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Visits to Hell, Part 1 – Hell’s Meat Grinder

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Q(f): On the day Master came back to Hsihu from France, I went to see Master. In the evening, the inner Master told me, “Your friend has fallen into hell. Hurry up and go.” So, I went. Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva was there to greet me. Then He took me to a place where meat-eating beings would fall into. It’s a big square, and many beings were lining up at the sides. In the middle, it seemed to me that it was bigger than a football field. And there were beings from the five continents with skin tones of white, black, and yellow, etc. And later a kind of meat grinding device suddenly fell from the sky. That is, a meat grinder suddenly appeared out of thin air, and then a loud humming sound began. And later there were horrendous cries.

Master: I see.

Q(f): And everyone stood in a circle; the diameter was one and a half meters. Then they were all ground up with flesh and blood everywhere. Later, after it was done, they had to line up again, being punished like this 3-5 times a day. Then I quickly recited the Five Holy Names and the Gift from the Seventh Level, and that hell was emptied of all beings.

Master: They’re liberated.

Q(f): Then I asked that friend, “Why did you fall into this place?” She said, “You had told me to be vegan and change my profession, but I did not listen. Then suddenly, I got cancer and died.” After dying she found that she had become a dog. She remembered her home. So, she ran desperately there but her family did not recognize her. She thought, “I was human but now I have become a dog. I don’t want to live anymore.” Then she starved herself. She was only a puppy, so she starved to death. She thought that after dying she would be human again and continue enjoying human life.

Master: No, the karma has not been paid off. (Right, but she did not believe it.) It was already very good that she could be a dog. It’s much worse to be ground up (Yes.) by that machine.

Q(f): Later she regretted it. And she said, “I must believe in you and your Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai.” And on that day, the hell was emptied because of Master’s grace.

Master: That’s better. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. (After the hell was emptied, she went to Heaven straight away by Master’s Power. So, I’m very grateful.) Thank you for your help. (Thank You, Master.) Since you have affinity with her, at least you knew her before and offered advice to her, you could go there and help. Did she thank you? (She’s very grateful. After going to Heaven, she often told me, “I will learn to practice spiritually.” She is very grateful to Master and me.) OK. (Thank You.)

Be vegan, Repentant = Save your soul!

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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