putin or are supporting Putin are zealous demons. They are just too long being trained well to obey him. (Right, Master.) Because if you’re not, then you go to jail already, or poisoned, or assassinated. (Yes.) […]

But still, sooner or later each alliance group has to take care of themselves, because the world is unpredictable. (Oh, right. That’s right, Master.) People are unpredictable. Sometimes some people die, and if the body is still there and healthy, some of the demons will take charge of that body, so that body wakes up again like a living person (Oh, wow.) and then continues working. (Oh, God. Oh, gosh.) And it’s worse still because they have the body, like Putin, for example. (Wow.) Or Biden. They have human bodies. They can work more effectively. Like P Francis also. They are in a mighty position. They can do anything. (Oh, right. Yes.) Nobody can stop them. […]

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, said the West is going to wage an “economic and financial war on Russia,” and we’re going to “cause the collapse of the Russian economy.” And in response, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president and prime minister, who is now the deputy chairman of its Security Council, he threatens France with real war. Will this actually happen, Master?)

Possibly. (Wow!) Putin and his gang, they would do anything, even if they might lose, they would try. (Oh, God.) They fear nothing. (Yes.) Now that they started already, they can just keep moving. They wanted to.

Actually, there was a secret accidental leaking on the Internet. His supporter, President Lukashenko, (Yes, Master.) he was pointing at the map of Ukraine, like an invasion, but also there was a red arrow or something pointing at Moldova. (Yes, Master.) (Oh.) And he’s like that will be the next step. (Oh, wow.) (Why Moldova, Master?) Because it’s next to Ukraine. It’s smaller. Not much of a defense system there. And if they take over Ukraine, then the next easy one is Moldova. (Yes, that’s right.)

And after that, he will keep going one at a time. The ambition is so huge, so wild, so wicked and brutal. They don’t care who dies and who doesn’t. They just want to make a big name even if it’s negative. (Yes, Master.) These people, they are just so attention-craving. (Yes, Master.) And then after the vaccination and then the isolation, nobody is adoring him anymore. So, he had to seek attention somehow, even in a brutal way, because like this he didn’t have to go out and talk to people and being infected by the public anymore. He can send his people, go out and do it for him. (Oh, yes.) The soldiers. (Yes, Master.)

But I’m glad there are many Russians that just surrender. They didn’t want to fight. (Yes.) One of the whole units surrendered. (Wow.) (Good for them.) Very good for them. So I told you, not everybody who’s supposed to look like supporting Putin are demons. (Yes, Master.) But still they need to listen to him. He’s the Commander in Chief. (Yes, right. Right, Master.) If he knows in advance or during battle, if somebody’s there, they will kill them, the soldiers, if they don’t fight. (That’s right.) So, some of the soldiers use an excuse, they puncture their gas tank, so the vehicle cannot move because they don’t want to fight. (Right, Master.)

And somewhere I saw one letter of the Russian soldier who wrote to his mother before he died. He said, Mama, this is too sad. Meaning, he didn’t like it all this war. You see? (Yes, Master.) I mean, to win the war, the soldiers have to have high morale, correct? (Yes, Master.) And really know a good cause to fight for. (Yes. Yes, that’s right, Master.) […]

And right now, 16,000 people from different countries are going into Ukraine voluntarily – no payment, (Wow.) to fight. (Yes.)

Because this is really despicable. (Yes.) It is really bullying and is really brutal. It’s really demonic. Understand me? (Yes, Master. It is.) It’s not like two countries fighting together. (No.) No! It is one country that comes in wanting to invade (Yes, one side.) the weaker country. (Yes, Master.) And then many all-around neighbors, all the world, the big governments, big shots, didn’t do anything in the beginning. Now they’re slowly doing something (Yes, Master.) because they probably finally realize it, that it’s truly, this is a case of demonic possession. Possession – demonic war is not real. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a real war. Not a fair fight. (Yes.) This is truly brutal. Come in and just kill the women, children or anybody like that. Of course, if you keep bombing buildings then people will die. (Yes, Master.)

