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Inspiring Good News in Support of Ukraine, Part 7 of 7, Mar. 18, 2022

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Many, many, we can never talk enough of the animal-people, how noble they are. How kind, how loving. (Yes.) Of course, there are some animal-people that are crazy also, because maybe something is wrong with them. They’re sick or something, or they eat garbage or something that makes them ill, or inbreeding. (Yes, Master.) Just like humans. In fact, there are less bad animal-people than humans. The percentage of bad animal-people is less than the human percentage.

Anything else you request from me? (Master, regarding the lioness-person that protect the baby sheep- or lamb-child, Master?) Yeah? (I used to watch this documentary film, and she kept protecting a lamb-child, and therefore no… because there are many other lion-people around.) Yeah. (So, she didn’t really eat anything.) No. (And then the people threw meat at her, but she didn’t even eat or touch it. She just walked away.) Why? (For some reason. And then she just didn’t eat anything. And then she got skinnier and skinnier day after day. To make it short, one day she just all of a sudden disappeared with the lamb-child. And they didn’t find any trace of her dying or anything. So, my question to Master is, at that time I felt that this…could this lioness-person be a manifestation of a Heavenly being that wants to teach us some lesson, Master?)

Maybe you should find the lion-person and ask her. Always blame Heaven and ask me. If I find the lion-person I will ask her and I will answer you immediately. (OK, Master.)

Of course. But I told you already, not all animal-people are born by karma. Not all humans are born by karma. (Yes.) Like Buddha, Jesus, all the Gurus, all the Masters, They are born like humans, but They’re not. (Yes.) So, many animal-people, they’re born like animal-people, but they are not. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t have to be manifested from Heaven or anything. Yeah, they may be a higher being. Buddha, for many lifetimes he was born also as animal-people. Protecting His own flock, and doing many good things, etc.

So, just because they’re animal-people, it doesn’t mean that they’re stupid or they are just wild and vicious. (Yes.) Some are, of course, some are. Just like humans. Some are crazy, some are insane, by birth or because of poison, or because of karma. But animal-people, not all of them are bad. Even lion- and tiger-people. Not just protect that lamb, but many others; protect the monkey- and other animal-people. And you saw one of the lion- or the tiger-persons on our Supreme Master Television clip. He’s playing with a puppy. (Yes.) Like it’s his pet, etc. (Yes.)

And people are afraid of gorilla-people because they’re big and all that. But you saw the clip on our Supreme Master Television. He rescued a bird-person. (Oh, yes.) He tried his best and he could even do that. Imagine. And many animal-people rescue humans stranded somewhere or drowning or sick or injured somewhere that nobody would know. So even a stray dog-person dragged a woman, a wounded woman, down to the highway so that people could see her, etc. (Oh.)

Many, many, we can never talk enough of the animal-people, how noble they are. How kind, how loving. (Yes.) Of course, there are some animal-people that are crazy also, because maybe something is wrong with them. They’re sick or something, or they eat garbage or something that makes them ill, or inbreeding. (Yes, Master.) Just like humans. In fact, there are less bad animal-people than humans. The percentage of bad animal-people is less than the human percentage. If you read the news every day; murder here, kidnap there, robbing here, robbing there. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) And warring here and there, in Ukraine. (Yes.) Animal-people don’t do that. (Right, Master.) They don’t go and invade other animal-people’s territory, or kill them at random like that. (Yes, Master.)

OK. Anything else? (Did Master want to share some good news?) Ah, you remembered that. It’s all about me, alright? All good news for me. (Yay!) Yeah, yeah. Me, me, me, me. (The most important.) The most important, yes, of course. How do you know that? Say it again. (The most important.) Oh, man. (The most beautiful.) Oh, man. (The most brave.) Alright, alright. Where is the dictionary, I want to see… Listen, good news. I have some bad news, but it’s also good news. For me, it’s a good news.

For example, today, I went out and took a lot of photos for a long, long time. I ventured out and took a lot of good photos – springtime, and a lot of Beautiful sceneries. And I was so happy, happy. (Yes.) And then, I have a lot of fans. Because a lot of mosquito-people bit me all over. (Oh.) Because I became so famous. They told each other, “Oh, this is a free lunch restaurant. She will never bite you back. And She has only two hands, She’s too busy clicking. And Her eyes are all over on top of the tree, so She won’t even see us coming.” (Oh.) So they told each other the good news. (Gosh.) So, they visited me. So, I feel I have a lot of fans. Very famous now, I am, more famous than before. (Yes, Master.) Even the mosquito-people know me. Came and visited. And gave me a lot of evidence of love. A lot of red bumps. Never mind. I won’t die. Told you already wild grass won’t die so easily.

Well, I took a lot of photos; and so beautiful, because for a long time I have not had the chance, so, mostly they use the old ones. Luckily we have some in reserve. Even if I took a lot of photos, they will be “eaten up” quickly, because every day we have BMD (Between Master and Disciples) and they put my scenery photos in it. (Yes, Master.) So, 30 per month, no? (Yes.) And if they have my public lecture also, then added onto it. Then, no matter what, it’s never fast enough. (Yes, Master.)

It takes a long time for me to complete a section of photographs, because I have to keep looking for angles. (Right.) And then sometimes I took already, but when the sun came out or a different angle, they’re more beautiful, so then I took it again. After each photo, I put my hands on my chest and I say, “Thank you, all of you.” Oh, so beautiful, so beautiful. It’s such a pleasure. It’s such a pleasure. (Wow.) At least I have something like that. Otherwise, it’s too monotone. (Yes.) So, that’s my good news, and there’s another good news! (Oh!)

