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The holy Matzu did also practice the Quan Yin Method of Heavenly Light and Sound

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Dear Master and Supreme Master TV team, Several years ago, I saw in my dream a deity with pinky cheeks in the sky smiling at me. Above the deity was Master’s face, dressed up as a deity, looking taller and more magnificent.

Afterwards, I read in the newspaper that the Matzu statue in Baishatun, Taiwan (Formosa) was about to take a tour. Then I realized that the deity in my dream was Matzu. Later, I also saw Master dressed like Matzu. In February 2021, I saw a program on EBC TV introducing the Baishatun Matzu. According to the abbot of the Baishatun Matzu temple, Matzu practiced the Quan Yin Method. So, Matzu was one of our fellow practitioners!

We are extremely grateful to Master. Being able to practice the Quan Yin Method is our greatest honor. May all of Master’s wishes come true, everything goes Master’s way, and wishing Master to be always in good health. I am also grateful to the Supreme Master TV team. Wishing you be filled with joy. Respectfully, Your disciple, Hsin-Ying from Taiwan (Formosa)

Radiant Hsin-Ying, Thank you for sharing this message in which you relate what you perceived through your inner vision. Master often speaks about the significance of the Quan Yin Method of meditation and how it has been practiced by many great enlightened Masters since time immemorial. We are forever grateful to Heavens for this once in eons of lifetimes opportunity to receive the greatest gift of Initiation. May you and the refreshing Taiwanese people forever enjoy the Buddha’s favor, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is Master’s personal message to you: “My thanks to you also, kind Hsin-Ying, for your diligence on the spiritual path of finding your Great Self. May your heart feel reassured knowing that even though there are many roads leading to Heaven, the Quan Yin Method is one that leads directly to Heaven and has been practiced throughout the history of humankind and across the multiverses. And yes, the holy Matzu did indeed practice our Quan Yin Method of Heavenly Light and Sound and She was a great enlightened being, who during Her lifetime had helped many of Her people in time of need, invisibly as well as visibly. Good that the wise Abbot knows and good that you now know! May Divine Love and comfort be with you and friendly Taiwan (Formosa).”
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