Not just bombing the military area, but anywhere, any area. People’s houses, people’s buildings, (Yes.) like that. And kindergarten children, and even hospitals. […]

This cause really will burn people inside and push them to want to help. (Yes, Master.) Even I feel that way. Of course, I won’t do it. I know that. Yes. (Yes, Master.) But still, it pushes you to feel that way, (Yes, Master.) that you want to go out and protect the weak, the innocent. I mean they are just innocent. They didn’t do anything to Russia. (Right, Master.) Many countries break up with the communist system, not just Ukraine. They cannot claim Ukraine as their own country. It is ridiculous. (Yes, Master.) […]

But as I told you, any aggressive dictator or greedy warmongering invader – if they want to invade your country, they’ll say anything. (Right, Master.) […]

And now Putin began the similar thing. Wants to colonize other people’s countries. Killing other people, children, innocent. All alike. (Yes, Master.) Because when you bomb, the bomb doesn’t know which one is what. (Yes, that’s true.) You cannot tell the bomb, “OK, don’t bomb the children. Don’t bomb the women.” No? (Yes, Master. It does not discriminate.) That’s what it is. They know all that. They just couldn’t care less. Couldn’t care less. Because they’re demons. (Yes, Master.) It’s just that the country’s people can not see it. Only some can see. But, number one – they won’t dare to say anything. And even if they say it, nobody would believe them. Because Putin, he established himself so well already. (Yes, Master.) Almost like a hero for the country. […]

Medvedev. I was surprised at this guy also. I was thinking he’s a good guy. (Yes, Master.) Better than Putin. (Yes, Master.) Not so dictative, not so violent. But now, he showed his true face – same stuff. (Right, Master.) He keeps threatening the whole world also, not just France now. (Yes. Yes, Master.) He says, or Putin says, both of them, that if any country interferes with their invasion, they will have consequences which they have never seen before. (Yes, Master.) Meaning very, very brutal; very, very, final, eliminating kind of world war style. (Yes, Master.) (They did raise their nuclear deterrent alert levels for that.)

Yeah. I saw that. I saw that. And that’s why some of the countries are also afraid because of that. (Yes.) That’s why they hesitate whether or not to accept Ukraine. I would just accept, because if you don’t, they still will advance on you anyway, (Right, Master.) to your country soon. And once they have Ukraine, Europe is just the next street. (Yes, Master.) Next door. (That’s right. Yes, yes, Master.) Ukraine is like a frontier. (Yes, Master.) So now they are fighting for their country, but also for Europe in a way. (True, Master. Yes, Master.)

And a true neighbor will help their neighbor when they are injured or in need, no matter what. (Yes.) At that time, you cannot say, “Oh, I have a baby, I have children. You cannot come to my house even if you’re wounded.” (Yes, Master.) The good neighbor opens the door when your neighbor needs you. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) A friend in need is a friend indeed. They’re also friends, they’re European together. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Even though they have not joined yet. Because to join the European Union, they’re making such a fuss like that, that’s why maybe Ukraine could not. (Yes, Master.) They have to report many things, (Yes, Master.) and open everything. They have to open it all in order to join the European Union. (Yes, Master.) Must also have money as well – (Yes.) a lot, a lot, a lot.

(Yes, Master.) […]

But this is like a desperate situation. It needs desperate measures. (That’s right, Master.) At least, just to show solidarity. He only asked for his country to join the European Union. He didn’t ask for your money or obligation or anything. (Yes, that’s right.) And talking and fighting about the British wanting Brexit. They didn’t like it. They kept always delaying or wanting to get Britain back into the European Union. And now somebody volunteered to go in, a good and clean country, and they don’t let them. Why is that? Is Ukraine maybe poorer than England, that’s why? (Perhaps, yes.) Not so mighty, (That’s right.) like a quiet country, peaceful. (Yes, Master.)

That’s not fair, is it? That is not a (No.) real union, is it? (No, Master, it’s not.) The way I see it, it’s not. (That’s right, Master. And the union should be there to really help those in need.) (That’s what a union should be there for.) And even if they have not yet joined the union, but you are neighbors. (Yes, right, Master.) Besides, if they don’t have Ukraine, soon it will be their turn, (It’s true.) because Putin and their gangs now are very, very into it. (Yes.) They don’t want to back off now. Only for the grace of Heaven intervention, otherwise the war will continue. (Oh.) They have nuclear. (Yes.) What do they fear? (Yes, Master.) They fear each other; that’s the problem.

Many countries have nuclear, so now they all fear each other. This is also good. But if one guy doesn’t care anymore, because of knowing the opponent is fearful of nuclear, then he will use it. (Yes.) He senses that Europe is weak. Just new. But already broken, like Brexit. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then Ukraine is just a normal and small and peaceful country. And they already bit one important part out of Ukraine already, swallowed it whole. And then they already stirred up two more regions to make Ukraine weaker. So now he feels like he can do everything. He can conquer Ukraine and then the next. He’s already thinking of Moldova. (Yes, Master. Correct.) […]

And then after Moldova, you can guess. (Yes, Master.) If Europeans are so weak, and so dependent or so scared of no gas, then so many weak points. It’s so easy if you have holes in your wall, even small holes, that the ants will come in, the other insects will come in, mosquitos come in and they will bite you. (Yes, Master.) Sooner or later, you’ll die of disease.

