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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 6 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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You have to be benevolent, merciful, repentant. U-turn, that’s it. Just repentant and U-turn. But this is a natural thing. Because if people heard me, like “be vegan, repentant, save your soul, save the world,” and if this talk of mine struck a chord in their heart, and they truly believe in it, and they U-turn, then I can take them to Heaven.

You see, to make it more clear, for example: If anybody can be a Master, then no need just one Jesus, (Ah, that’s right.) and no need just one Buddha, no need just one Guru Nanak, no need just one Lord Mahavira, no need just one Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, Master.) No need all the Hindu Masters, like Patanjali. For example, like that. Because They are commissioned by God. (Yes.)

Krishna was with God inside. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Although outside, He looked the same like us. Jesus didn’t look any different from other people. Except when you have the Third Eye open, then you can see Light around Him all the time. Same with Kabir, or other Masters. (Yes, Master.) They have this power. They can house it. Just like a big cable (Yes. Oh, yes.) connected with a big electric grid, central grid. Otherwise, just any cable not connected, it looks the same but it has nothing. (Right.) No power.

And the Master, if She/He has chosen somebody to spread the teaching, then he’s chosen. He will choose His representative. (Yes.) But they are with Them all the time.

For example, like Buddha had like ten foremost disciples. (Yes.) And then He already appointed them, like the first one is what. And then that first one and the other nine, they’re similar levels of consciousness, (Yes.) high level. And they were always with the Buddha, always, and learned with Him for many decades. (Yes.) And then not just learned the outside from an outer teaching, lectures, but also were imbued with the Light, the Power from the Buddha’s magnetic field. (Yes, Master.)

So after the Buddha died, one of them became the first one. And then that first one, they appointed the next one. And even Rahula, the Buddha’s son, also became one of the foremost Masters after, successor. (Yes.)

So if anybody can just teach the so-called Quan Yin Method or the Heavenly Light and Sound, then we all are already gone. (Yes.) We are not here anymore. (That’s right.) Nobody on Earth anymore. All liberated. (Yes, Master.) (In Heaven, yes.) I have so many so-called disciples, I can just dispatch them everywhere and then tell everybody to gather, and they listen to that method, and then, “Now go home. You’re all enlightened.” Finito. (Yes.) I don’t have to have Supreme Master Television, don’t have to work so hard like this. And I don’t need you guys either. (Yes.) I don’t have to keep thanking you, and spoiling you and treating you nicely and all that. (Thank You, Master.) I can just go to the Himalayas and eat ten (vegan) samosas. Now I can afford. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

So, it has to be logical. (Yes, Master.) Like, anybody can have a similar brain, but there is only one Einstein. (Yes.) And only one Tesla. Only one whoever, Newton, for example. (Yes.) And only one Mozart, the genius musician, (Yes.) for example. There are one or two others, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. There are the same notes. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol. (Yes.) And the same teacher. But they don’t always become Mozart, (No.) or Beethoven. (Yes. Understand.) So now is it clear to you? (Yes. Very clear.)

It’s not like everybody can do it. Everybody can if the Master allows it, but still must select some with a little bit higher level so he can bear the power. (Yes, Master.) So, there’s no obstruction, no leaking. (Right. Yes.) So, very clear. Why everybody still doesn’t understand this? If it’s just the method, then it’s so easy. We’ll print it like these leaflets (Yes, the flyers.) Alternative Living flyers. (Just pass it all out.) Yeah. We just hire some helicopters and throw it down. (Yes.) Fly everywhere. (Yes.) Then any cow-person can eat it and become enlightened. (Yes, Master.)

Actually, when I was in Costa Rica, we were preparing to have initiation. So, there were some forms to put the names down for the newcomers. (Yes.) And there’s a cow-person from the neighbor, he came all the way there to the truck, took one of the forms for initiation, and ate it! Ran away, ate it, because people chased after him, he kept running. He ate it. He wanted initiation, too. Oh, man. (Aw, it’s so cute.)

And one dog-person came crying, crying with Tong. He felt sorry that he could not be initiated, because he’s not human. He had affinity with Tong before. (Yes.) But he could not. He was crying. (Oh, poor thing.) And my dog-person, Good Love, remember? He wanted also to be a monk. (Oh, yes.) I said, “But whenever I ask somebody to cut your hair short because it’s summer, you cry like a baby.” He cried so that I had to tell them, “Stop it. Stop it.” He cried so pitifully. (Yes.) Like he worried that he’s not good looking or something. I said, “If you’re a monk, we have to shave all your hair off. You like that?” So cute. (Yes, so cute.)

