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Inspiring Good News in Support of Ukraine (Ureign), Part 3 of 7, Mar. 18, 2022

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You cannot just force people to give their country to you without any cause at all. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, exactly, Master.) Unprovoked. They didn’t do anything to Russia at all. (No, Master.) That’s why the whole world supports Ukraine. (Yes. That’s right.) And that is a force of energy to reckon with. (Sure.) Even Heaven supports Ukraine. That’s why they keep winning.

So, now why did I tell you this story? For what reason? (To show how clever he is.) Yeah, I know. (That’s why Master told us this story.) No. Something led to it. If you don’t remember, then join my club. Even I told the story and I don’t remember; how can I blame you? But you are so many, I’m one; maybe I’m old and one, forget, but you’re so many. How come all of you don’t remember anything? (Maybe because the Chinese often send people to come over to test, like you said. And he represented the king to answer or to deal with them. Something like that, Master?) Yeah, I know, but… no, that was part of the story, not what led to the story. OK, never mind then. Doesn’t matter. The viewers won’t know anything. If you don’t know, the viewers also don’t care, as long as they heard the story. OK, they couldn’t care why. I just want to know why, so that maybe there’s something else I could explain. But never mind. You told me some news, that’s why, right? (Yes.)

What was the good news? Or continue… OK, tell me. (It was about the Ukrainian tennis player.) Ah, yeah. OK. (She donated her prize money.) Any other story? I mean, good news? Tell me.

(The next good news, Master, is recently President Zelenskyy gave an impassioned speech to the US Congress asking for more help. And as a result, the US announced they will give $800 million in more military aid to them. It would be delivered soon. So, that’s helping them out a lot with more military aid.)

OK. And recently I looked at the news. The Ukrainians just won again, in some small area somewhere. (Oh. Yes, yes. I think they just pushed back around Kyiv. The Russian advance, they pushed them back a little bit.) Yeah.

Also, 140,000 people came back. They escaped and they came back to fight together. (Oh, wow.) 140,000. They ran before, but they came back to fight. (Wow.) And many legions, people from outside, really came in to fight with the Ukrainian people. No salary, nothing. (Right. Yes.) They really volunteered, because they feel it’s so unjustified, the war. (Yes, Master.) And they hated it all. It’s good for the Ukrainian people.

It would be better if there’s no war at all, but I don’t know why Putin did all this. It’s all nonsense, and really unreasonable, illogical. Nobody can explain, except that he’s possessed, or he’s a demon and/or crazy as well. (Yes, Master.) Nobody in a sane mind would do this kind of thing. (Yes, that’s right, Master.) Even any dictator, they would have some cause to do it. He has no cause at all. (Right, Master. No.) Just came in and wanted to take people’s country just like that, killing anybody. (Yes.) And ordered his soldiers to kill civilians, just to unnerve the government, just to make the government so scared, and feeling so bad that they have to surrender. (Yes, Master.) But you don’t force people to do that.

Even if Russia wins this war, the whole country will hate him, (Yes, it’s true. Right, Master.) and hate Russia, and they will not be able to govern well. (That’s right. Yes.) They might just die by assassination or whatever. (Yes.) They will not sit well on their seat. (Yes. That’s true.) They will not sleep well. (Yes, Master.) If they cannot fight now, they will fight continuously guerilla-style. You can’t just shut people up.

You cannot just force people to give their country to you without any cause at all. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, exactly, Master.) Unprovoked. They didn’t do anything to Russia at all. (No, Master.) That’s why the whole world supports Ukraine. (Yes. That’s right.) And that is a force of energy to reckon with. (Sure.) Even Heaven supports Ukraine. That’s why they keep winning. I mean, they lost also because they are no match, of course. No match of manpower, and expertise, weapons, and whatever. But they have their faith – strong. (Right.) And they want to protect their people and their country. They have the right to. This is the most insane war in history. (Yes, Master.)

Any other good news? (Yes.) Tell me. (A Russian journalist, her name is Marina Ovsyannikova, she protested live on Russian state television by holding up a placard.) I saw that. (That said, “No war. Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. They are lying to you here.”) Yeah? (You could hear her saying, “No war. Stop the war.” But since then, also, there’s been a stream of resignations from people in the Russian state media.) OK. Yeah, it does have an effect. (It sparked some effect on people just not agreeing to be lying to people through their state media.) Wonderful, wonderful. (Yes.)

After that, she was questioned for 14 hours straight. (Wow. Yes.) Of course, they won’t let her get away with that. (Yes, sure.) But still, even then, the police who questioned her would also understand why she did that. They just have to do it, but I don’t think they think bad about her or anything. (Oh. Yes, Master.)

So courageous. (Exactly, Master. Very, very.) Oh, I applaud her. (Yes.) May God protect you. (May she be protected. That’s true, Master.) By God, by Heavens. (Yes, we pray so too.)