The European Union, they also want peace. They only want peace. They don’t want war. (Right, Master.) That’s also why they hesitate. They don’t want to be involved in any more bloodshed (Yes.) and make it bigger. They thought maybe if they don’t react, then it would be smaller somehow. (Yes, Master.) In the beginning, they didn’t believe that Putin would do it anyway. (Right, Master. Yes.) And that’s why also. Everybody’s slow until it’s too late; kind of late. Because if they all sit there and watch the Ukrainians being bullied and die alone, then this is really shameless. (Yes, Master, it is.) Then I don’t think God or Heaven will forgive them.

I mean, you are in the world; you have to act accordingly. (Yes, Master.) If your neighbor is in trouble and some bullies come and beat them up, you have to come and help in any way you can, (Yes, Master.) to stop it. (That’s right. Yes.) You cannot just say, “Oh, I don’t like to fight. I never like to fight,” and let the neighbor just die in anguish like that. (No.) And you don’t know, maybe that bully will come to your house next. (Right, Master. That’s true, yes.) When he won, he will feel mighty, and then he will come to your house and beat you up for any reason – maybe for money, for land, for anything; jewelry. […]

So, all the neighbors should get together and help that lonesome neighbor and kick out these bullies and robbers. (Yes, Master.) Murderers and bullies. That is the way people should behave. (True, Master.) The same in Ukraine. This time it’s truly a good cause to fight for and to help. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t mean they have to fight, like killing people and all that, but they could use their presence, their strength, and their weapons to scare the Russians away. (Yes, Master.) With too many countries coming together, I don’t think Russia will have enough courage to continue to fight with the whole world, if the whole world comes in. (Yes. Right, Master.) Even now. (Yes, Master.)

Just because they left Ukraine alone, lonely like that, to die, this is terrible on their conscience. (Yes, Master.) And they have weapons, they have power, they have armies – all of them have. If they get together, that’d be a tremendously mighty force. (That would, Master.) I think Russia will go away, even now. Even now, even though it already began, they still can do it. (Yes, Master.) They are only next door. (Right.) It’s so simple to just walk over there and help a neighbor in need.

Don’t let all the Ukrainians die like that, or the children or women die like that. And now they have to immigrate to other countries in the winter with just a pair of clothes on their body, and with the children; and have no milk, no food with them. And if they queue on the highway, there’s a risk that Russia will bomb them, bomb these immigrants. (Yes, Master.)

Peacekeeping, my foot! Even two-year-old kids won’t buy that. (Yes, Master.) Peacekeeping! They’re disturbing people’s peace. Turning people’s lives upside down and killing them mercilessly. (Yes, Master.) Peacekeeping. Huh! Only demons can talk like this, because even humans, they would have some shame. Even lowly humans, or less intelligent humans or even not very friendly humans, would feel shame. They wouldn’t tell lies like that. (Yes, Master.) The opposite of what their action is. (Yes.)

I didn’t realize that Medvedev was also a demon. (Wow.) I did not realize that. Only today, when I read the news. […] Then I checked him out. I checked, and both of them are the same. (Oh, my gosh.) No wonder they get on so well.

It could happen. (Yes, Master.) Because these demons, they have no fear of anything. But only if the whole world gets together and shows unity, (Yes, Master.) world union, then Russia will back up, back off. (Yes, Master.)

(On that note, Master, I guess if the whole world got together and showed force but because both of those guys, Putin is a zealous demon, wouldn’t he want possibly more deaths? And then, in that case, there’s more violence now?)

No, because his people will also not want to fight. (Yes.) Putin cannot fight without his soldiers. (Right.) His soldiers – many already don’t feel like fighting, because they know it’s not a good cause. (No.) Soldiers, they’re normal. They have the ideals. They have some nobility in them. It’s just they have to obey up to now. But fighting, killing people for nothing like this for no reason like this, they don’t want to. And also, I read that the army – most are very young and untrained and inexperienced and all that. So, they die a lot! 6,000 already up to date, (Oh, my goodness.) soldiers died.

And many surrendered, just because they didn’t want to fight. What for you go into just a neighbor’s country, and they did nothing wrong to you and you just shoot them? (That’s right.) I mean, any decent man would not do that. (Yes, Master.) Especially young people. They have their ideals. (Yes, they have a conscience.) They’re not used to this kind of brutal mentality. (Yes, Master.) […] First, they freeze in such a makeshift camp, and now they have to go into battle and just die like that.

