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In today’s news, global partnership assists 100-plus countries’ pandemic response, new research finds Venus was once Earth-like and habitable, study confirms high environmental cost of meat, Australian state set to be a net exporter of green energy, Korea’s annual lantern lighting festival gains UNESCO recognition, Canadian plant-based online platform expands to Israel, and researchers develop first global map of bee species.

The Global Fund provides financial assistance to over 100 countries to address COVID-19.

The Global Fund, an international organization dedicated to stopping AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, invested approximately US$4 billion last year to support 106 countries to accelerate their end of these diseases, and also awarded US$1 billion to support countries in their fight against COVID-19. The funds have been used to purchase personal protective equipment, medical supplies, tests and treatments. The effort also allows for mitigating COVID-19’s impact on lifesaving programs for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. In addition, urgent improvements can now be made for community and health systems to respond to COVID-19. We are so grateful to The Global Fund and its partners. May all lives thrive someday soon in health and happiness, by Heaven’s merciful grace.

Evidence builds that Venus was once like Earth.

Scientists from Carleton University in Canada and Tomsk State University in Russia have found geological signs indicating that Venus once had a climate similar to Earth and was habitable. Currently, Venus’s atmosphere is comprised of 96% carbon dioxide and the surface temperature is 450 degrees Celsius. But climate modeling has shown that before a climate change event one billion years ago, Venus may have had rain, oceans, and possibly continents, snow, and other similarities with Earth. The new research efforts identified potential ancient river valleys on Venus’s surface, with patterns of river erosion that are surprisingly similar to those on our planet. Thank you, researchers, for your findings. May more people understand the grave consequences of climate change on a planet so that life may continue to thrive on our own beautiful Earth, under the guidance of the Providence.

Up next on Noteworthy News, study reveals the high environmental cost of meat. We’ll just take some time now to thank dialect coaches, who help actors sound natural and native to their character’s time and homeland. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more valuable news.

Hi, joyful friends, I’m La-la the vegan Mandarin Duck. As a kid, I always wanted to be a hero. And you know what? Now I am! By being vegan, I’m saving countless lives. Join me! I have a cooking tip to share with you. If you’d like to have healthier vegan meals by cooking without using oil, an easy method is to begin with a small amount of water, approximately 1-2 tablespoons. Then add in an additional tablespoon at a time to your pan if it becomes dry. For more flavor, use vegan veggie or mushroom broth rather than water. To brown or caramelize your vegetables, simply sauté them oil-free and water-free in a hot, non-stick pan. With a little patience and continual turning, the veggies will start releasing their own water and subsequently brown to a delicious finish. Thank you for your attention, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

New study reveals the high environmental cost of the animal livestock industry.

Scientists at the University of Augsburg in Germany have found that the price of animal flesh would increase by 146%, and dairy products by 91%, if it included costs such as methane, nitrous oxide and CO2 emissions, and damage to land. Conversely, the researchers found that if the same environmental costs of producing organic plant foods were applied, the price would only rise by a minute 6%. Amelie Michalke, a co-author of the study and a vegan, explained that if pricing was corrected to reflect this true cost, animal food products would become “much less in demand.” Many thanks, Amelie Michalke and co-researchers, for your important findings. In Divine benediction, we pray for the destructive practice of livestock raising to totally end so we can save our planet, the animals and our world.

Australian state to become a net exporter of green energy.

The state of South Australia plans to produce 500% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2050. The excess energy would be exported to other states via electric cables, or overseas via liquid hydrogen gas. Over the last year, South Australia produced 60% of its electricity from renewables such as wind and solar and hopes to reach 100% by 2030. The state also has a five-year Climate Change Action Plan that includes 68 government measures to help increase investment and jobs in the sector, and to achieve its climate goals. Way to go, South Australia, on your fast transition to green energy abundance. In the wisdom of God, may all nations quickly convert their food systems as well to be vegan in order to truly ensure a sustainable future.

Korea’s lantern festival recognized by UNESCO.

Yeondeunghoe, the Korean annual lantern lighting festival celebrating the birth of the Worshipped Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, has been inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. To observe the festival, colorful lanterns adorn temples, houses and streets on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. Lighting the lanterns symbolizes the enlightenment that the Lord Buddha bestowed upon our world. In addition, large parades with elaborate floats liven the streets. The UNESCO designation formalizes and protects the time-honored traditions associated with the holy day. Congratulations, Korea, and our appreciation, UNESCO. May your sincere acts of remembrance continue to bring upliftment to many generations, in Buddha’s infinite light.

Coming up, Canadian plant-based web platform expands to Israel. We’ll take a moment to contact religious leaders we know and ask them to share the importance of vegan compassion with their congregations. We’ll be right back with more thoughtful news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Beautiful News for a Glorious World.

Vegan online platform from Canada expands to Israel.

PlantX.com, which offers various services to vegans such as shopping, recipes, meal delivery, gifts and more, will open a website in Israel to serve the nation’s fast growing population of vegans. The company behind the site, PlantX Life Inc., will also open a physical store in Israel, featuring an assortment of plant-based products, a café, restaurant and education center. One of Israel’s largest investment companies, Psagot, has invested US$8.95 million into PlantX to assist with the expansion that will also include franchise and retail opportunities. PlantX in-person shops are also planned for San Diego in the United States and British Columbia in Canada. Bravo and thank you, PlantX Life Inc., for helping more people to access delicious vegan products and information. In the Divine’s support, may happy vegan populations expand all over the globe.

First ever global map of bee species developed.

Researchers from China, Singapore and the United States have published a report in the peer-reviewed journal Current Biology, which identifies the global dispersion of all existing 20,000 bee species on our planet. The map of their findings showed that unlike other animals such as birds, more bee species prefer dry desert-like areas such as in Africa, the Middle East and the United States, rather than tropical environments. As many countries depend on native bee species for pollinating crops, the research could help keep track of them, with the goal of determining areas where they may be facing threats such as pesticide use and land clearing. Our gratefulness, watchful scientists, for monitoring of the world’s bee populations. We pray that your work will help to keep all precious bee species healthy and strong in Heaven’s peace.

Have a good laugh with the joke of the day entitled, “Blogger.”

“So, you’re at your computer blogging 18 hours a day, never exercise and rely on caffeine. What is your blog about?”

“It’s about health!”


And now we have a heartline from Mitra in Iran:

Dear Master, I am longing to meet You. I love You very much. Whenever I have a problem, I look at Your photo and then I am peaceful. Every night, I put Your photo next to me, and I bid good night to You. A little 8-year old girl from Iran A letter to my dear Master. Mitra from Iran

Sweet Mitra, Supreme Master Ching Hai has a message for you: “Affectionate little Mitra, I am sending you a big hug. Remember, you are always loved. In Allah’s eternal grace, may all matters be resolved and prayers be heard for you, your loved ones, and the united Iranian people.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure having your company on Noteworthy News. May each day be filled with joy and upliftment in Divine grace.

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