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Plant-based Trailblazers: Light Light Industry and Loving Food Corporation, Part 2 of 3



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These two companies, Light Light Industry and Loving Food Corporation, were inspired by the teachings and wisdom of our most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her urgent message that we must transition to a global plant-based food system quickly to save our planet.

“We sell our products to China, Hong Kong, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, United States, Vietnam (Âu Lạc), just to mention a few. We have also very good feedback from our customers. You can find our products on the menus of worldwide famous hotels, Hollywood movie stars’ favorite restaurants, tourist-attraction cafés, and surely on everyday dinner tables.”

“Our facility is about 72,000 square feet (6689 square meters). It is very well-lit. In its design we have taken every food safety regulation into consideration, including traffic flow planning and space design. In terms of food safety, we adhere to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 22000) standards for raw material procurement, production, packaging, and transportation. We have a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in accordance with the government’s food safety regulations.”

“Our food production can be divided into four departments: The frozen food department mainly produces items like vegan steak, vegan ham, vegan ‘sea crescent,’ vegan fish alternatives, and vegan hot pot. The bakery department produces Chinese and Western vegan cakes and pastries, such as vegan cheese pies, vegan cakes, bagels, croissants, and cookies. The cereal powder department produces instant nut & cereal powder. Last, but not least, is our favorite, the ice cream department.”

“There are three main categories of Loving Food products. They are animal companion food, frozen food, and food supplements. Currently, we have around 100 to 200 products. Our animal companion food includes canine-people food and dental chew. Among our frozen food, the more popular ones are layered tofu skin ‘futon’, vegan fried egg, and vegan Braised Dong Po Pork. At Loving Food, we use real fruits in our vegan cakes. Our cakes have just the right texture and are neither too sweet nor too rich. It was a big challenge to make dairy-free vegan cake. We only succeeded after countless trials.”

For more information about Light Light Industry please visit:
For more information about Loving Food Corporation, please visit:
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