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The Millennium Eve with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 3 of 9

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The next one performed is by Hong Kong Center, “All Stars Celebrate the Year of 2000.” "All the angels are gathered here to celebrate the millennium. The universe is in peace, that is all beings' will. We respectfully greet all the Buddhas from the ten directions. Buddha Ching Hai descends to Earth. How lucky the sentient beings are. Merrily, we celebrate the joyous millennium together. People from Heaven and Earth all cheer in high spirit, looking forward to a beautiful future. Please welcome the Heavenly Mother and Chang Er from the moon." "Today is a very special day that comes once in a thousand years. I am invited here to the Earth." "I, Chang Er, have also come here with our Heavenly Mother. Look! The Buddha land on Earth! It's more beautiful than in Heaven!" "Yes, it is." "Dear Heavenly Mother, welcome!" "Now, let's welcome ZhuGe KongMing and the iron faced judge, Mr. Bao!" "It’s an honor to be invited here today. To have this chance to see the living Master, I am overjoyed!" "Brother KongMing, do you know that I am invited here by Master?" "The Heavenly King's best disciple - NerJa, and the famous female general - Hua Mu-lan, are also here to celebrate the millennium with our beloved Master." "Hey, why are you adults so nervous? Even though I am just a kid, I've been to many grand celebrations. Oh! I'm here to celebrate the millennium with my Heavenly Mother. This is really special. Ha, ha, ha!" "Ha, ha, ha? It's been a long time since I saw him! He still boasts a lot! You see, my attire is so beautiful today!" "We wish Master the best health and happiness forever! We wish peace on Earth and happiness to all beings in the world." Let us thank the initiates from Hong Kong for their performance.

The next program is presented by the Singapore Center, “A-feng and the King.” I’ve watched many 'A-feng and the King,' I didn’t expect our initiates to be so professional. This is the benefit of having a real Master. The next program is “Mu-lan Fan & Eastern Dragon Dance.” Everyone, please enjoy!

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