Another good news is that I have half of a sandwich left! And any of you could have it! Because I was eating, and then the sun came and so beautiful. So, I just dropped it. So, I have half of the sandwich left. Any of you can have it. I just wanted to ask if any of you want that half sandwich or not. In your heart. (Sure, Master.) Sure. (Yes.) You can’t have it. No. Because it’s too far to send half a sandwich. Not worth it. Number one. Number two, I told you I’m hungry. I’m going to eat it. (Yes, for Master it’s better.) You cannot have it. Too bad. Sorry, that’s all I wanted to ask. That’s it. (Oh, my God.) Oh my God. (Did You have the sandwich yet, Master?) No, are you joking? I just turned on the internet to try to work now. No. (Let’s hope You enjoy it, Master. You deserve it.) Thank you, thank you. (Yes, Master deserves it.)

The thing is, I was hungry and I ate it, but then I saw the sun come out, and I didn’t think there’re so many photographs. But I kept finding one after another. (Oh, wonderful.) And then when you’re absorbed in such interesting work, you don’t feel hungry anymore. (Yes, right.) And then so I came back after many hours. I just wrapped it up, and maybe will wait for later. And now I have to work.

There’re so many things that take up a lot of time, and those photographs I have to screen and fix it. (Yes.) Edit some of it. So, it takes more time afterwards. Even though I’m happy, but it’s a lot of work. (Yes, Master.) Many hours taking photographs. Sometimes when I’m lucky, it just goes on forever. Because sometimes I cannot find anything. It depends on where and what time, and what season. So, it takes a lot of time. But I’m happy to do it. It’s just a lot of work. (Yes.) And then afterward, more work. But I’m glad to do the after-work because I can enjoy it again. (Oh, yes.) And without the fans. (The many fans.) Without the “hoorah” gang that comes and gives me many flowers on my skin. The red flowers. If you consider that that’s a flower, then you don’t care. It was itchy but then it’s gone quickly. I also was too busy, I can’t even feel it too much. It does feel itchy, but you’re busy. (Yes.) You just let it be. You don’t scratch.

But the other good news that came is that I’m hungry, and I’m going to eat it. It’s good that I have appetite. (Yes, Master. Very good news.) You guys can have anything you want. Not me. Not so easily. (Right, Master.) For delivery. I don’t want to bother people unless it’s really necessary, so I just eat anything. Soup and sandwiches, I told you already. And that guy even dared to want both at the same time. I can only eat sandwiches or soup but not both at the same time. Cannot have a lot of time to do all that. Besides, with the soup, you’re full already. Or with the sandwich, you’re full. It’s good. You have everything you need and want every day already, and he still wants to eat soup and sandwiches. That is just for me, baby, just for me. Because I don’t have time, and I don’t have good food like you have. (Yes. Right.) For you, you don’t need soup, or you don’t need sandwiches. You have also, when they make it for you. (Yes, Master.) For a change of taste, right? (Yes, Master.) And soup also, right? (Yes, Master.) So you don’t have to do much. It’s good.

It’s good that you have good food. I’m so glad. Because when I was a so-called disciple and a mendicant, I didn’t have good food like that. I’m glad you do. I make sure, because, in my experience it’s not a very pleasant thing not to have good things to eat, and to your fill even. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I make sure that you have everything absolutely you need. (Thank You, Master.) I keep saying again and again so that you know it’s serious. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And you know that, right? I hope you do. (Yes, Master. We know, Master.)

Because sometimes I saw you wearing old clothes. I say, "Why don’t you buy some more clothes, because you’re getting fatter and the clothes don’t seem to fit.” But, that’s better than if the clothes are too loose, and people think I don’t feed you. Maybe you want to show off that, “OK, here I’m fat and well-fed.” So the clothes are like busting. It looks like seems to be busting on some of you.

So that’s my good news. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much, Master, for the good news. That’s good news.) You’re welcome.

And thank you also for the good news that you did your homework well. You are a reporter. You’re in media. You should also know this and that. (Yes, Master.) So that you can tell me or ask me questions. (Yes, Master.) And because of that, I also have to do some research to answer you. So we both work very hard. (Yes, Master.) It’s worth it. We are in the news business. We also have to know something of the common life. (Yes, Master.) But I wish we didn’t have to know all this. I wish we could just go on with our spiritual mission, and tell people about spiritual things, about the vegan lifestyle, saving the planet, saving animal-people and humans. I wish we only had to do that. But everything seems to link together somehow. So, we just have to also report other things not very spiritual. (Yes, Master.) We just have to.

If you see somebody in trouble, you just have to try your best to help. No? (Yes, Master.) Just like if we are in trouble, we would wish somebody is there for us to help in any way they can. No? (Right. Yes, Master.) That’s the duty of every human on the planet. (That’s right.) We’ve got to help somebody in need; what we can. (Yes, Master. Exactly.)

OK, my love. All right. If no more questions or no more comments, then we call it a day. (OK, Master.) (Thank You, Master, for Your time. Take care, Master.) You take care also. OK? (We love You, Master.) We have work to do. I have, still. Because I did a lot of photographs today, I didn’t do any news hunting yet. And many shows are waiting for me to review and send back to you. So, we all have to go now. Chalo! (Bye, Master.) Allez-y. (We love You, Master.) Allez-y. Allons-y. (God protect Master always.) Thank you. Thank you. (God bless Master.) God protect you too. God love. God bless. (Thank You, Master.) (We love You, Master.) God bless the world to be vegan and peace, soon.

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