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The Millennium Eve with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 5 of 9

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To be able to spend this historic night with an enlightened Master is our greatest blessing in this lifetime. We invite our enlightened Master to give us Her blessings. “Happy New Year, again! I think you know already that the Year 2000 forward will be a very splendid time for us and for the world. God bless us a lot, more and more every day. So there is nothing for me to wish you. You will have everything in abundance. Happy 2000.”

Let's welcome the next century’s dancing. “Who brought over the callings from our ancient past? Who left all these longings thousands of years ago? Could it be the wordless song? Or is it the unforgettable admiration? Ah… I see mountains and rivers one after another. One connected to the next toward the Tibetan Plateau. Ya-la-suo, that's Tibetan Plateau. Who is looking at the blue sky at a distance all day long? Who is longing for the eternal dream? Could it be a song praising its beauty? Or is it the unchangeable dignity?”

The next program is the “Boat Song,” performed by Indonesian disciples. “Owah! The wind blows into my sails. The boat is rocking me and sends me to the place I miss day and night. Owah! The wind blows into my sails. Master, I long to see You, to express how much I miss You. Before I have come to You, please do remember me. Please wait for me. Please patiently wait for me. Supreme Master Ching Hai! My heart is like the warm eastern sunrise.”

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