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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 157 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“Then there will be a terrible war between him (Satan) and the Master (Lord Jesus Christ), for when he (Satan) sees that the end is approaching, he will revolt against Heaven in terrible anger…”

The Christian predictions say that once Lord Jesus Christ returns, He will wage a final battle against Satan and his army. It will be a spiritual battle for souls, and for peace on Earth.

The early Christian author Lactantius wrote: “Then the righteous and the followers of truth shall separate themselves from the wicked, and flee into solitudes. And when he hears of this, the impious king, inflamed with anger, will come with a great army, and bringing up all his forces, will surround all the mountain in which the righteous shall be situated, that he may seize them. But they, when they shall see themselves to be shut in on all sides and besieged, will call upon God with a loud voice, and implore the aid of Heaven; and God shall hear them, and send from Heaven a great King to rescue and free them, and destroy all the wicked with fire and sword.”

According to this prediction, just when the righteous humans are about to be too overwhelmed by Satan’s chaos, their prayers will be mercifully answered: a Savior referred to as “a great King” will come to free them and vanquish Satan’s forces! Could this Rescuer be the Second Coming of Christ?

Following the horrific World War I, the even deadlier World War II took place, ending with the dropping of two atomic bombs in 1945. Many people saw this as the brink of humankind’s self-annihilation. It was time for the Savior to be sent from On High, and we believe She did incarnate shortly after that critical point.

“(I would like to tell my inner experience. My father is a Catholic. I saw You as Jesus Christ, twice. Master sat in the sky and had a great Light surrounding Her.)”

“(I went to Spain to get initiation. When Master taught us to recite the Five (Holy) Names, I was reciting while looking at Master. I saw Master’s face turn into the face of Christ, instead of Master’s face.)”

“(In my dream, I was embraced by a sacred and peaceful white Light. Jesus Christ appeared in a white robe and long hair with His back facing me, just the way I remember. In awe and excitement, I walked to Him, and He slowly turned around -- it was Master Ching Hai…)”


Sometimes referred to as Armageddon, the ultimate confrontation between Christ and Satan has been mentioned as early as the 10th century, in a Greek text about the Eastern Orthodox saint named Andreas Salos.

“Then there will be a terrible war between him (Satan) and the Master (Lord Jesus Christ), for when he (Satan) sees that the end is approaching, he will revolt against Heaven in terrible anger…”

“It’s like a wounded animal, it gives itself the best, the best fight. I told you we have only some millions of the other side left, but they’re everywhere, they’re posted everywhere. But I have to also tell you that it has never been so strong like this before. Wow! The whole day I have been kind of in a battlefield. I have to think all kinds of strategy, to get somebody out of trouble, to smooth out the problem. They do that, it’s just maya. It’s not even them; they are just the instruments. It’s just one after another like this. Almost every day, something. Whew! Almost every day, something. While you are sitting here, all quiet, I’m running: “Hah, huh, hah, huh...” Kung-fu here, Kung-fu there! Don’t worry. They are dying, that’s why. The negative power, dying.”

“We work together to save the world. As long as people all become vegan, have compassion, and protect the environment and the animals, everyone will change sooner or later, and the negative power will surely disappear. Yes. Right now, they are fighting the last battle. It’s the last battle, that’s why it’s more brutal.”

Much like a soldier exposed to the enemy on the front, Master constantly forsakes Her own safety, peace and wellness, in order to rescue and defend the helpless sentient beings. Although everyone may know the prophesied outcome of the final battle – the absolute triumph of Christ – Her immeasurable sacrifices and efforts must never be taken for granted.

“(Master, You can’t disappoint us. And it doesn’t matter about You overthrowing the rule of maya, because You fight for us, You defend us, You guide us, You advocate for us and I know I speak for so many people, that is so much. And we appreciate. And all the people who aren’t Your followers might not know to appreciate, but You’d fight for them, and You’d defend them too. And it’s not what You can do, but it’s what Your intention is, and thank You for being You.)”

What a momentous series of events it was in 2019 and 2020 when Supreme Master Ching Hai finally locked up Satan, or maya, and his subordinate demons back into the abyss of hell!

“Wow, a lot of work, but I really cannot bear that guy (maya) anymore. I know everything is illusion, for me; but for other beings, they are not illusion. They are in true suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, untold misery. And he always interfered with my job, also. He wanted to slow me down, he used the dogs, he used humans, he used all kinds of things just to stop me. And one time, the last one, I asked him, ‘What did you do that for? This time, why you did that?’ And he said, ‘To kill You.’ Kill me not like immediately but wear me out. By this and that problem. And another thing, the negative force, also gone. Bye-bye! Maybe the future generation will be better than our generation. Lighter. Easy to understand the Truth, easy to believe the Truth, easy to practice the Truth. One more thing, not yet. And the force of karma is? (Gone.) Gone! Bye-bye! These three things I took care.”

This was certainly a fulfillment of the prophecy in the Bible’s Book of Revelation, in which “the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan” was seized and bound for a thousand years. However, while this is a crucial and monumental step in the Divine Plan, the battle is not yet over, for traces of the serpent still remain…

(Master,) Yes. (now that You’ve locked away maya, does that reduce the impact of the snake or… should the snake have less influence on people’s mentality?)

The snake is now inside the humans. That is the problem. After millions of millions of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, the snake has infiltrated the human system already. So it is for us now to decide. Maya is an extra, external force that makes it more difficult to resist. But maya is gone; that’s a less extra burden only. The snake is still inside. The poison is still there, lingering. It’s very difficult to take out. We have to take the free will now in our hands. And the power of love and forgiveness and the power of the children of God to decide what’s the best to do. What’s the right thing to do. No one else can help us except ourselves.”

With Satan and his most powerful demons removed from our world, it is up to all of us to determine our own individual fates, especially now at this time of the Final Judgment.

“Therefore, they who have known God shall be judged, and their deeds, that is, their evil works, shall be compared and weighed against their good ones; so that if those which are good and just are more and weighty, they may be driven to a life of blessedness; but if the evil exceed, they may be condemned to punishment.”

That’s the way we do, this time of life in our world now. It’s not like before, lenient and wait and patience. (Yes, Master.) It’s the order of Heaven right now. Now it’s just black and white. Go to Heaven or you go to hell, accordingly.

Lactantius continued to say that even the faithful will be judged: “When He shall have judged the righteous, He will also try them with fire. Then they whose sins shall exceed either in weight or in number shall be scorched by the fire and burnt; but they whom full justice and maturity of virtue have imbued will not perceive that fire.”

During these difficult times, Master has also cautioned Her disciples to be extra vigilant. “‘We always have to pray to the Almighty God, and dedicate all our good and failure to the Almighty, to ask Hirm to forgive our sins and give us liberation. New disciples, old disciples should all say this.’ (Yes, Master.) Recommended by OU (Original Universe). Before initiation and after initiation, and all the time.”

“You have to really keep yourself in high moral and virtuous way of life. Otherwise, you will just go down like everyone else. If you destroy your own merit, if the merit is too thin and you just make one more, even little immoral act or mistake, then that merit will be destroyed. It will balance out and then you will be uncovered. So, the highpoint is: Always keep yourself in the moral frame of precepts. Always pray for your protection. Not just actions. Even our bad thinking will affect us, first of all, and also affect other people, whomever you directed your bad thinking to. So we have to always keep vigilance, really keep vigilance. Speech, thoughts, and actions, all these three… Actually, there’re only three precepts we should keep. We keep pure in our thoughts, we keep pure in our speech, we keep pure in our actions. That’s only three things to guard. So it’s not difficult, is it? Try, please, for your own sake and for the sake of the world.”

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