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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

Plant-based Trailblazers: Light Light Industry and Loving Food Corporation, Part 3 of 3

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Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has taught this concept for decades: that food is not just about sustenance or health but also about spiritual upliftment. “You see, eating animal-people flesh, means we are decreasing our love in our being, from our structure, holy structure. We are born from God, we were holy, we were true humans, we were true children of God. But if we eat the animal-people, then the mixing of blood type and genetic code between humans and animal-people Kingdom makes us lose our status as the crown of creation.”

Embracing Master’s message of “real love,” Light Light Industry and Loving Food are conscious about adding love as an ingredient. “Why are our products so popular? One of my colleagues shared her thoughts with us. While she is making bagels, she thinks of nothing else but concentrate on noble thoughts all the time. All our products are made with good energy and love.”

Light Light’s quality control administrator Hsi Yueh reveals the following. “All our staff members are vegan, and we also meditate and pray together. We have been working diligently for the ideal of a vegan world. We are a group of practitioners. To me, our co-inhabitants from the animal kingdom are sentient beings. They are our friends, not our food.”

Let’s hear from Loving Food staff member Xian Yun about Loving Food’s canine offerings. “It was not easy to find vegan dog-people food on the market before. Per Master's suggestion, we began our research and development. Along the way, Master caringly gave us numerous tips on the ingredients. Our canine companion products consist mainly of canine food and dental chews. We make sure they are: 1. vegan; 2. NON-GMO; 3. Made of high quality plant protein fortified with vitamin A, E, C, iron, calcium, etc.”

In a 2008 conference in the UK, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed how quickly a vegan world would lead to an Eden on Earth. “If the world were to go 100% vegan right now, the good effect of it would be seen within more or less 60 days. That is eight weeks. Within eight weeks we would see an immediate effect. Of course, you’ll also see almost immediately. But to see the whole big picture, you can realize it within eight weeks, eight short weeks. And what kind of Earth would we live on? It would be Eden again.”

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