Do you have questions? Tell me, and I can answer or not. (Yes, Master.) (Master, how come some people get COVID with severe conditions, and some people don’t get COVID, even though they eat meat and continue to participate directly in the killing of other beings?)

But you forget, I told you before. It depends on the merit they had from their former life. (Yes.) Or it depends also on this lifetime. Maybe they’re vegan or vegetarian. Or maybe they are doing a lot, a lot of good things, with a pure heart, not by ego. (Yes, Master.) Not like they want people to worship them, or respect them, or be grateful to them, and all that, or indebted to them. (Yes.) He did it unconditionally. And then, in this lifetime, he still has a lot of merit left from last life. Or he has believed in some of the Masters that you don’t know. (Yes.) Some good Master, pure Master. (Yes.) So, it is like that.

Or he is from hell. (Oh!) Yeah, he’s here just to make people sick, but not himself. (Yes, Master.) Well, he has to be alive to infect others, (Right.) or to make other people be infected by his own dark energy, pushy, dark, and vicious energy. There are many reasons. (Yes, Master.)

Some people eat meat, but they still live until very long, because of former good karma. (Right.) And then it spills over to this life’s karma. He’s covered. (Understand.) Just like, even though one person goes out, buys a lot, a lot of things that cost very expensive, but he can cover because he has a big bank account. (Right.) And some other just buys the same things or maybe the same amount, and that’s it, cannot buy any more because he has no more money left. (Yes.) Or they’re in debt already and don’t pay, and then they can go to jail. That’s that. You see? (Yes, Master.) Are you happy with my answer? (Oh yes, very much so, Master. Thank You.) Alright. Then?

(Is it possible to know when your karma is reaching a tipping point in order to take reducing action, so it’s not so severe?)

Regardless. OK? Regardless, you just U-turn. (Yes.) Be vegan, do good. Be pure in the heart, be unconditional. (Yes, Master.) Then, even if your karma was heavy before, you go in a different direction. (Yes.) Then you will have a different fate. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) And even if you have to die by COVID, you will go to Heaven, because that’s the road that you’re going. (Right.)

You have to be benevolent, merciful, repentant. U-turn, that’s it. Just repentant and U-turn. But this is a natural thing. Because if people heard me, like “be vegan, repentant, save your soul, save the world,” and if this talk of mine struck a chord in their heart, and they truly believe in it, and they U-turn, then I can take them to Heaven. (Oh, wonderful.)

But not if just somebody else coerced them, or secondhand, or by ego, like the one that gave initiation without my permission. (Yes. Right.) Not to do that to listen to them just for ego talk, or to be big, or to feel proud that he is doing some charitable deed, like open a vegan business and give money to charity. That, they can earn some merit for sure, but just the merit of the Three Worlds.

And if they connect with that initiator who did not have permission, and because that person who gave initiation is connected with maya, all their merit will be confiscated by the maya. Because they’re working for the ego, for greed. (Right.) They’re not working with a truly noble, pure, unconditional heart. (Yes.) They use that to have people’s respect and worship, and maybe to feed themselves. (Yes.) It’s not necessary they take money, but to be proud and to feel arrogant, to feel that they are awesome. Then the maya takes everything. Because this type of personality, this type of quality belongs to the maya’s domain! (Yes.)

Only true loving, true repentance, true unconditional help, then that is Heaven quality. (Yes, got it.) (Yes.) It’s very logical. Like attracts like. (Yes.) Very simple. (Yes, Master.) If you go south, you’ll be in the south. If you go north, you’ll be in? (North.) That’s it. So simple, my God, even kindergarten children understand that. (Yes, Master.)

If your home is somewhere, and you don’t go there, you go the opposite direction and go a different road, then you’ll never get home. (That’s right.) (No, you will not.) Were you satisfied with my answer? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Did I answer correctly? (One thousand percent, Master.)

And what else? (Master, what would it take for Biden to U-turn and stop listening to the demon influence?)

No. He’s too far gone. (Oh, God!) That’s his job, to make trouble. (Yes, Master.) It’s not entirely his fault. We allow it. (Yes.) The world allows it. The American people allow him. (Yes.) They voted for him. (True.) Or at least some. (Yes, Master.)

Actually, they voted for Trump more. He had only… let me see. Oh, I forgot. I knew it before. Just one moment, I’ll check again. He (Biden) had only 40%. (40%. Oh, wow.) and President Trump had won up to 85 million voters, according to Heaven’s information. (Wow!) (Yes, Master.) Talking about percentage, it’s like that. But through some arrangement, he won. It doesn’t matter anymore. (Yes, Master.) I’m fed up, fed up with all this. But what to do? This is the force of karma. (Yes.)

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