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Heaven Testimonies, Part 10 — Visits to Other Planets

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Q(f): One time in meditation You helped me go up, I think that is Level Four, because that is very dark, and then I was talking to the people up there, and suddenly I looked back and then I saw the whole half of the planet is light, power. I received right away, “Oh, that’s my Master, I should go there with my Master.” And then I flew back, it’s far away, I saw You were so beautiful, and then You were wearing the king clothing and it’s a dragon king. It’s very nice and there was a lot of power from You. And behind You, some disciples. I think it is disciples. But they had light, too. I saw You and You went to a big mountain, it’s a very dark mountain. And You closed the mountain. When it opened, I saw a lot of light, and it opened and You came in. And then I could come in too. I went to another planet. It is very beautiful. Very, very beautiful planet.

Master: More beautiful than the last one? (Much more than last one.) It’s more beautiful all the time.

Q(f): So I went up and I saw the moon and I saw the sun. I touched them. And I went to another planet. That one is very, very light, beautiful, and then I came in, I saw all the diamonds, all the gold, everything is very, very beautiful. I checked as You taught to me if you go to the Heaven level or the Buddha’s level, when you walk in, it’s no shadow. So I walk in and I tested it, there is no shadow. And I said this is a great planet. So I saw all the stones, it’s very beautiful. Before I left that planet, I took one and put in my pocket. I came down to a dark level. And I thought to take that one and put in the dark level to see if it is still light or not. I take it out, and beautiful, it is still light.

Master: Still light and beautiful. (I thought, “Oh, that’s a very high level.” And I then I thought, “Thank You Master for letting me go there, and give me the chance to see that.”) You are welcome. Suppose you die now, that’s where you will go. (Excellent, thank You, Master.) But if you continue, you will go to an even better place than that. Of course, yes, yes. So it doesn’t matter. (I love that, Master. Thank You so much.) Upstairs is your house, you see in those levels, one of your houses, so everything there will belong to you. (Oh, great, thank You so much.) It’s good that you brought one and put it to the dark level, so let people in the dark level drool over it. Then they maybe aspire for higher Heaven. (I don’t have questions, I just have experiences,) It’s good. (because everything You taught me very well. I listen to You and I receive everything. You love me very much.)

Q(f): One day I watched Discovery Channel, the scientists were talking about the faraway planet, it has a lot of people. Every day I woke up and meditated and then before the meditation, I prayed to Master, “Master, please allow me to go and see that planet.” And then I saw that planet, it’s so beautiful. The people are so tall. It’s not the same as our physical; it’s white looking, looks like nice, clear white. They look at me with the eyes and I see them very, very friendly. I saw all the transportation from there. We have a car here

Master: Yes.

Q(f): but they have a different thing. But goes very fast. It goes in the light and goes very fast. They stand in the air, or they walk and sit on the air. I am really happy that Master allowed me to go and see them myself.

Master: I told you. (If the scientists listen to Master and come to Master’s initiation, Master will bring them there, they’d have more understanding. They don’t need to wait so many years.) Of course, not yet. If they are all vegan, and they practice spiritually the way you do, they will understand right away. Or sooner. (Hopefully Master will help them.) Yes, I’d like to help them but they have got to help themselves. They have to believe what I am saying. It’s difficult. At least if they are vegan, no more killing energy, then their intelligence will even be more developed and no obstruction to their intelligence. Because people eat meat too much and sometimes take drugs, alcohol and drink all that, they create a kind of destructive and obstructive energy. So the other energy from the space, from other planets is difficult to reach us. If they purify themselves, the way you do, you turn to vegan, you get initiation from me and then you enjoy yourself. (Yes, it’s true.) Just I help you to awaken your own wisdom inside you, and your Master power. Then you can go visit the whole universe, any corner you want.

Vegan: Your seat in Heaven can’t be exchanged.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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