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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously presents the Shining World Leadership Award for Justice to the Honorable Judge Elena Liberatori from Argentina, who ruled for the legal rights and sentience of orangutans, new reclaimed island in Maldives to house over 40% of the country’s population, Baleares Islands to reduce waste by 20% in next decade, Massachusetts, United States, to switch to electric vehicles, 12-year-old girl’s actions raise funds for a kind man, almost nine out of 10 people in the United Kingdom want to ban factory farming, and in Indonesia, newly hatched sea turtles make their way to the ocean.

In Shining World Leadership Award for Justice News from Argentina…

History was made in 2015 when the Honorable Judge Elena Liberatori ruled that orangutans are considered “non-human” persons, with a right to be respected as sentient beings. This changed the life of an orangutan named Sandra who had lived at Argentina’s Buenos Aires Zoo for 20 years. Her appeal for freedom was originally launched by the Association of Officials and Lawyers for Animal Rights. When Judge Liberatori considered Sandra’s case, she decided the orangutan should be granted legal personhood, meaning that Sandra no longer had to live in captivity. Following a review of expert opinions on the best place for Sandra to go, Judge Liberatori asked a sanctuary in Florida, United States to accept her. The beautiful orangutan, who celebrates her 35th birthday today, is now living in the Center for Great Apes, along with her many primate friends.

“In regards to the consciousness of the animals, I regretted that in October 2015, which is the date of my decision, at that time I had not known the 2012 Declaration of Cambridge, which I learned about the following year on the occasion of the scientist Stephen Hawking’s death. Because it was thanks to his support and his sponsorship that in 2012 a lot of neurological scientists came together in Cambridge. They concluded and announced to the world that the neurological basis for feeling both joy and pain are exactly the same in animals and in humans. And since sentience is a scientific concept, it can be a legal concept. In other words, animals are subjects of law because they are sentient beings.”

Upon learning of Judge Liberatori’s enlightened decision, Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully presented her with the Shining World Leadership Award for Justice, “with high esteem, praises and gratitude in God’s mercy. Also, to the Center for Great Apes, a humble contribution of US$15,000 in support of their caring work.”

Judge Liberatori graciously accepted the crystalline award plaque and Master’s publications and DVDs. The Award read, “In recognition of exemplary wise rulings advocating for voiceless animals, recognizing and acknowledging through lawful interpretation the divine sentience of animals, and for lovingly uplifting our planet.”

“Supreme Master Ching Hai, I wanted to thank You wholeheartedly for the beautiful award You have conferred on me and the beautiful letter with Your affection, Your love and Your blessings to me… Thank You for this recognition, with all my heart, that makes us stronger and urges us to continue in the search for the love and harmony from human beings towards nature and our beloved animals. And a special thanks, full of love, with that sweet and meek gaze that Sandra has, as today she is in the Center for Great Apes, enjoying a natural life alongside her fellow beings.”

Our earnest gratitude, Honorable Judge Elena Liberatori, for your noble decision, and our heartfelt wishes for a very Happy Birthday, Sandra! We warmly thank the Center for Great Apes and all those who have helped Sandra find a safe home. In the tender care of the Divine, may all animals be respected and loved as part of our Earthling family.

For the full presentation of the Shining World Leadership Award for Justice to the Honorable Judge Elena Liberatori, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

Maldives constructs “City of Hope” to address the threats of climate change.

As part of its efforts to enhance resilience against rising sea levels, Maldives has built Hulhumalé, a fully reclaimed, 432-hectare city located approximately eight kilometers from the country’s capital of Malé. Launched in 1997, Hulhumalé was created by using millions of cubic meters of sand from the sea floor to raise the new island to over two meters above sea level. It is currently home to more than 98,000 residents and plans to have the capacity to house up to 240,000, or 43% of Maldives’ population by the mid-2020s. With its development based on urban sustainability, Hulhumalé features solar energy generation, rainwater harvesting, electric buses, bicycle lanes and is slated to be a smart city connected by optical fiber technology. Bravo, Maldives. May your new settlement herald a safe and prosperous future for your lovely citizens, in Heaven’s glory.

