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Heaven Testimonies, Part 6 — Meeting Jesus and Thousand-handed Buddha When Traveling in Heaven wth Master

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There have been a lot of miraculous experiences during my meditation. For instance, Master took me to the Kingdom of God twice.

The first time, when I thought that my body was about to be pulverized, Master immediately sent me to a safer place. I saw Jesus Christ during His last supper.

The second time, I saw Jesus Christ lecturing to disciples on a high mountain. I saw that the corner of the Lord Jesus’ robe was floating, and that His lips were moving. I then immediately remembered Master’s words: “Lord Jesus is in a level closer to the Kingdom of God, lecturing to people who are more highly evolved.” This is indeed correct! Every time I saw Lord Jesus, I wanted very much to stay with Him. So, He allowed me to look at Him for a very long time.

Master also took me to Heaven to look at flowers. The flowers in the Heavenly garden were fresh, beautiful and charming. They danced rhythmically. It was really wonderful. I looked at them happily and silently. At the same time, I also paid homage to the genius of God.

One time, I was taken by maya to a deep valley, maybe to clear up some old karma. There was no feeling of fear. I recited Master’s name and then an intense golden, yellow Light immediately blazed forth and I returned safely. I am very grateful to Master for saving me in time. I stayed in the Light for a long time and saw the white Light turn into silver threads, hanging above my head.

Another time, Master took me to see the Thousand-handed Buddha. I was situated very close to Him. When I saw Him, I immediately knew that this is a great Buddha. He was very authoritative. Then, I saw a whirling pair of hands slowly extended out, followed by another pair. The turning became faster and faster. I thanked Him with the highest respect. I thanked Him for the many blessings that He had, through His grace, bestowed upon me. He allowed me to understand that He has been busy saving sentient beings without ever stopping. At that time, the manifested body of Master also appeared in hundreds and thousands of different clothes of different colors – lecturing here, relieving suffering there, caring for the refugees, etc. My heart was filled with infinite reverence and boundless love for Her.

I had truly hoped to see Master at Hsihu on Supreme Master Ching Hai Day on the 25th of October last year. However, I didn’t go because of some business. Nevertheless, during meditation, Master took me to participate in the festivities. I saw the happy crowd in Hsihu, and a sedan carrying Her, exactly like what I have seen later on video. The difference is that in the vision Master was radiating very bright Light. All the monks also had Light surrounding them. That night, I heard a church bell ringing non-stop, after which I heard very harmonious Heavenly music which I have never heard before in my life.

Once, Master took me to hell to save a relative of mine from bitter punishment. I felt limitless gratitude. Master also let me see flooding in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and in Australia. Because of the vision, I knew five to ten days beforehand the place and time of these events. Together with my mother we prayed for the sentient beings’ safety.

I sincerely thank You Master, and most respectfully wish Your holy body good health. May You be young and live long, and continue to teach disciples and save all sentient beings in the world.

Vegan: God loves the benevolent.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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