That’s why the Ukraine soldiers, they’re winning. Because they have ideals. (Yes, Master.) They have their goals. They have their true passion for it. Because they truly want to protect their country, their people. Because they know this is not the just cause for war. (That’s right, Master.)

Putin has no cause for war. That’s why his army has low morale. And the Ukrainians, they fear nothing. (Yes.) They think of ways to deter Russia. And they did succeed in many ways. So, for 6,000 more or less, maybe more now, Russians died, and only 137 Ukrainian, casualties. (Wow.) They have strength of courage and their nobility, their protective instincts with them. (Yes, Master.) And they are good and righteous and they’re praying every day. So, they’re winning. […]

If you have a goal, you have a noble ideal, then you will fight with all your heart. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) And this is an energy that even the enemy will feel. (Yes, Master. Yes, that’s true.) That’s why the Russians, finally they realized what Putin wants, which is crazy and brutal and wicked, vicious, violent. So, they did not feel like they should fight Ukraine who has done nothing wrong to them. […]

The thing is, if all the world gets together, Putin cannot kill all of them at the same time. (Yes.) And they also can kill Putin’s people. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) So, Putin should be afraid of the world, not the contrary. (That’s exactly right.) They should think in that way, not think in Putin’s way. (Yes. Master.) Even if they die, then both sides will die. (Yes.) It’s not just Ukraine or the world’s people. And they have many people getting together. (Yes, Master.) Bigger than the Russian army. The Russian army are 150,000 something. (Yes.) But when the whole world gets together, imagine that? Even just European countries and all the NATO surrounding Ukraine, is a big force already.

If they really want to fight, if they really feel the heat that Ukraine is alone fighting the big wolf. And they fight with all their might like that. They should feel ashamed not to help such a courageous and righteous country, and good people like Ukrainians. (Yes, Master. Exactly, Master.) Even I feel such an injustice that, if I don’t know better, I would have also wanted to go there and help them in any way I can. (Yes, Master.) I don’t like bullies. (Yes.) I don’t like injustice. I don’t like such ugly, bloodthirsty demons. (Yes, Master.) All right.

(Master, the president of Ukraine predicts that Russia will threaten NATO members if it eventually gains control of Ukraine. Does Master have any comments on President Zelenskyy’s prediction?)

Of course. Of course. It is logical. (Yes, it is, Master.) He already points to Moldova next, because it’s the most convenient after Ukraine; weak. (Yes, Master.) If the world doesn’t do anything he will continue, (Right, Master.) because other NATO countries are just next to Ukraine. (Yes.) And even if they can threaten Paris, what do you think, they worry about any other smaller country? (No.)

France! (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) (France has nuclear weapons even.) And de Gaulle’s France, not just anybody’s France. General de Gaulle. (Yes.) You understand, even if he died already. But it’s not just any country. (Yes, Master.) France is one of the countries that liberated all the Jews and all the prisoners in the world war with Hitler. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) And he dares threaten France, even. Well, not him, but de Gaulle’s partner. (Yes, Master.) France is in the European Union also. (Yes.) And he dares threaten France. Then, they’re not afraid to maul other countries. (Right, Master.) […]

In peacetime, nobody would think to join any union. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) And now is wartime, and Ukraine needs help. But NATO is still dilly-dallying, and European Union is sissy sassy, like that. (Right.) The war is already at their door, (Yes, Master.) and they still sissy sassy, thinking of protocol (Yes.) or bureaucracy. (Yes.) I don’t know if they could even protect themselves, if they’re not so decisive and not so strong in mental capacity. (Yes, true. Yes, Master.)

It’s your attitude that counts also. (Yes, right.) That’s why the Ukrainians, they’re winning. Even though they’re no match for mighty Russia. They don’t have so much sophisticated war weapons like Russia. Smaller country, even. And they can win because of their attitude, because they’re determined to fight against injustice and bullying. (Yes, Master.) So, if the European Union doesn’t see that as something worthy of respect and assistance, then European countries will lose also. (Yes, Master.) Or fearful of Putin’s, gas and oil. Fearful of that, fearful of this. Then Putin will continue. (Yes.) Because when you fear, people sense it. (Yes, that’s right.)

Putin is not like newly trained in war. (That’s right.) He’s KGB as well. (Yes, Master.) And he knows many things, and he’s a communist. (Yes, Master.) The communists are not supposed to believe in anything; God or anything. […]

So how would Putin be brought up (Right, Master.) a better person. Even if he’s not a demon, how would he be brought up, in your imagination? (Right, Master.) That’s why they’re brutal. (Yes.) They have no faith, not to talk about if he’s a demon or not. They don’t have anything to hold on to, (That’s right.) this kind. And now they are empty of love, empty of faith, empty of anything, and sit on top of Russia. (Yes.) So feels mighty. And everyone around him either flatters him, listens to him, praises him, or else prison or poison. (Yes, Master.)