Up next, Baleares Islands aim to reduce waste by 20% in next decade. We’ll take a moment to thank order clerks who receive customers’ orders, process the payments, and help to answer questions about their delivery status. Please stay for more worthwhile news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, vibrant viewers, it’s Mego the vegan Marmoset! Do you know why I feel so good? I will let you in on my secret: it’s because I’m vegan! Today, I have a safety tip on how you can cautiously dispose of broken glass, as it is a hazard to workers who have to gather and go through your recyclables. First, set the glass onto a piece of scrap cloth and tightly wrap it so that it is completely covered. Then, using a hammer, carefully break it up into smaller fragments. Next, place it in a box just big enough to hold it. Close the box and secure it with durable tape. In large bold letters, label the box: “Danger! Broken glass in box.” Lastly, set it aside until garbage collection day, when you will then place it in the bin. Thank you and love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. And thanks for tuning in. Now, the weather around the world!

Balearic Islands takes steps to replace single-use plastic.

To reduce waste from the tourist industry, the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain, adopted a new “Plastic Free Balearics” project. Developed by non-profit IbizaPreservation and marine protection organization Save the Med, both based in the Balearic Islands, the initiative will help the tourism industry transition to replacing single-use plastics with reusable and sustainable solutions. Beyond Plastic Med, a Monaco-based association, is helping to finance the program. In March 2021, a Balearic law banning single-use plastics, which includes a wide range of items such as plastic bags, dishes, cutlery, drinking cups and straws, is set to go into effect. The islands seeks to achieve a 20% reduction in waste by 2030. Our applause and appreciation, Balearic Islands, IbizaPreservation, Save the Med, and Beyond Plastic Med association. May your eco project help bring the islands to a flourishing and pristine state, in God’s grace.

All cars sold in Massachusetts to be electric by 2035.

The Governor of Massachusetts, United States, the Honorable Charlie Baker released a plan that requires all cars produced or sold in the state to be electric by 2035. It is part of the Massachusetts 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap, which outlines how they propose to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050. Governor Baker stated, “The people of Massachusetts are experiencing record droughts, increased risk of wildfire, severe weather, and flooding in our coastal communities…. making it critical that we take action.” Massachusetts is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate. Our hats off, the Honorable Charlie Baker and Massachusetts, for your forward-thinking policies. In the light of Heaven, may your goals be achieved soon as our world increases the use of sustainable, environmentally sound technology.

Grateful girl helps raise money for honest man experiencing homelessness.

After 57-year-old Sean Currey found a wallet in San Rafael, California, United States, containing credit cards, he returned it fully intact to the owner, 80-year-young Evelyn Topper, even though he was living out of his vehicle at the time. Wanting to reward the upright gentleman, Ms. Topper’s granddaughter, 12-year-old Mikayla Gounard, requested that for her birthday relatives and friends donate money for Mr. Currey in lieu of gifts. The drive-by event generated US$475. Following this, Vanessa Topper, Mikayla’s mother, raised over US$54,000 on GoFundMe to help Mr. Currey and others in need obtain housing. She posted that the initiative was “about Compassion, the highest form of LOVE.” God bless you for your uprightness, Sean Currey. Many thanks also, Vanessa Topper and Mikayla Gounard. May your kindness have a ripple effect, inspiring many more people to perform acts of goodness, in Celestial radiance.

Coming up on Noteworthy News, almost nine out of ten people in the United Kingdom want to ban factory farming. We’ll take a moment to enjoy the laughter of young people, reminding us to become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We’ll return with more uplifting news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Constructive News for an Elegant World.

Almost nine out of ten people in the United Kingdom want to ban factory farming.

