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Tim Barford (vegan) -Trailblazer for UK's Vegan Festivals

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On today’s program we meet Mr. Tim Barford, a dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic special events organizer devoted to promoting the vegan lifestyle wherever and whenever he can. In 2003, Tim founded VegFest, one of the first vegan festivals in the UK. From humble beginnings, VegFest has since become the largest vegan event in the country. More recently, Tim organized the first Plant Powered Expo, held on February 1st and 2nd, 2020 at Olympia, London. “What’s important here is that Plant Powered Expo very much focuses on the benefits of plant-based living, very much solutions-based, and very much focusing on the health benefits, the food, the environmental impact of living on plant-based diets and following the plant-based lifestyle. Importantly however, it also includes an underpinning aspect of the vegan philosophy. So, the vegan philosophy is 'justice for animals.'”

One of the major attractions of Plant Powered Expo was the food. Guests enjoyed free samples of delicious vegan meats, cheeses, pizzas, ice-cream, chocolate, and cakes. In addition to food, Plant Powered Expo encourages people to live greener, more sustainable lives. One aspect of this is environmentally friendly packaging.

"If you're a frustrated vegan that’s seeing so many people, your friends and family still eating animal products, be patient! Keep promoting that ethical position, but in a calm, friendly, supportive manner. Every time your friends and colleagues choose another plant-based option, celebrate that! "

"From an animal justice perspective, it's a need-to, to go vegan. From a global warming perspective, it's a need-to, to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, whenever you can!" Our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai speaks frequently about the urgent need for the global switch to a vegan diet, as it would reverse climate change, protect the environment, and save the lives of billions of innocent animals. Furthermore, the vegan diet has great benefits for humans as well, both spiritually and physically.

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