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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 8 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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Or if they have heavy karma, they go direct to hell because they’re not clean, (Right.) they don’t befit Heaven. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, why do people go to hell? Why do some go to Heaven, why do some go to hell? It’s not befitting. Whatever your quality is, you will be sucked into the similar quality area.

Or if they have heavy karma, they go direct to hell because they’re not clean, (Right.) they don’t befit Heaven. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, why do people go to hell? Why do some go to Heaven, why do some go to hell? It’s not befitting. Whatever your quality is, you will be sucked into the similar quality area. (Yes, Master.)

You see all the gambling people, they like to collect together, (Yes.) and the smoking people, they like to sit together. The gambling, they do together there. (Yes.) And the people who drink, they gather together in a party, and eat meat and drink wine together, and they feel that’s heaven, until they’re drunk, or they get sick. Because they are still healthy, so they think it’s OK. But they won’t be OK too long. (That’s right.) Whatever health leftover from the healthy lifestyle before, it’s going to succumb soon, (Right.) if they turn to meat and wine and alcohol and all that. (For sure.) Sooner or later, they will be deteriorated.

I hope I have answered you, because I’ve already forgotten what I told you. (No, Master has clearly explained that Biden, it’s too late for him. There’s nothing that can be done.) He’s working for the other side. He is spy-like, to destroy the enemies, quietly. And when he has this position even, he doesn’t have to do it quietly. Or he does it quietly with his dark energy, and also openly with his secular power, (Right.) his position. (Yes.)

Poor Trump, they’re still harassing him no end. Whenever I see something bad that’s done to Trump, I feel so sorry for him. I say to him, “Bless you, boy. Hang on in there. Hang on. Do your best. I pray for you.” That’s all I can do. (Yes, we’ll pray for him also.) (Yes, we will too.)

Oh, he’s such a poor guy. They attack him so much, so much, in every little pickel (pimple). Every little pebble, pickel they found, they throw it on him. (Yes.) Nonstop. I don’t know how he survives. Even some ridiculous thing, even some illegal thing, they still try to go around and do it. And then blame him for the things that he did legally. (Yes.) Blame him even for the border crisis, blame him for COVID-19. (Yes. My goodness.) Blame him for many other things; I can’t remember. I think they can make a list forever about anything, or about nothing. They can cook air into something. (Right.) My God. Shameless. What to do?

Alright. What else? (Previously, a while back, Master, when Trump was still president, there were negotiations with North Korea for peace and denuclearization. Now they seem to be blaming Trump for saying that that peace process was just for votes or for political gains. What do You think about that, Master?)

Both sides want something that the other side did not want to give. I guess that’s what it is. (Yes.) I don’t think Trump meant anything bad. He really wanted peace, so he made peace with many other countries. But they are stuck somewhere. (Yes.) There is a barrier somewhere that both could not break.

So, tell me, what is it that North Korea wanted from Trump when he was still president? What is the treaty? (Oh, yes. OK. During that time was the threat of nuclear war and all that.) Yeah, that was terrible. (So, the US wanted North Korea to be denuclearized. And North Korea, in order to do that, they wanted concessions or safeguards that the US won’t attack them once they have no more nuclear weapons. So, that’s one of the things, to make sure that they are safe from attack.)

OK. Now we take care of that first. (Yes.) I don’t think the United States wants to attack Korea. For what reason? (No reason.) He made peace with many other countries. (Oh, yes.) Why would he want to attack Korea? If the US wanted to attack Korea, they would have attacked long ago, before North Korea even started any nuclear program, (Yes.) or before, when they still had very little nuclear instruments, or percentage. (Yes.) So, I don’t know why North Korea is so scared. Of course, there’re too many wars already, and they don’t feel secure. (Yes.) It’s a lack of security because the world has been warring with each other for long, long, long… long as long as I remember. (Yes.) Decades long, hundred years long, even thousands years long.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we say, “If a bird has been shot before, even just a bent twig would scare him.” (Yes.) It looks like a bow. (Yes.) That’s why. And Koreans also had many times experienced the pain of war with other countries. It is a very sad affair. (Yes, very.) People cannot trust each other. (Yes.) And it’s also understandable. (Yes, Master.) But at some point, maybe we just have to start somewhere. (Yes, Master.)

If everyone is afraid of everyone like this, and everyone is just stockpiling nuclear arsenal, or other kinds of deadly, fatal weapons for war, then the world just keeps storing and piling up all these war weapons, and it makes the world even scarier. (Yes, definitely. Always the threat there.) Yes, there is, at the back of everybody’s minds. (Yes.) That’s why we did not have total peace up to now, because everybody is afraid of everybody else. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And so keep competing with each other for more and more deadly weapons, more and more mass destructive kinds of weapons. (Yes.)

It’s very sad. But you can’t blame Korea either, because many other countries also have nuclear weapons, (Yes.) even though they never used it. But it is a dangerous and risky thing. (Yes.) What if somebody just went mad or something, or even quarreled with his wife and didn’t talk to each other many days, and he happened to have control of the nuke button. (Oh, God.) (Yes, Master.) We’ll be doomed.

They should sit at the table again and maybe try to talk again. But I think North Korea, right now, does not trust Biden so much. (No, they don’t.) They became more anxious and more defensive, (Yes, right.) even more than before somehow. (Yes.) Any other things they want? (Well, I think part of the reason that North Korea was afraid of someone attacking is the similar situation with Iraq, with Saddam Hussein. When he gave up his weapons, at the end, he got attacked and then ended up getting killed. So that was one of the reasons why North Korea was afraid of following that path.)

Is that so? (Yes.) Yeah. Of course. Yes. And, North Korea is just sandwiched, I told you already, (Yes.) between big China (Ah, yes.) and South Korea, (Yes. Right.) which is backed behind by United States, (Yes.) and many other nations, in the free world countries. So, they feel nervous. (Yes.) Claustrophobic as well. (Yes. Right.) Who wouldn’t?

So actually, you asked me what I think. I think I would just pray again. What else would I do? (Yes, Master.) I don’t have any weapons. I only have a small kitchen knife, and a Swiss knife. (Yes.) A new one. They bought me a new one. Because last time after I boasted to you guys that I have a Swiss knife (Yes.) and I have all this small equipment just to “do it yourself,” nailing and fixing the wall and all that, (Yes.) and then next I know it, it’s gone! I told you, no? (Yes, You told us that You lost it.)

It’s in boxes. (Yes.) I probably buried it in the wall. Because the wall is too chaotic, so many beams. It doesn’t look smooth, so I put up some extra wall on it, some wood. (Yes.) Extra fake wood. (Yes.) And then I probably nailed the box inside. The box, nailed inside a small box, and the small box is inside a bigger box.

So the Heaven told me that, “It’s in the box.” I thought, “Which box?” And They said, “You are standing in it.” Remember, that’s the big box? (Yes, Master.) And I don’t know which small box that my box is buried inside. So, I don’t want to take the whole wall down again to find my Swiss knife, and some nails, and some screw stuff.

(It’s like a surgeon who leaves their equipment inside somebody.) Inside their stomach or wherever. It happened. (Yes.) Oh, my God. Pray that I never have it happen to me. (Oh, yes, Master.) So, at least these are just inside the box’s stomach, not in mine. Thank God for that. (Yes, Master.) It happens. Whoa, scary. This world is so scary. My God. (Yes, very. Yes.) And it ends always deadly, anyway.

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