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Vegan Honey by MeliBio – Emulating the Golden Nectar of the Bee-People, Part 1 of 2

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Honey, the golden nectar produced by the hard-working bee-people, has existed for thousands of years. As demand for this sweet substance increased around the world, the mass production of honey has unfortunately led to a decline in the precious bee-people population, which is disastrous to our own survival as bee-people are responsible for pollinating up to 80% of the world's agriculture.

“So, honey is a food for the bees that bees first and foremost made for themselves. It has proven antimicrobial, antioxidant, and many other properties that make it really great.” “However, it comes with a flaw. And that flaw is that it’s an animal-based product and animals making it for humans is not the way nature was set up to bring honey to this world.”

“So, MeliBio is a food biotechnology company, working on a technology to produce real honey without the use of bees. So, we finally make honey vegan, and we're really excited about bringing this technology and product to the market.”

“So, out of 20,000 wild and native bee species that populate our planet, there are 4,000 wild and native bee species in North America. It’s really interesting that European honeybees that are being used for honey production and pollination in the US are actually not native to the US.” In addition to the harm caused by the non-native honeybee-people and the effects of increased commercial bee keeping, the production of honey can also disrupt the very ecology of nature.

“So, we at MeliBio have developed and are developing our proprietary technology to make real honey without bees. And when I say real, I don't only mean the real taste, the real looks, the real feel but also the real nutritional benefits of real honey. So, we finally take this approach of making honey perfect, meaning that we are inspired by the bees - looking into making bio-identical products to the ones that bees, make just without the use of bees.”
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