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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 161 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood…”

In our previous episode, we began to explore some of the well-known past appearances of the Venerated Saint Mary around the world, and Her messages of warning to humankind about the end times. Perhaps it is no coincidence that God sends the Beloved Mother of Lord Jesus Christ to speak to us about these harrowing predictions: In the face of God’s Wrath and punishments, She brings us hope, gentle Mercy, and feminine Grace.

“Great storms are battering humanity today. The devil is attacking with all his might. Christ Jesus, using His Mother, is defending its poor souls.”

We just heard a message from Saint Mary to the world, as was recorded in 1991 by Gladys Quiroga de Motta, an ordinary Argentinian housewife whose prolific Divine experiences have been recognized by the Catholic Church. This particular message reveals that Lord Jesus Christ is working together with Saint Mary, in order to defend human souls from Satan.

In other accounts, the Blessed Mother Mary is even holding back the Wrath of God. In 1846, a Lady was seen by two children at the village of La Salette outside Grenoble, France. Radiating light that was “even more brilliant” than the Sun, She sweetly asked the youngsters to tell the people: “If my people do not obey, I shall be compelled to let loose my Son’s arm. It is so heavy and weighty that I can no longer hold it.”

“This world is really in troubled waters, deep, deep, deep, deep in troubled waters. And I fear for humankind, what’s happening next. When I was a young kid, I saw a film about Tarzan. (Yes.) At the end, there were the two mountains coming together, at least two big stones, and he had to spread both of his hands out to stop the stones from closing in. But imagine, how long is he going to do that? How long can he? (Yes, not long.) Yeah, if it’s so urgent like that. Either the mountains have to stop collapsing onto each other, or he just has to give in one day. So, the situation of the world is like that. We can keep it afloat, but the humans have to change.

When Saint Mary appeared in Japan in 1973, She also said: “In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood…”

“Our planet would have been destroyed long ago, our world would have ceased to exist if we had not had many benevolent, compassionate Masters who came and went during all our history of humankind. (Yes, Master.) And even now, even if there are no practitioners, no Master’s power to uphold this planet, it would be gone. Because the sins of seven billion people are too great. Too heavy. It’s shaken Heaven and Earth. (Wow.) It pierces all hearts of devas and deities everywhere in the whole universe.”

“(During my daily world prayer session today, I saw my Inner Master holding a little lamb in Her arms. Master was heartbroken over the death of the little lamb’s mother. Master had Her knees on the ground, and Her tears fell like rain on the little lamb. From one moment to the next, Master’s image alternated between that of Herself and the Lord Jesus Christ, as if two transparent images were superimposed on each other.

But the little lamb’s eyes were red with anger, because humans had killed his mother and all his relatives. His heart was filled with hatred for humanity. Crying, Master Jesus took a dagger and cut Her own wrist. Blood dripped profusely onto the little lamb’s body. Alas, Master had cut Herself and offered Her own blood as a sacrifice to the lamb. She was using Her Sacred Blood to pay for the sins of meat-eating humans. But the lamb was not satisfied!

This little lamb symbolizes all the victimized animals of the world. Because the animals were so abused and were slaughtered in such large numbers by humans while alive, their hatred had coalesced and manifested as a little lamb. Why did the animals choose the form of a little lamb? Because animals are pure, innocent, and helpless, like little children needing human protection, but were tortured and killed by humans in cold blood. So now, the collective resentment of these animals is aiming straight at Earth again!

Their resentful energy rose into the sky and turned into a dark cloud. It circled the Earth several times until the entire planet was engulfed by a smoky, misty black cloud. The black cloud ran around the globe shrieking and screaming. It was the anguished howls of despair, of one backed up hopelessly against the wall. Their screams reverberated throughout the entire Universe. The sounds of their distressed wailing and hateful roars reached the farthest corners of the Universe.

Then, there appeared many angels in the sky. They were attired like the Greek gods and were looking at the poor animals on Earth with pity and mournful love. In their hands were long horns, with which they blew a collective low-pitched note that sounded like ‘Mmmm...’ That was the trumpet of the ‘Apocalypse’! But this apocalypse was a sad warning ‒ warning humankind: ‘The end time is near!

The angels sprinkled down white flowers, and Master’s face again began to alternate between that of Her own and Lord Jesus. Master took in the pure flowers, which represented the angels’ lament for Her, She held the flowers up with both hands, but the blood on Her hands stained the flowers red. The imagery was both holy and shocking. Master’s sacrifice was immense because Her Sacred Blood is very precious. I wanted to step forward to stop the bleeding for Master, but Master looked at me sadly and shook Her head in refusal. Before long, She had lost so much blood that She was lying lifelessly on the ground. The angels were weeping for Master’s sacrifice, but there was nothing they could do.