According to the news, this everybody knows. (Yes.) How come nobody else is poisoned in that way or killed in that way? Only these people who escaped from him or who are against him. (Yes, Master.) It’s not a coincidence, is it? (No, Master. No, it is not.) […]

(One more question, Master. Could the war in Ukraine have been prevented?)

It could have! It could have. Just do exactly like Putin did. Put an array of army at the border of Ukraine, (Oh, right.) facing Putin. Not to fight or anything, but so that Putin would know we’re ready. (Right. Right.) If you want to kill us, we will also kill you. Don’t have to fight – prevent it. (Yes, Master.) Prevention is always better than cure, that’s what we say. (Yes.)

Putin already gave the whole world months of preparation. Everybody knows that. All the intel told Biden, told the Europeans, told everybody. Even at the last minute, Biden also announced that Russia will attack Ukraine in 48 hours, even that. Still, they didn’t do it. At that time, they still had time to fly in. (Right, Master.) At that time Ukraine still had airports. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) At least something. And then Europe, all the armies can get together, the neighbors. (Yes. Yes, they’re right there.) NATO and all that. But they just let Ukraine die alone, fight alone or die alone.

Especially Biden, he has to be looking like he is against Putin, but he’s not, because they’re together. (Oh.) You can see his actions. He says sanction this, sanction that, but he did not even sanction Putin personally yet. Number one. Number two, he’d rather buy Russian gas and all that, and let his people starve and be jobless and dependent. […] And also, he says, “Oh, all the sanctions are slow slow. (Yes.) One little bit at a time. And then still it won’t work immediately, it would take a long, long time.” That’s what he said. […]

He won’t send an army. He sent some. Putin was already building up his military camp many months already. (Yes. Master.) At least two months, the whole world knows. Biden knows. He says he will not send soldiers to fight in Ukraine. Number one. Number two, he sends a little bit, something before. Putin has 150,000 strong, and he sent maybe 800 or something to go somewhere. Waiting in case. Go there and do what, drink coffee? Eight hundred people sit together, drink coffee, keep warm? Against 150,000. (Yes, Master.)

It could have been prevented. If they already knew they should have sanctioned before. Not now when he’s already killing people in Ukraine; (Right, Master.) when his tanks are already rolling inside the country of Ukraine; (Yes, that’s right.) when his army, his team, already took over Chernobyl, and bombing airports, and all that. (Yes, Master.) And bombing children, kindergartens and hospitals and all that. (Yes, Master.) And it’s more difficult now to bring weapons in because Russians are on the road, (Yes, that’s right.) already controlling some points already. (Yes.)

There is an article on the Internet talking about Nostradamus predicting a siege in Paris. Paris will be besieged. (Yes, Master.) Will be controlled, will be taken. (Yes.) Nostradamus was supposed to predict that, for this year. (Wow.) He predicted war and all kinds of disasters already. There’s another called Baba Vanga or something. And she also predicted the same. She predicted several things that came true. […]

It’s just a coincidence. (Yes.) Coincidence. Because many countries also sanctioned Russia. America also. Why did he aim at France alone to threaten? (Yes, Master.) Before he threatened generally only, but in this text, he threatened France alone. […]

(Master, as we know now from what You uncovered about Putin, that he’s a zealous demon and he’s talking about putting his nuclear forces on high alert, meaning that he could deploy nuclear missiles any time.)

We have to pray for Heaven’s intervention. (Yes, Master, because it’s very worrying now.) If he worries about his people and his country, then he will not. But if he doesn’t care, then he’s dangerous. (Yes, Master.) He could do anything. (Right.) Because if he worries about his people, then he wouldn’t dare to use nuclear. Because if he uses it, then America will use it. Other countries will use it. And Russia will be doomed. (Yes, Master.)