Such a woman is worth more than a hundred thousand soldiers going, fighting blindly. (Yes. Yes. Right.) She’s more than a general. She’s more than a hero. (Yes, Master.) She went against the whole system of this secret service and communism, controlling, and dictatorship, and all that, (Yes, Master.) for which people would have been poisoned, or killed, or imprisoned forever. (Yes.) She knew all that, and she still did it. It’s so wonderful. It’s Heaven-inspired. (Yes, Master.)

And a woman even. (And she has two children.) She has two children even? (Yes.) Oh, dear God. So, she must have felt she’d had enough. (So brave.) I think because she has children, so she just knows what if she is the one in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Because she saw the mothers and children die on the street like that, because of bombings from Russia. (Yes, Master.)

And many more without recording. (Yes.) When people are running, they don’t record. They might not have anything with them to record, even a mobile phone. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they run so fast – emergency. The bombing is on their heads. What can they think of? Just go. Many people are running without any luggage or anything. (Yes. Wow.) And that’s the little information that they can give because it’s also difficult to have information from out there. (Exactly.) Also, people are running. Who even has the heart to record?

So, it’s a miracle that they could even leak out some clips like that. (Yes, Master.) Some clips of the horror in the war that Putin has caused to the innocent people, children, and women. Oh, what a coward, what evil. A normal man wouldn’t do that. A normal man – not to talk about just a leader. OK, anyway.

So, Biden has been pressured, also by congress and all that. And even a Senator called him despicable (Oh.) for not helping Ukraine before. He (Lindsey Graham) even called him “despicable.”

Only your Master, she is so outspoken. (Well, it’s true.) It is true. (I mean, no words… we try to use the most fitting words. These are still not enough to convey this madness that he’s doing.) I said I could not even use any worse words. I don’t know any better words to use. (Exactly, Master.) When I’m in the heat – so anguished about people’s innocent lives lost like that, I could not think of a dictionary. (Yes, Master.) I use whatever comes across my mind. (Yes.)

I should have taken the dictionary with me. Or any of you with Google, tell me, “Master, this word is worse.” You have to remind me. (We’re not allowed to say that on TV.) Why not? (There are worse words that we could say.) Oh, you mean slang, these swearing words? (Yes.) Oh, these are not worse words. Oh, I see what you mean. MF and all that stuff? (Yes.) Oh, OK, OK. But that is not the worst word. (No, You’re right.) It’s just like a dirty swear, but worse is like “despicable,” “evil,” and “vicious,” “demons.” (Yes.)

Any more good news? (Yes, Master. The Turkish nongovernmental organizations are sending humanitarian aid on the occasion of Ramadan to Ukraine. And they’re already in the field, delivering aid to Ukraine, but their activities will increase during Ramadan, and then they will deliver meals, blankets, clothes, and other aid also.) Good, good, for the refugees and those who cannot go out and buy things. (Yes.)

The thing is, Biden should just let the European countries do what they want to help Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) He should not just stop it. Because he knows it’s very, very important to Ukraine, but he stopped it. Meaning, he just wants Russia to bomb people, (Yes.) at random, anywhere, to kill children, women, and any family. (Yes, Master.) Civilians. So that is very wicked, very evil of him. (Yes, Master. That is.) It’s not even from his pocket! What’s wrong with him? (Yes.)

"Media Report from Fox News – Mar. 31, 2022 Martha MacCallum (f): As you say, you believe that this (Biden) administration is OK with Putin not losing, essentially. They're OK with that.

General Jack Keane (m): Yeah, absolutely.

Martha MacCallum (f): OK.

General Jack Keane (m): They flatly are on that path. They don't want him to lose and they want a deal. And it's such a lost opportunity. And where is the passion arising out of you, watching thousands of people being killed and literally murdered by this barbarism that's on display by the Russian Army? Let's go out there and destroy that barbarism, once and for all. And Zelenskyy has the will to do it, and his troops have got the skill and the will. Give him the means to do it and also give them the moral support. I mean, where's the patting on the back, telling them, 'Look, we're here. We're with you. What else do you need?'"

Poland wanted to give Ukraine fighter jets. And he just stopped it. (Yes, Master.) This is evil. (Yes, Master.) Why stop Ukraine? Why not stop just Russia then? (Exactly. Right.) (Yes, Master.) What’s the difference? The other one is even a bully, so he should stop him, instead of stopping the victim to defend himself. (Right, Master. Exactly.) (Yes, Master.)

He didn’t have to give any fighter jets. Then he can just close the sky, (Yes, Master. Right.) so that the Russians at least don’t bomb them. So, people can have a chance to escape. (Yes.) And he knows that all the pilots…even a captured pilot confessed that he was ordered to bomb civilians. (Yes.) On TV. (Wow.) One of the pilots was captured and then he said like that. But he said from now, he will try his best to stop this war. Probably he contacted his comrades, or he wrote to all the people he knows in the army, “Just don’t do that, don’t do this.” (Yes, Master.)

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