Then, the dark cloud of grievances of the animals that was circling the planet, descended as a black animal and wrapped itself around Master’s waist several times, forming a tight black belt around Her, meaning to squeeze Her to death. Master was in pain and could not breathe. I wanted to go over and free Master from the black belt, but Master again shook Her head to stop me, because it was a sacrifice that Master had voluntarily made for Earth and should not be stopped. After Master was constricted into unconsciousness, some anger was released from the belt of the animals’ grievances, and the belt gradually began to loosen, becoming lighter in color.

Suddenly, at that moment, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared. She had the appearance of a Middle Eastern woman, with a slightly dark complexion and a very compassionate and affectionate look. She looked at Master Jesus lovingly and sorrowfully, then took the black belt in Her hands and wrapped it around Her fingers. As She did so, the black belt became thinner. The Blessed Virgin gently said to the vengeful spirits of the animals around her hands: ‘Children, let me sing to you!’ She then sang like a gentle mother, Her voice sounding very holy and tender, like a church hymn. The lyrics of Her song were: ‘O Holy Lord Jesus Christ! O my child! Your mother has come to look after You! Many years ago, Your sacrifice felt like a dagger piercing my heart! Today, Your sacrifice still makes my heart bleed, like red roses bleeding on a wreath of thorns! O My child, let Mama comfort you!’

As the Blessed Virgin sat by Lord Jesus, the Lord was transformed into the little baby soon after He was born as baby Jesus, sleeping peacefully in the cradle. The Blessed Virgin Mary then rocked Master Jesus in the cradle. It was pure motherly love. Even if the identity of the baby was not Lord Jesus, She would have loved him deeply all the same.

The next thing we knew, the dark cloud of the animals’ grievances grew again. It gradually enveloped both Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, encircling them round and round. The Blessed Virgin was undisturbed. In a very sweet tone, She called out to the animal mothers in the dark circles, telling them: ‘Dear animal mothers, my child Master Jesus will take your children to Heaven. Why don’t you take your children and follow Him to Heaven?’ Her energy was so kind and serene. Many animal mothers were touched by her motherliness, feeling that they were of the same kind. They then left with their pig babies, deer babies, cow babies, and chicken babies. Even giraffe mothers and snake mothers took their children and followed Master Jesus to Heaven. Their resentment had dissipated immensely.

But there was still a wild bull pawing the ground angrily, wanting to attack Master. The Blessed Virgin walked over to him and said to him with boundless love, ‘My child, I remember you were a human child a long time ago.’ The bull instantly turned into a human baby sitting on the ground, with a pair of innocent blue eyes. He remembered the human life he once had and was moved by the memory. He then let go of revenge and left with Master. The black cloud became thinner and thinner. The Blessed Virgin asked, ‘Enough? Aren’t the payments made by humans enough? Master wishes to take on the debts of humans. Is that OK?’ The other animals nodded. They collected their blood debts and were satisfied. They then followed Master to Heaven.

Then, in an instant, the inner realm changed! On Earth, countless children ran around happily on the meadows. It was the dawn of a new Earth. I thought to myself, ‘Has Earth escaped another crisis?’ The Blessed Virgin said with a vacant look: ‘Master’s sacrifice will earn you a period of peace. I just don’t know when sacrifices will no longer be needed.’ With a heavy heart, I thanked the Blessed Virgin Mary for the love and help She gave our Master Jesus. She then departed into the distance…)”

God keeps warning us but we don’t listen. Any religion would teach you nonviolence: “Thou shall not kill.” (Yes, Master.) But the people who read that every day or who go to the church every week, who have the Bible in their home, they don’t obey that Commandment. (Yes.) That’s why God was angry, and God wanted to destroy the whole world. If it’s not been for some interventions from some good practitioners, then we’d have been doomed a long time ago already.

I wish all of you, all the Quan Yin practitioners and all other practitioners, good, good practitioners, all the best from the most Gracious God, so that they continue to help and bless the world visibly and invisibly, to please God, to appease all the murdered, innocent humans and animals so that they don’t continue revenging on us, on our world.

And may God bless us. May God bless all the world, bless especially the poor animals, so there’s no more suffering for them. May God bless our world to be completely vegan so that we can save ourselves, our children, our world, and the animals from all suffering. Amen.

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