But I think he should consider not to use it, because that will happen. (Yes, Master.) If he can use nuclear, other countries can also. (Yes, that’s right.) Other countries far away also he cannot control. (Yes.) And he should consider not to use it, because maybe he doesn’t consider his people’s lives, or peace or safety, but he should consider if his country’s “kaput,” if his whole country’s destroyed, then he has no base. (That’s right, Master.) He has no people to rule. (Yes. Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Or, he himself also will be dead, (Yes, Master.) and go to hell sooner. So, he should consider. (Yes, Master.) […]

I think he won’t do it, because he will die also. (Yes, Master.) If he stays in Russia, he will die. If he goes to another country and nobody likes him, they will kill him. (Yes, that’s right. It’s true.) So it’s better he doesn’t use the last card. (Yes.) He better keep it. (Yes, Master.) So, he can still have some threatening power. But if he uses it already, then it’s finished, he’s finished, Russia is finished. (Right, Master.) Then it’s truly World War. (Yes.) Even Hitler was so mighty and had bunkers and hidden so well, nobody knew where he was, and secret and all that. They still found him. (Yes, Master.) Sooner or later. (Yes.) And nowadays, even sooner because everybody has high tech. They don’t have to go to your house to know that you are there. (Yes.) […]

It should have been prevented. (Yes, Master.) Because they have many months, they know it, they have intelligence, and everything. […]

Now, what for do they negotiate? Since Russia is strong, Ukraine is weak, who is negotiating what? They just put out a lot of demands. […]

Knowing that the opposition, the so-called enemy will not accept, cannot accept, and just goes there, just to be there or to distract. (Yes, Master.) So that people don’t fight better, they’re just waiting for that. So the President Zelenskyy also said the same, he said it’s a waste of time talking to Russia when they keep bombing our country, when still keeping the war, still bombings, still killing them. What for talking? (Yes.) (Right, Master.)

So, everybody has to agree in order for them to let go of Ukraine. But I don’t think anybody would agree because they demand impossible things. (Wow.) So, if all the nuclear are removed, then only Russia will have nuclear. (Yes, Master.) They might as well just say, “OK, come, occupy our countries. (Yes.) It’s all for you, welcome with love. (Yes.) From EU with love. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Or from NATO with love.” Make a banquet, welcome them. (Yes.) If they agree to that, then Europe will become Russia’s already, immediately. (Yes.) The moment they send all the nuclear out, throw it away somewhere, return to America, then Europe becomes the Russian union again. (Yes.) Communist Union. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) No more European Union. Nostradamus also predicted that. The break down of the European Union. (Oh.) (Wow.) […]

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. Recently, President Trump has reportedly praised Putin for the war in Ukraine as “genius” and “savvy.” That’s what he said. Why would he say such a thing?)

I did not hear that, so I wonder if he really said that. But if he did, I told you Mr. Trump, he doesn’t really know how to formulate well (Right.) or to express himself well. (Yes, Master.) He says that just like something sarcastic. (Ah, right.) (Yes, yes.) Because nobody would praise an invader. (Yes, that’s true.) (OK, Master.) So, cannot anybody take a joke? (Yes. Yes, I guess so.) That’s what I think. (Yes, Master.) He just meant it as sarcasm. (Right. OK. Yes.) […]

But that will cost him something, I’m sure. (Right.) They will use that to sell him. (Oh, I see.) Sell him cheap. He doesn’t have much means now to…He doesn’t know how to clarify himself. (Oh.) Because he also feels fed up. Anything he said… many things he said just got twisted around. (Yes. That’s right.) […]

But at that time, he (Putin) had not invaded Ukraine yet. I don’t think so. At that time, the war had not really begun yet. The army was just like still hanging around, outside. (Ah, right. Yes.) They came in later. But doesn’t matter, I don’t think he meant that – just like a dark humor (Yes, Master.) or sarcasm. (Yes, that’s right. Yes.) […]

(Thank You for clarifying that. Yes. Because I was worried.) Some people take things out of context. (Yes, that’s true.) Also misunderstood or don’t have a sense of humor. (Yes.)

Too serious. (Yes, exactly.) Only want to pounce on him and it becomes a habit already. (Yes, Master.) So anything he said, even if good or bad, they would explain it in a different way. […]

The thing is that Trump did not have the chance to explain, (Ah, yes.) […] I guess he’s tired of all these attacks all these years. (Yes, Master. Understand.) […] Just because he also kind of was on friendly terms with Russia, so people also immediately have this impression (Yes.) that he is praising Putin. (Right, Master.) But nobody would do that. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) He should not have joked like that. (Yes.) Or be sarcastic like that. (Yes, Master.) Never mind. (Anyway, thank You for Your answer.) No problem. (Yes, that’s much clearer now.)

