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The Millennium Eve with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 8 of 9

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The last programs are from USA disciples. 'The Gift.' Thank you American disciples for the wonderful performance. Let's welcome Master Ching Hai.

"We made it. Everybody, everyone was so worried about Year 2000. Before! As if we are not going to be here anymore, at the Year 2000. But we are still here. Congratulations! Wow! We made it, and I hope from today everybody leaves me alone for a while. Because the nervous energy of the planet before the Year 2000 nearly killed me. I kept telling everyone that it’s going to be okay, that I am still going to be around in Year 2000. But nobody believed it, and made so much noise, generated so much nervous and worrying energy. So I am glad it's over.

I am glad we are in the Year 2000. I congratulate myself. Because at least, people are happy now, and more peaceful now that the Year 2000 is already here. And all the people on this planet relax at least for a while, and I feel better. I feel more peaceful and relaxed, too. Because nobody is going to worry so much anymore. At least, for some time. And that’s why, I congratulate myself, and you, and all the people on this planet. You are wonderful! And thank you for a very magnificent retreat and a beautiful evening.

That’s a very good memory for a new millennium. And let’s hope that from today, ourselves and the people on this planet will change for the better always, inside and outside. We are going, we are stepping into the Golden Age! You are going to be happy! At least, at least for us, it is the Golden Age, because we feel really, really good. We feel really good, since the time of initiation. But we feel better now, since the whole planet's population is relaxed. We feel also much... much, much more light, much lighter. And since this relaxing, peaceful atmosphere is going to affect everyone, our practice of meditation will be much, much better, smoother, more peaceful, more fruitful, and you are going to be very, very happy."

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