A recent survey conducted by UK-headquartered market research company OnePoll, on behalf of British vegan campaigning charity Viva!, revealed that 85% of UK citizens want to see an immediate prohibition on intensive factory farming practices. Factory farms worldwide condemn about 50 billion animals a year to suffer in confined, torturous spaces that are proven incubators for viral diseases. Of the world’s new infectious diseases, three of four come from animals, mostly through factory farming and the wildlife trade. Moreover, 57 zoonotic diseases have been responsible for 2.6 billion infections and 4.4 million deaths of humans in 2020. This survey of 2,000 UK adults also showed that 31% of Britons plan to greatly reduce their meat intake or go vegan in 2021 over concerns relating to COVID-19. Thank you, Viva! and OnePoll for this report. We pray for a swift change to a Vegan World to ensure a life of peace, happiness and well-being for our cherished animal friends and all inhabitants of our precious planet, in Heaven’s boundless mercy.

Newly hatched sea turtles in Indonesia make their way to the ocean.

At Meru Betiri National Park in eastern Java, dozens of baby sea turtles headed for the Indian Ocean to begin their new life. Explaining the migrating turtles’ growth process, Ardhini Estu Wardana, a forest ranger at Meru Betiri National Park, told Agence France-Presse (AFP), “Sea turtles mature at 25 years old, so if they’re released today, we’ll probably meet them again 25 years from now,” Six out of the seven known species of sea turtles are found in Indonesia, an archipelago made up of more than 17,500 islands. Indonesia, a recipient of Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Good Governance, and a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Protection, has passed extensive protection laws and banned all trade related to this reptile, of which six species are classified as threatened or endangered. Conservation projects that include marine protected areas, beach patrols, and data collection help ensure their preservation. Our gratefulness, Indonesia, for safeguarding the amazing sea turtles. We give thanks to the Providence for the many marvelous forms of life that bless our world.

Time to ease our minds with some light humor. Here’s the joke of the day entitled, “Big Clearance Sale.”

After looking at all the bags of merchandise her friend just brought home from the store, Wanda commented:

“I see you went wild at the big summer clearance sale...”

“You got that right! I almost bought their elevator because it was marked ‘down.’”

And now we have a heartline from Anna in the United States:

Dear Supreme Master Television team, Thank you for presenting to us a beautiful TV channel. I’d like to share my story with you: In 2018, I watched a series named “Secret Revelations on Master’s Legendary Magician: A Tribute to Thái Tú Hòa” that aired on Supreme Master TV. Though I did not know Saint Thái Tú Hòa before, I cried for many hours and continued for the next several days. I realized I had so much love and respect for Saint Thái Tú Hòa. It was not the physical being that I loved; rather, it was something high and pure inside. Two years have passed, and his spirit still lives in my heart every day. When he speaks, I feel a loving vibration. He represents LOVE. His name represents PEACE. With a Joyful Heart, Anna from San Diego, USA

P.S.: I used to play Supreme Master TV (voice/audio only) on my phone when going outside to protect against the negative energy. Playing audio did not consume much battery. I highly recommend everyone to try this.

Joyful Anna, Thank you for sharing your experience of watching the Supreme Master Television tribute show to Master’s dear, good and loyal friend, Saint Thái Tú Hòa. We pray that we may emulate this Saint’s noble qualities as well as his joy, respect, and pure faithfulness, in our daily service and living. Our appreciation also for the smartphone tip to remain connected with the positive force. May Heaven bless you, your loved ones, and the hardy American people with health and happiness. In Divine radiance, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master says: “Hopeful Anna, Saint Thái Tú Hòa was an extraordinary individual who had deep, profound love in his heart for his Master and the world. He had a wonderful sense of humor and inspired the Supreme Master Television team when here on Earth. I also miss the good times and ideals we shared together. May God’s eternal Love be with you and the amiable people of the United States.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May inner harmony and bliss fill your heart and soul.

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