Anything else you want to know? (Yes, Master. […] Master told the story or read the story in the Hadith, which told of the two men fighting, and then the one that killed the man would go to hell. And the other one would also go to hell because he had the intention of killing.) Of course, he defends himself, but also the intention of killing. (Yes.) And killing is a great sin. (Yes. So the Ukrainian and the Russian war, Master has mentioned that Putin for sure will go to hell and that the soldiers who fight for him would go to hell. But then what about the Ukrainian citizens who bravely volunteered to defend their country and in the process of fighting, they might kill. So, would they also go to hell? […])

Yeah, but less. (Yes.) They would just be punished normally, generally and also individually. It depends also. (Yes.) Like the people who could have died on Snake Island, they did not want to kill the Russians. They knew they’re going to bomb them, and they would die, or maybe they didn’t die. Maybe they just came in and captured them. That was not very clear yet. […] Suddenly they heard all this conversation and the Ukrainian soldiers there, at the frontier, told the Russians to […] “Go F yourself.” (Yes, Master.) And then after that, they heard an explosion or something or nothing and then no more contact. So, they presume that they died. And the president of Ukraine also confirmed […] that he will give them medals later. (Ah. OK.) Posthumous, posthumous honor. In this case they would not go to hell. (Yes, Master.)

And another soldier, very young, but he volunteered. He went to the bridge to blow up the bridge, to slow down the advance of the Russian military. Because the bridge connects them to the other city where they were going in. (Yes, Master.) So, the army did not have time to arrange it so that they can remotely do it. And then this soldier called and said, “I will do it manually,” and after that “boom.” No more. He’s gone. (Right.) He knew that he was going to die. (Yes.) Everybody knew that. […]

So he sacrificed himself only. (Yes, Master.) And the others, Heaven will be more lenient, of course. (Yes, Master.) To kill people because of aggression, because of greed, because of evil intentions, of course, you will be in hell forever. (Yes.) But to kill because of defense, to protect others – this is a different case. These soldiers, they kill because they want to protect their people. (Right.) This is for others, not for himself. (Yes.) Maybe also for himself, but I don’t think they think that much about that. […] So, even if they go to hell, they will be just a short while. (Right.)

But in the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, has told you also the truth – that both of them, the aggressor wanted to kill one man and the other man fights back. That is only to defend himself, (Yes.) and kill others intentionally. (Yes.) But in the Ukraine case, they protect their country because the enemy just came in and want to kill their people. (Yes, Master.) So, leniency and compassion and mercy will be Heaven’s judgment. […]

So, […] these people, they know war is bad, that they can die any moment, because they jump into fire now. But for what? Not for themselves, not to satisfy their ego or anything, not that they don’t value life. They just want to sacrifice because they cannot bear this injustice and bullying force of the negative, of the enemy. (Yes, Master.) I told you even I would do it, if I were them, (Understand.) if I had not been taught differently. […]

If you concentrate on yourself, then you are just alone, narrow, tight, selfish, and not worthy. But if you love some other things, even your pet or your people more than yourself, that you could even die for them, then it’s very noble. (Yes, Master.) Then Heaven will give them leniency and will not send them to hell. (Yes, Master.) […]

If it were me who was in charge of NATO, or the European Union, or America, I would ask them immediately, the moment we know there are intel reports that Russia is building up their force at the border, I would do the same. (Yes, Master.) So that they know, “OK, go ahead. We’re ready.” (Yes.) And so many alliances together. (Yes, Master. Many countries.) The whole European Union. The whole NATO, the whole America (Yes.) and allies. How can we just let Putin do anything he wants? […]

And just leave Ukraine alone, fighting like that. All alone in the whole world. Did you hear me? (Yes, Master.) Ukraine was left all alone in the whole world to fight for the world’s ideal of protecting freedom, protecting democracy, protecting their own people. (Yes, Master.) You see the picture? (Yes, Master.) Ukraine alone in the whole world, (Wow.) in the whole mighty world. They are going to let them die, fighting or not. (Yes, Master.) If Ukraine is lost, no matter if Putin advances further to other countries or not, they lost one ally. (Yes.) They lost one friend who had the same ideal with them. Do you understand me? (Yes, that’s true. Yes, Master.) They just abandoned a friend. Before talking about anything else, before they even know if Ukraine is noble or not. (Yes.)

Noble or not, they deserve protection and help, by their neighbors, at least. The Bible always says, “Love thy neighbor.” So, you let your neighbor be beaten or stabbed to death and their country or their property, their houses burnt and their possessions looted? (No, Master.) And you just stand there and fold your hands in front of your chest. […]

If the whole world just stands by and folds their arms in front of their chest, then I have no respect for anything at all. (Yes, Master.) No matter if they’re king, queen, president, prime minister, this is all garbage to me. (Yes, Master.) Because they’re worldly people. They’re not like monks or nuns or anything. (Yes.) And this is a justified cause to fight. (Yes, Master.) And not like go interfering with other neighbors or want to be a big shot or anything. This is truly a justified cause. (Yes, Master.) Ukraine didn’t do anything! (Right. Right, Master.) Russia already took a bite of their land and took another two bites already, and now want to take the whole thing and swallow it up. Not like the world did not know about these three regions. (Right, Master.) That’s been bitten off from the whole of Ukraine body. […]

To join NATO doesn’t mean they’re going to invade or rob any country like Putin does. (Right. That’s right, Master.) Joined countries, they just pledge only like, “OK. If they attack you, we will all be attacked. (Yes. Right, Master.) Then we will all be protecting you.” “Attacking one of us means attacking all of us.” (Yes, that’s right.) It’s just like protecting each other. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, that’s all. But they are not going to threaten anybody, and Putin didn’t have any NATO or anything. Go in and just rob people outright. (Yes, Master.) So, who is better?

But this guy, he doesn’t know any reason. He doesn’t know any logic; he doesn’t know any of his failure and loony tactics. (Yes, Master.) He just blames everybody else. Now he blames Ukraine for going against him. He’s furious now. That’s what they say. Because Ukraine goes against him, so make his invasion take too long time. He blames Ukraine now. “How dare they defend themselves?” […]

My God. Life is so short and so ephemeral. Why do these kinds of wicked deeds to earn a terrible name for yourself like a demon, like a monster, a war monster? (Yes, Master.) […] What for do you want to go down in history like that. […]

If he’s not a demon, don’t talk about that, then he’s a lunatic. (Yes, Master. Right.) He’s crazy. He should be in the asylum, (Yes, Master. Definitely.) loony asylum, not in Moscow. Not in the top palace. (Yes.) Not in the top seat. (Yes, Master. It’s true.)

And I hope Russian soldiers, other nearby advisors or government top leaders, realize that he’s crazy. If you listen to him, you will go to hell all together. And I’m not threatening you. I’m a spiritual practitioner. I have five precepts. I tell the truth only because I feel sorry for you. He’s maybe your leader, but he’s not fit. He works with satan to harm your country, to harm other countries, you can see that yourself, please wake up. Put him in the asylum and do away with war. Attack war, not attack poor innocent people, children in any other country. Just attack war, not attack your neighbors or any other country in the world.

Please wake up. Please see what he’s doing, what he’s saying, and know that he’s not a good person, not to talk about demons or anything yet. He’s not good and he’s leading you into harm’s way. Please wake up. Please don’t listen to him. Please take care of him. Put him in an asylum. Maybe that will do him a big favor and make him a normal person again. So, he can enjoy life, enjoy his family. Otherwise, you guys also will go to hell with him or become widows or dead because of the war. Because he will not stop. If he’s crazy, he will not stop. He doesn’t have a balanced mind. […]

Normal people don’t act like this. Even the worst dictator, they don’t act like that. Even if you call them a dictator, they don’t just jump into another country just for no reason. And eat up their land and kill their children and women and elderly, and anybody like that. So you can see he’s crazy.

You don’t have to believe me that he’s a demon or monster. You have to see what he does, what he says. Then you can analyze and know he’s not normal. He’s not in his good mind. You have to help him, bring him into a hospital or something. Check him out. Don’t be afraid. He’s only a man. He’s just a man. And when he’s wrong, you have to tell him that he’s wrong. If he doesn’t listen, maybe he’s sick. Take him to the asylum or whatever hospital to check out his brain. Maybe you could help him and help Russia not to suffer in war and help your young people to come home. They are so young, so handsome. So good, so noble, so idealistic. Don’t let them die in Ukraine for nothing. And bringing also people in Ukraine to die with them.

Please wake up. Be a good leader. All of you can be strong. Why be afraid of one man? Putin is just one man. Without you, without the soldiers, he’s nothing. Remember that. Take care of him. Put him in the asylum. Heal him and make peace for Russia, for your country and for Ukraine, your neighbor, your good neighbor. Please, please, please. I pray God that you might listen, that you might even understand, that you might wake up. Please.

Oh, God, it’s terrible. Nobody can bear this. Nobody can, nobody can even look at it, can’t stand this. Nobody can. Please God help us. Please help us. Children are dying. They did nothing wrong. Please help Ukraine, please. Because if You help Ukraine, You also help Russia. And if You help Russia and Ukraine, You help Europe. If You help Europe, You help the whole world as well. Thank You so much, my Lord. I know Your children are not well, not good, but please, help us. […]

Host: Our loving appreciation for Beloved Master’s deep care and sympathy in this urgent situation. We pray for God’s mercy and protection for all lives on Earth during this turbulent time. Wishing Precious Master to be well and safeguarded by all Heavens.

To listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai elaborate more on this current challenging time, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Sunday, April 24, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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